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Before you post, it's worth a little time and effort to make sure you're thinking about what you're doing. Posts are forever, (or at least until there's another big crash!) and it's better you stop and think twice now than regret it once it's permanently recorded in the annals of the internet. Or on another member's grudge-list.

Note that these are *guidelines*, purely. You won't be moderated directly for not following them. The cumulative effects, on the other hand, might attract more attention...

1. Is your post appropriate? 
- Will your post contribute to the discussion? 
- Is your post in the right forum? 
- Is your post too explicit, or too adult, or too offensive? 
- Does your post contain unneccessary swearwords? 
- Are you better sending someone an email or Private Message? 

2. Is your post funny? 
- Will people really laugh when they see your joke? 
- Will you find it embarassingly un-funny later, when it's too late? 

3. Is your post worthwhile and interesting? 
- Is it worth the space on the server? 
- Is it worth people's time reading? 
- Is your post helpful? 
- Does it make a point? 
- Is your post insensitive? 
- Will your post interest other people? 
- Are you repeating yourself unnecessarily? 
- Are you not making yourself clear in your posting leaving your post open to misinterpretation? 

4. Does your post meet the Board Rules? 

5. Why am I posting? 
- Am I posting for the right reasons? 
- Am I thinking of other users or of myself? 
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