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Junior vs Senior membership

There are a couple of additional features available to members who legitimately attain over 50 posts on this forum. They gain the status of Senior membership, for one!

Further, this affords the member in question the ability to alter the title underneath their avatar (commonly known around these parts as the 'member level sig') to something more personalised than the default settings, which vary according to post count also - see Pints below. 

Pints o' Guinness

Basically, the pints were an amusing way of signifying certain post counts reached, in a vaguely geometric fashion, accompanied by changes (in a very old version of the forum) to the member level signature, which can nowadays be editted by Senior Members and above anyway. The following post counts will increment each member's Pint total, with associated member level signature:

50 posts = 1 pint = 'One Pinter'
100 posts = 2 pints = 'Two Pinter'
200 posts = 3 pints = 'Three Pinter'
500 posts = 4 pints = 'Four Pinter'
1000 posts = 5 pints = 'Daddy Cool'
2000 posts = 6 pints = 'Addict'

It is fairly redundant these days, and although the gaining of a pint is generally treated with a bit of a cheer, the acquisition of pints certainly shouldn't be the focus of anyone's time here - we have, over the many months the forum has been in operation, learnt to appreciate quality of post very greatly over quantity.
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