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Q1. A string of independent forms

Q2. Acorns

Q3. All I want is a chance to prove it

Q4. Alone in your bedsit with cheap porn

Q5.Always wiggling your arse

Q6.Are you on Prozac?

Q7. 'ave a banana!

Q8. Big's in this season

Q9. Certainly to my mind, his 3rd best film.

Q10. Close to the meat...

Q11. Cold, infested rat holes!

Q12. Come on, lets fuck off home

Q13. Cover yourself up love

Q14. Daddy Cool

Q15. Don't let them dress you up like a giant cock!

Q16. Everyone *except* my cousin Adam

Q17. Fetch me my tools!

Q18. Frozen in the headlights of the 20th Century

Q19. Get off me, you bummer

Q20. Get off me, you Joey

Q21. Happy Days

Q22. He who laughs last, laughs longest

Q23. He's funny, in't he?

Q24. How sexy am I?

Q25. Huge!

Q26. I am a man. A monkey man

Q27. I can't afford it

Q28. I can't believe she's sleeping with her boss

Q29. I don't care if you've saved up all your 50ps

Q30. I fancy a pint of Guinness

Q31. I hadn't thought of that

Q32. I hope you never leave

Q33. I know you don't have much in the way of assets

Q34. I like my face!

Q35. I love it when a plan comes together...

Q36. I sometimes *hear* her...

Q37. I think we should descale the teapot

Q38. I want you to see me as a whole

Q39. I was tired of our endless clashing

Q40. I'll change its little hutch

Q41. I'm Andy McDowell

Q42. I'm gonna have to let you go

Q43. I'm not a monster

Q44. I'm sorry about your kite

Q45. I'm the stupid one. I've always been the stupid one

Q46. I'm wearing nothing at all

Q47. Is it because I sang the music from the kia ora advert?

Q48. It requires draining a man of his blood and replacing it with Tizer

Q49. Its all in front of you like a wheelbarrow

Q50. Its like a cultural exchange thing

Q51. Its not finished. Its finished

Q52. Its the village of the damned!

Q53. It's ups and downs

Q54. I've been naughty

Q55. I've had enough of this keeping fit, its too bloody dangerous.

Q56. Last night was A1 Tip Top

Q57. Lets weave

Q58. Like a little flower

Q59. Like leaves from a once green oak

Q60. Man, she's good

Q61. Maybe not in such a whiney voice

Q62. My teeth hurt

Q63. Nice Arse

Q64. No reason, I just, I need him

Q65. No thanks, twelves my limit

Q66. No, you're a stupid cock

Q67. Nobody's listening

Q68. Oh look, wrestling

Q69. Only physically

Q70. Ooo, what a surprise! An unreliable girlfriend

Q71. Preferably with a swear-word in the title

Q72. Pull my finger

Q73. Riding him like a bitch from hell

Q74. She's the devil in an A-cup

Q75. Shows Over

Q76. Step on it

Q77. That could have been a little bit embarrasing

Q78. That was close, he nearly went disco on us

Q79. That's enough of that

Q80. That's in the history

Q81. That's never happened to me before

Q82. The bandana is it?

Q83. There are hundreds of off-licences in this area

Q84. They are the true creators, aren't they?

Q85. They're all writers

Q86. They're me souvenirs...

Q87. This... is the good shit

Q88. This island of calm in the ocean of life

Q89. Trying... to avoid... cliches...

Q90. Using a Cleaning Spray

Q91. Viano tormente

Q92. We can see each other every day

Q93. We'll make them all pay

Q94. Well that's love innit? A load of old wank

Q95. We've both got "I"s in our names

Q96. What's Prada?

Q97. When you said "well"... did you mean "shite"?

Q98. Where *were* you???

Q99. Why does everyone keep talking about my arse?

Q100. You can't drink a pint of bovril!

Q101. You know about the deal?

Q102. You know what piece I mean...

Q103. You lucky people!

Q104. You owe me 20

Q105. You'd be dead in 4 years...

Q106. You're so damaged!

Q107. You're the best aunty I've ever had

Q108. You're thinking: Its Sunday, I'd rather be in bed