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As established members of the Spaced Out forum will know, there are rules in place on what you can -- and cannot -- post.
One of our limitations is on "adult" material - that might be images, links to images or simply text.

Why do we ask you not to post such material?
Let's be honest here, it's censorship. But so's libel law. Censorship is anything that restricts what you can say in a public place.
For instance - if someone were to stand on a box on Oxford Road and start crying out for the murders of a particular group of people - and he were stopped by the police - that would be censorship.
But that - as in this case - would be censorship in the general good.

In this case, your posts are censored because, whilst many people won't have a problem with adult material on the forum, many do. It's a matter of respect for their feelings, and respect for the fact there will be members on the board who perhaps not only find the content offensive but it puts them off using the board. There will be others who are under 18 - we do not restrict ages of users on the board - and clearly an adult-themed post would not be appropriate in this context either.
It's also worth considering many people may be viewing the forum from work, school, college, a friend's computer, or an internet cafe, and they may well get into trouble if such content is found on the system after they've been online.

So - it's not much trouble, really, and it doesn't take much thought. Just don't bother - there are forums where adult/adult themed posts are appropriate. But this isn't one of them.
It simply isn't fair and it isn't considerate.
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