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> How good was Art?, Rate 1.3
How was it for you?
How was it for you?
Excellent [ 29 ] ** [74.36%]
Good [ 4 ] ** [10.26%]
Average [ 3 ] ** [7.69%]
Poor [ 1 ] ** [2.56%]
Abstract expressionism [ 2 ] ** [5.13%]
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Chapman Baxter
post Aug 16 2005, 08:17 PM
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The sick product of a crazy society

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So what do we make of this one? Before watching it again, I thought I'd be giving this a good rating, but now I realise Art has so many great lines and the characters spark off each other so well I'm going to have to give this my first excellent.
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post Aug 18 2005, 07:19 PM
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Bully for you

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I voted Excellent cos this is the episode for me where the series really kicked off. The first two are good but they are designed to introduce all the characters, whereas in this episode all the exposition has been dealt with and they can dive straight into the pool of Fried Gold that is Spaced.

The dialogue throughout is fantastic, particularly some of Brian's bits:

''Brian. Painter, loser. Big FUCKING loser. *Walks in front of mirror and points at himself in an accusatory manner.''

Vulva: Oh Brian, you came.
Brian: No, I just spilled my drink.

Vulva is a great piece of work since he is a character that is so unappealing because not only is he an arsehole, but he's a pretentious, successful arsehole, so he can say anything and be hated and the final punch by Tim expresses what the audience has wanted to do. Walliams' performance is truly wonderful to behold.

I agree that Hoover isn't funny or likeable, but he's not meant to be. So I have no problem with him, he's just there as further proof that Vulva is a horrible person since he hangs out with someone so reprehensible as to have a go at someone who praises them, as he does with Daisy.

Plus there's the Resident Evil references happy.gif , Mike's phone converstaion with Tim:

''I fell asleep on the tube''
''Well where are you?''
''Er, Sheffield''
''The tube doesn't go to Sheffield, Mike.''
''I know, I must've changed at King's Cross''

The interview is just great. It may be a cliche of sitcom writing that a character might botch up an interview, but they manage to make it seem fresh and the whole sequence is amazingly successful at creating a stoned atmosphere to express how Daisy must feel.

All in all, a truly brilliant episode and the first monumental highpoint of the first series.
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