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> Interview with Mark Heap, Answer sheet
post Nov 29 2004, 09:04 PM
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LAZLO Woodbine
If there were to be a 3rd series of Spaced, where does he see the character of Brian going? Would Simon/Jess/Edgar give him any say?

- Third series ha! (I’ll eat my own head with gravy). Anger, Fear, Pain……..and Death. Maybe Brian could become overly obsessed with death and ageing leading to a quest for immortality by unhealthy means. Maybe he could take to living in the garden in a hole lined with discarded artworks. Of course ‘they’ would listen to my suggestions and they’d steal them and claim them as their own.

career-wise what would you like to do next?
e.g. any particular types of role/ films/ programme genre/ more spaced(please!)....?

– More Spaced please before we’re all dead of oldness. Otherwise I’d like to join the queue to play Dr.Who. Another series of Green Wing next year should be fun. Otherwisely otherwise I’d like to be in a film where there’s lots of intense sweeping incidental music and I get to do lots of mournful staring into the middle distance and end up having lots of sex with Isabelle Huppert.

Are you as similar to Brian as Jess and Simon are to Daisy and Tim, and are you a great big geek, or did some of the jokes just fly over your head the way they did with Julia (Marcia)?

– I’m not quite as similar to Brian as Jess & Simon are to Daisy & Tim but elements of myself have I suppose to a degree been harnessed, mutated and exaggerated for artistic/comedic purposes.
Some of the references in Spaced to contemporary culture did trundle over my head a bit, if I’m honest which I am. Differently geeky if you like. We can all make references. Where are my legions! There.

Obviously Brian is very arty (as you can tell, nothing gets past me wink.gif ) but do you like modern art yourself? (or would an afternoon walking around Tate Modern come second in your book to lying of a bed of nails?).

– Yes I do. Not so much the conceptual/installation side of things. I do visit Tate Modern quite a bit as it happens. I live nearby. There was a brill piece not that long ago called Exploding Shed (or something) where all the bits of a shed and its contents are suspended on strings as if in mid-explosion. A 3-D still-life of an explosion

Did he enjoy feeling Pippa Haywood's breasts in Green Wing?
Has he ever played a conventional character and if yes, how does it compare to his far more watchable oddball characters?
What was it like filming Blake's Junction Seven? Where can we see this as it seems to have slipped through the net a bit. Oh, and you've got paint on you.

– Questions questions.1- Well, I slightly preferred the feeling of Mimi. Not that Charlotte wasn’t nice. It’s just that Mimi’s a little bit more feisty. I would say that any enjoyment was entirely in character and respectful (and private).

2-Terry in Happiness (go & buy the dvds, you tight bastard) was pretty conventional. It was great to do because well written. Oddballs and quirksters, if well written, equally so.

3-Blake’s 7. Lovely people, hateful to film. Bad back, freezing cold, night shoot, in a motorway service station. What more could you not want? I don’t know about dvd release. Maybe they’ll release it in tandem with its brother short ‘AntMuzak’.

4-It’s not paint. It’s a birth defect.

did you audition for a part in SHAUN OF THE DEAD? are you going to answer my question, because Edgar refused to answer the one i posed to him...?

– The makers of SOD (and they know who they are) for reasons best known to themselves (and they know what they are) decided, in their wisdom, there was no place for me in their film (and I use the term loosely – ‘trivial diversion’ might be more appropriate). Reasons for this? I can only assume they considered all the other people in it (of a similar age and height, let it be noted) were better/more famous/browner of tongue than me. Let’s put it this way: it’s a cosy clubby clique – you know, ‘you rub yours and I’ll rub mine’ – that kind of thing. And that, sadly is how things will continue until people like you rise up and make your wise and beautiful voices heard above the stinking din. Be bold! Be fearless, my friends! Seize the day!

What other stuff floats your boat? Which movies, music, books, tv, do you like to see, listen to, read and watch when you're not working?

– I bloody love trees, with leaves and without. And mushrooms. Good Indie films – ‘Talk to her’, ‘Hero’ spring to brain. Old black & white films with the likes of Bette Davis and Henry Fonda and so forth. Novels where things happen that don’t normally. Music, yes. Across the board (with the exception of homophobic rantings), my i-pod runneth over. TV comedy: all the good bits of recent years and lots of older American bobs – Marx Brothers, Phil Silvers, Cheers. There is a warm place in my heart for Father Ted.

Mark, first off, I like your beard (in Spaced I mean biggrin.gif ) It looks like you've doused your chin in superglue and licked a cat! How long does it take you to grow that bad boy?
Anyways, enough about your lovely facial topiary. What I really wanted to ask was....
1) Do you ever worry you'll get typecast as "the kooky/weird" one? Don't get me wrong you do it well biggrin.gif
2) Will you be involved in Hot Fuzz film at all?
3) Big Train - would you do a 3rd series/is there one planned?

– I didn’t lick the cat. It rubbed itself on me. Actually it doesn’t take me long to grow face hair because I am awash with testosterone.

1- I only worry about being cast at all.
2- Hotfuzz: I refer you to a previous answer. They may listen to you. Don’t take no for an answer.
3- Big Train: I think it v.unlikely though I certainly wouldn’t say nay if twere t’appen. It was larks.

Do you still practice any of your circus tricks??
Also, It was you that used to be in the kids programme "Ghost Train" with Nobby the sheep? wink.gif

– Not much practice, no. ‘You can take the man out of juggling but you can’t……’etc. Though I am currently thinking about spitting a ping-pong ball against the wall and catching it in my mouth.
Yes I was on Ghost Train those years back. One of Barry Mafia’s henchmen.

Will there be another Series of Green Wing? ( considering it ends next week). And did you base your character on anyone you knew?

– We start arseing about and scribbling for a 2nd Green Wing in Jan 2005.
Alan Statham hmm. I suppose there’s a lot of me in there somewhere. All the unpleasant hidden bits writ large (apart from getting sexually aroused by recorders).

Why do you think channels such as BBC2, BBC3 and Channel 4 have shown great comedies such as Spaced, Little Britain, Green Wing, Black Books, etc, and channels such as BBC1 and ITV1 have struggled? Is there no talent or is there talent that hasn't been given a chance?

– I dunno, I guess it’s because the majority of people, ie: they who almost exclusively watch BBC 1 and ITV, just don’t get it. Dross on ITV can attract 8 million viewers and quality on BBC 2 sometmes only 2 million if it’s lucky. But then it’s all subjective innit?
I do think there’s a lot of talent and a lot of it has been given a chance. Oh heck, what do I know?

What was the name of the street theatre duo you were in? I remember seeing you at the Edinburgh festival years ago (sorry!), but can't remember the name you were using at the time.

– We were called, imaginatively, The 2 Marks because my performing partner was of a similar name. My mum said we should call ourselves The Marks Twain….but we didn’t.

Hey Mark.
Just like to say that your my favorite charater in spaced, as an art student I can relate.
As well as playing Brian I thought you were brilliant as the 'tin man guy' in that sketch in Big train.
Right, as for questions...
1) Were you worried at all about what would happen after acting in those episodes of Brasseye?
2)Any Idea if Stressed Eric's coming out on dvd? (I was a huge fan before watching spaced)
3) Can I have a hug?

– Thank you, lady.

1-Just after the ‘Paedophile Special’ was aired I cameback from holiday to a wind-up message from Chris Morris saying I’d been personally named and shamed in a national newspaper. That was v. unsettling until I found out it wasn’t just me but the whole cast and crew in the News of the World. In some ways maybe an honour.
2-Absolutely no idea about that I’m afraid.

Hi Mark. Thought you were great in Spaced! Here's my question...
If you could have played any other character is Spaced, who would you have liked to be?

– Thanks. Oh I don’t know. Oh alright then – Mike. In fact, now I think about it, I could do it a lot better that the talentless tit who did play him. But that’s between you and me.

Hello Mark
I esp. enjoyed when you played Ben Fetch and Mark the school addict in Brass Eye. Do you have any plans to work with Chris Morris or any of the Brass Eye cast again?
Cheers x

– We would all love to get together and muck about some more but sadly we can’t do it properly without Morris and his ways are a mystery.

I'm a bit late, since everyone's asking more than one question (!), but what the hell:
Of all the characters you've played, which has been the most fun?

– Brian and Dr. Alan Statham.

How did you end up on the Melvynn Bragg does English programme?
p.s I reckon you'd be a really good Dr Who

– I used to be in a theatre company years ago that performed Chaucer and mediaeval plays in the original middle-English would you believe. They knew that and asked. I said ‘oh go on then’ and lo, it came to pass……whan that Aprille with her shoures sote….

Do you see the other spaced cast members outside of work? Do you like zombies? I like zombies. What kind of music do you like?

– We do quite often bump into each other and it’s nice. I think Pegg and Wright are slightly avoiding me though because of their shame about the casting for SeanofDead.
1-I would only like the kind of zombie that would promise to do my bidding and rid the world of those people that spoil it.
2-Pretty much any music apart from the stuff that sounds like there’s a man standing next to me shouting and shouting and shouting.

Does Jam give you nightmares? Because it scares the hell outta me! That's Jam the TV show, not the fruity bread spread...

–Fruitybreadspread is a band from the 70s. No, Jam doesn’t scare me.It’s only pretend apart from the bit where the plumber tries to fix the (actual) dead baby.

Out of all of of Brian's Artworks which ones did you
a) like the most ?
b) identify the most with?
c) think was the biggest load of shit?
Excellent work in green wing btw

– 1-‘Pain’, the smearing of the thumb blood.
2-The painting of self into the painting.The irony of an attempt at self-effacement that leaves only the face showing and thereby in a sense drawing greater attention to that which wanted to not be there. Ow.
3-The ‘green room’ installation.

Thanks for all your lovely quessies. Happy yule to y’all.
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