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> First Impressions, 'cause they last . . .
post Jul 31 2005, 11:59 AM
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Space Cowboy

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Can you remember back that far? Not sure I can, but what were your first impressions of Spaced?
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post Aug 1 2005, 11:15 PM
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Hot Lips.

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I was oblivious in the beginning. My first taste of Spaced happened at a time when I was just developping an interest in Brit Rock through my work at a local record store. As that was mounting, a friend who knows my tastes quite well sent me the first episode to watch with the note: 'You'll like this'.

The first thing that struck me about it was the cinematography. The guy that sent it to me is a film major and an aspiring director, so I have a limited understanding of these things through him. And I'm assuming that's why it caught his eye. So I was duly impressed by that.

I then started to notice how, even from the first episode, the plot and specifically Daisy's character was oddly close to my life at that time. The more I watched, the more I saw myself in Daisy, and those around me in the other characters. It was so strange to watch and yet vaguely comforting at the same time.

The two other things that struck me at first were the sense of humour, which was very similar to my own, and the movie references, which was yet another parallel of my own life.

Finally, and sort of amusingly, I remember in the beginning thinking "well this is good, I really really like this show, and the lead character isn't all that attractive, so I won't develop any sort of unhealthy obsession" Because you see, I have this horrible tendancy of creating these ridiculous crushes on fictional characters. It's funny too, because I remember the exact moment when my opinion changed. And I like the fact that it was the character's personality that attracted me most. I like to think thats indicative of being not so shallow...

From the first episode, I was hooked.
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