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> TAPE LOOP - Reviews, Loopers speak their brains
post Aug 18 2008, 10:21 AM
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"Mus" ŗ gauche, "TANG"

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Here it is. Your own, brand new, Loop review thread
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Wife Of Rolex
post Aug 25 2008, 03:35 AM
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Every Now And Then (A Poignant Tale Of Perpetual Travel) - Jon 79

1. A crunching and swirling opening. Indesiphrable lyrics but it doesn't matter as the music sweeps you along with its upbeat bass, chunky drums and chirpy guitars. I like. A lot.

2. The unwitting engineers of the "Brit-pop" movement of the mid-90s. A sing-a-long to the flow-a-long track is always welcome, and also enduces the casual head sway.

3. A slice of what I'd call typical 70s guitar rock with the tumbling slap drums and swirling production towards the end. Not quite my bag but not at all offensive to my ears. Put me in mind of the credits for The Wonder Years.

4. Moving into something more electronica. Much of this is purely consentric tones with swelling and dissipating sounds. Unusual, non-sensical and out there. Naturally, I enjoy it.

5. The inevitable! wink.gif Circus piano and a plodding drum beat. 73, by any chance? Thing is, and I think I may have said this before previously, I do like this guy's work but I either really like a track or am indifferent to it. Unfortunately, this falls into the latter catagory for me on this occasion.

6. A racing bassline of the 80s variety. Sort of stretched out vocals on what is a fairly simplistic track, with just a couple of guitars and an electric drum kit. However it's pretty effective and works as a bit of goth-lite.

7. The intro had me thinking of Music Time from maybe 1987. Just after Chock-A-Bloc. About 1:40pm on a Thursday afternoon. Anyway...

A funky bit of xylophone and bongos. Like a slowed down version of the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 cartoon on Sesame Street.

8. Carrying on the kids show tangent, the intro to this made me think of the opening to The Ghost Of Fatma Hall (which by all accounts, only I seem to remember). After that, however, it falls into a fun slappy drummed, harpsichord ridden track with vocals from one of Sheffield's finest. Highly enjoyable.

9. A straight in there rolling rhythm. A cascade of sound with guitars here, drums there and vocals through the middle. Pretty relentless but all good.

10. Brief. Indian. Nice.

11. A classic from one of the main players of the Madchester era. Nothing to fault here. Great song.

12. Great piece of jiggly guitar-beat pop from the 60s. Has me wanting to jump up and do a 1965 black and white Top Of The Pops audience member wiggle. And if I didn't have a broken back I would.

13. Pretty sure I know who's vocals these are. Slow and grinding in tone, this is probably my least favourite on the mix. The irony being that it envokes the opposite feeling the chorus (and I presume the song title) talks of.

14. Short but brilliantly sweeping and majestic. Shame it's so brief. I could've listened to this for so much longer.

15. When this started I thought this was going to be a slightly depressing end to the mix. But then I clocked who it was after clicking the vocal just as it began to build up into a fantastic anthemic crescendo. I really should explore these guys more as I only really know a scant few of their songs. It makes for a great finish to the compilation.

This was a great start to the Tape Loop for me. With only a couple of tracks to shrug at, this was very enjoyable and a pleasure to listen to. Good stuff.


Tracklist very much welcome.
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post Aug 25 2008, 04:23 PM
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Baz - Side A: Rockin' Tracks

1. Put a big smile on my face as soon as I heard the intro. Anyone who doesn't love this epic is just wrong, or possibly born after 1989.

2. Nice cover version, maintaining the pop sensibilities of the original but giving it a punky edge that only adds to the fun.

3. Great intro, sounds like a metal Blues Explosion with all its guitar effects. Nice rockin' tune but I'm personally not keen on the vocals. I have no idea what language they are singing in let alone what they are singing about but I just feel the tone of the vocals are a bit lightweight compared to the rest of the track, although that's a minor quibble and I do quite like this.

4. I don't care what other people say I love this band, although you have chosen a track from my least favourite of their albums.tongue.gif Still, it's from the better half of the tracks on the album.

5. Early 90's, proto-MTV2, indie disco one hit wonders (I could so work for the NME). Rollicking funk metal the way it's supposed to be done.

6. Some excellent production elevates this way above the Kerrang play list fodder it could have been. Driving rhythm section keeps the tune going whilst a nice riff plays over it. Just one thing about the lyrics, are you OK Baz? laugh.gif

Side B: Chillin' Tracks

7. Classic.

8. I wasn't quite sure about this one the first time I heard it, it just didn't seem like it would ever get going. It has grown on me a little with subsequent listens, it does seem to make a lot more sense when stood at the top of a hill (thanks to modern technology this is something I have done). One for mid-chill, I think.

9. Very catchy, housey, trancey number with some almost dub-esque qualities to the production.

10. A chill out favourite, although I'm not sure if this is a remix or the 12" or something. Either way it's still rather lovely.

11. Very mellow. Another track that changes depending on your mood, it could either be beautiful or it could be dull. Would probably make more sense watching the sun coming up with someone you love rather than walking through a muddy field (again, this is something I have done, the muddy field, that is).

12. Oooh, I do like this. Lovely, haunting, ear bending goodness.

A solid mix, that whilst some tracks weren't my cup of tea, there wasn't anything on there that I disliked at all. I'd also like to mention Baz's professional looking artwork looks great and puts my felt tip efforts to shame.

PM me the track list if you will, Baz wink.gif
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post Aug 28 2008, 01:58 PM
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Death of The Party

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Logger Ė Logger Rhythms

1. A Fuzz Townshend /B.R.A. type instrumental to begin with. Nonchalant, silly & with a decent rhythm to it. Made with a spliff in mind.

2. Electronic driven track that pays robotic homage to Scorpio by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. Throwaway & fun until it gets a second wind around the 2 minute mark with some great simplistic Synth harmonies. I liked this quite a bit.

3. Another chilled breakbeat instrumental. I am a big fan of this type of music but this was a little on the dull side & maybe suffered from being played along with & after the two previous instrumentals.

4. 90ís American Indie rock band who wore their influences on their sleeves churn out a number telling us what sucks. All introduced by a rather familiar voice. Ok. Not bad.

5. The Grand GrungeDaddys with a little ditty from the perspective of a proud, yet irresponsible Father to be. Sígood.

6. Upbeat indie guitar from one of the more underrated yet alarmingly talented British female musicians around. Not my favourite track of hers but still decent.

Oh yeah. Sheís cute too.

7. Fast paced Garage Punk. Fairly throwaway, but that is the intention, so good nonetheless.

8. The pace slows somewhat with the help of the electronic musings of this Welsh/Irish/English (lets all grab a piece of him) artists rather individual sound.

9. Cleanly struck droning guitar which resembles a drunk, depressed Clanger. Obviously included as a tool to change the pace for..

10. Some ambient alternative indie country rock. Relaxing. If a little dull.

11. Some more dreamy relaxed indie country, this time with nonsensical lyrics. So so.

12. A blues influenced sultry voice drapes over some American shoegazing. Best of the last three tracks.

13. Seems like someone knew Iíd needed waking up after the last lot of tracks & awakened I was by kazoos, rudimentary beats & what appears to be shouty Spanish. As silly as it sounds & rather enjoyable.

14. Jungle is Massive. Itís also very good when executed well & listened to in moderate doses. Just like this track.

15. An early 90ís house sounding track with hip-hop influenced beats & scratching. I enjoyed this.

16. Pace completely slows down for a trip-hop track which uses a rather great sample from a certain James Bond movie. Unfortunately the weak vocals, poor lyrics & Craig Davidesque beats make no use of it whatsoever. Sorry, but I did not like this.

17. Jangly lo-fi indie music becomes chilled lounge indie music & back again with some lyrics about Atheism or something. Not great & a little dull.

18. Itís that familiar voice again introducing a track that famously brought a tear to his eye. Iíve only ever heard it when the great Christy Moore covered this song, a tale of Liverpool. Simple, effective & better with every listen.

19. A whimsical track from a band Iím meant to like, but the fact is Iím not mad about them. Accomplished 60ís British pop/rock from an accomplished act.

Well. That was quite a journey. Enjoyable for the most part, but let down (for me) by the erratic pacing in places & the fact that it seemed like a marathon. Iím exhausted.

Nonetheless a rather rhythmic 7.5/10

A tracklist would be super Logger. Cheers.

eta: spelling

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post Aug 30 2008, 01:56 PM
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Ade Flanders

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I like the disc title. smile.gif

Anyway, here's my review for: Noise Museum - Kick In The Head

The initial opening salvo was a tad disappointing on first listen, as I'd really enjoyed Rory's previous mix. But it has grown on me a little more now.

1 - A bit Franz Ferdinandy (Lazy-Ade Descriptive #25). I quite likes it, more so than on first listen.

2 - An instrumental of distortion guitars and drums, which does little for me to be honest. It does get a bit more structurally interesting just before the halfway mark, but it doesn't really develop much beyond that point, and it's simply not tuneful enough for my taste.

3 - A much more promising start to this one, with some nice delayed guitar notes, and a more interesting drum structure. Has a bit of an eerie feel to it which is quite good. Sparse lyric content, doesn't kick in until after the halfway point. It's okay.

4 - Continuing with the 'eerie' tone of the prior track, this is more up-tempo, with female vocals, much more my cup of tea. I like it. A mild touch of James Bond-esque brass stylings here and there, and almost reminiscent of B-movie background music in places too. Would definitely consider seeking out this artist/group. Not bad, not bad at all.

5 - Sounds a bit like Radiohead, but with an American Thom Yorke. The croaky vocal is rather endearing, although this is mainly when the backing melodies kick in for the chorus. Really quite nice though, and the first of my real favourites. The compilation seems to be getting progressively better with each song.

6 - Shimmery subtle backing, with rather bland male vocals. Takes a while to reallly get going. Quite a pretty little tune when all the melodies are working together, though it doesn't really grab me enough throughout.

7 - Short and very sweet. Piano and lovely strings, with some lovely guitar notes and various "lala lala la laaa" male and female vox to sweeten the mix. A really nice little dose of relaxing gorgeousness. I really want to know who this is. Sweet.

8 - Piano and triangle intro, before strings and brass sections join in, accompanied by that most distinctive Scott-Walker-inspired voice, part song, part narrative. One his more 'serious' sounding songs, and while not my preferred style from this artist, is nonetheless most enjoyable. Together with the track before, this makes for an interesting detour from the less refined voices of the first few songs on the disc.

9 - Haunting female vocal 'ooooo's with distorted echoey piano accompaniment, and just lovely. I was almost entirely convinced it was from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, but I know it isn't, because I checked to make sure. But I do know it, and I love it. Easily my highlight of the compilation, and the remaining songs do fall a little short in its wake. Must find out more.

10 - Downtempo, and a little sluggish, although it improves a bit when the strings kick in toward the end.

11 - Meandering drumbeat, and sparse, echoey guitars. Very chilled. Sounds like a mixture of Sufjan Stevens and Kings Of Convenience. The vocalist sounds of Scandinavian origins perhaps? It's quite nice, but again, it's not especially diverting. Still, I might be interested to check out more from this artist.

12 - To make another lazy comparison, this struck me a little like My Bloody Valentine without the distortion and density. Not enough melody or anything more interesting going on to really appeal to me.

It's the shame that the final three tracks follow a similarly relaxed pace, and that they don't have much else to them to really appeal (to my palate, at least). Just personal preference I guess, but I'd have liked something a little livelier to see the disc out, given that the bulk of the disc moves along at a fairly relaxed pace. Partly as the disc peaked for me at track 9, I guess the outro seemed a little too drawn out with nothing to truly add something a bit more contrasting for the last 15 minutes.

That said, a better disc than my first appraisal suggested. It gets a not entirely unfavourable 6.8 out of 10.
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Kick in the Head
post Aug 31 2008, 09:59 AM
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Cent Dix-Sept

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Once more Wife of Rolex doth deliver the exceptionally well-crafted artwork for the first (from my perspective at least) installment of the new loop, and a solid entry it is too. Few tracks of the barnstorming variety, but consistent in terms of quality and sound for the most part. Track by track...

01: Eastern flavours aplenty (and the compilation title) which may or may not be authentic, but its still a light, short but decidedly cool opener.

02: Blippy bleepy chilled electronica is soon joined by relaxed vocals that evoke the 80s. It's overlong, certainly, but nice enough all the same.

03: This has all the hallmarks of a 60s guitar band, with a bit of a spacey feel, but the quirky trumpet noise in the background makes it really interesting and that little bit different. An early highlight.

04: A good transition from the last track to this not so much in terms of genre but in keeping a swinging theme running. Funky beats, breathy flute-tooting and whacked-out organ riffing combine for some great party music.

05: Bit of a mis-step this I'm afraid. Pretty standard dancey-wancey that wouldn't seem out of place in a futuristic racing game on the Sony PlayStation circa 1997, but a tad naff here and now.

06: The opening doesn't do this track any favours, but once it launches into the tune proper, I was greeted with a winning off-kilter melody, with a spiky attitude and vocals that are simultaneously brash and a teensy bit vulnerable. Bold and brilliant.

Plips, plops, beats and snares. It's dance remix territory! Unfortunately, this offers nothing more to the original version than unneccessary padding length.

08: One of my favourite constantly evolving duos currently out there. I would probably rank their most recent album as their best, with their debut second, and the album this track is taken from third - but that is certainly not to diminish the quality of said work. Even then, this is not my favourite off that album, but it's still ahead of the competition in nearly every regards.

Pretty ineffectual acousticness that picks up considerably once the drums kick in, but it takes too long to get there. A bit dull.

10: A slow-burning song with rumbling percussion and gradual orchestration that builds and builds, lending an epic quality at odds with the singer, but all the better for it. A lovely piece of work.

11: The tinny drum loop and guitar-piano combo sounds a little Eels-esque, but not quite as good. There's just something lacking that leaves it being simply 'nice' rather than actually very good. Shame.

12: Kind of cool and spooky at first, but come the chorus it just turns into rather unexceptional pop fare. Hmph.

13: Despite this tune not really changing much at all throughout the track length, its filled with plenty of pleasant surprises and has a chirpy bouncy loopy feeling like spinning slowly in a circle until you're nicely dizzy but not enough to feel horribly ill. Gorgeous.

14: Choir, organ, cymbals! Then, ack! What is this? Backing music for a new National Lottery gameshow hosted by Tess Daly? Ludicrous.

15: This final track sounds like it would be included as the retro piece on the soundtrack of a quirky indie comedy-drama in which it would be played over the end and the following credits as the characters accept themselves and each other for who they are. That sounds a bit mean, but that it is not a pop at the track itself, which is a fine closer indeed.

Soooooooo...Hello Darling scores...


A tracklist pur-lease!
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post Aug 31 2008, 07:06 PM
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Bully for you

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Why So Cheerious? by Rua.

Track 1: We kick off with caws and funky bass, organ and guitar all combine for a slinky, subdued instrumental that nicely sets the tone for the mix. On its own, it's only mildly diverting, but it gets things off to a good start.

Track 2: I really should know who this is by since I used it as bed music for my radio show for two years, but it's just completely gone. Reminiscing aside, this is an astounding slice of self-diagnosed neo-soul that is impossible to shake out of your head. Melancholic but insistent, it's the first highlight of the mix.

Track 3: Change of pace and style, slightly, as this bluesy entry keeps things moving. Not as striking as the previous or succeeding tracks, but still entertaining.

Track 4: The fast-plucked guitar reminded me of a Sons and Daughters track but the breathless male delivery put paid to that idea. As I've already intimated, I liked this track a lot. Not catchy, as such, but a hell of a lot of fun to listen to, if you can keep up.

Track 5: The intro made me think of Super Furry Animals at their more straightforward, but I can never mistake that accent. I love these guys and this fuzz-laden cacophony, whilst not as danceable or sexy as their other stuff, is still a cut above and the track fits in nicely with the laconic feel of the first couple tracks.

Track 6: The first forgettable track on the mix as far as I'm concerned. Plodding hip-hop beats and an uninteresting male-female dynamic. Not terrible, but it all went in one ear, out the other and hit the skip button on the way out after a few listens.

Track 7: This sounds really familiar to me, a bit like Bright Eyes, perhaps, but with a stronger emphasis on tunes and a youthful exuberance that I found appealing. The female 'ba-bas' really help sell the melody and the layered production doesn't threaten to overwhelm the rather gentle vocals. I liked this a lot.

Track 8: Another really familiar one that I just can't place. Like an unadorned LCD Soundsystem, it's driven by a strong, pulsing bass and an almost non-stop chorus. For all that, it's not something that really made an impression on me. Good, but not something I'd listen to on its own.

Track 9: An instrumental that starts small with a nice, electronic melody then builds into a symphony of musical landscapes. Just short enough that it doesn't outstay its welcome and does just enough in the time it has to linger in the memory. Very Sigur Ros-esque, without the jibberish or the fuzzy feeling their music leaves me with.

Track 10: I thought these guys may show up at some point. Not quite the ''cunts the NME likes this week'' that I first took them for, but I'm still not quite convinced. This is very good, though, and even if they mispronounce the name of the planet to serve the melody, it's still a lovely piece of synth-pop. Their name is rubbish, though.

Track 11: Legendary. Though I prefer this miniature Jehovah Witness's ''Scottish Tramp'' phase, this is still an amazing pop song with great vocals from the man himself and the backing singers. Add in some nice percussion, an unforgettable hook and hand claps and you've got a classic of epic proportions.

Track 12: Soaring and somewhat anthemic, yes, but sadly it didn't make much of an impression on me. The vocals are pretty, but the actual song itself just sort of bored me. Neither here nor there, I'm afraid.

Track 13: Ooh, I like this fella. A very pleasant rock song about longing to see the wider world and lost love. The actual song doesn't quite catch the ear but this one grew on me after a few listens.

Track 14: Recognise the voice, not the song, and it's a nice surprise. In keeping with the mellow end to the mix, it's a low-key, tender piece of guitar-driven pop that hits all the right notes for me. Very nice.

Track 15: We get even mellower now as a bit of blues and slide guitar take us out. Again, not a stunning song on first listen but one that grew on me after a couple of plays.

I liked this mix a lot, even if a fair few of the tracks left me feeling indifferent. It maintains the vibe set by the first track and carries it right through to the end, and as such winds up being a perfectly nice, mellow collection that improved on every listen. It rarely soars, but it rarely dips either, and it's a consistent mix that flows from track to track with a laid back and gentle ease.


A tracklist would be much appreciated.

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Jon 79
post Aug 31 2008, 10:18 PM
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Dreaming my life...

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1. It's simplistic electro synths & beats. Good straight forward male vocals & interesting lyrics too. ...maybe its too simplistic, but there's nothing here that offend my ears, so I like it.

2. This'd be a great fast passed song were it not for the annoying Scottish accent and the depressing lyric that conflicts with the otherwise up beat chorus. I don't want to hear this again.

3. A great start. a flamenco-y style guitar. I'm liking this ... alot. .... right up to the point when the indie female vocals kick in. (I'm not a fan of female vocals) ... as it goes, this song is still ok. I'm not liking it much... but the song is well written & performed, & that goes a long way.

4. This mellow rock ballad sounds fairly familiar to me. Maybe 'cause I heard the songs structure & chord progression so many times before... I'll forgive that though cause this is ok. The vocals are strong, & seem to have a narrative, which is nice. also the harpsichord sound is pretty cool.

5. Type-writer noise. Electro beats. not bad,... then the crap female rap vocals spoil it. Sounds like it was written by an 8 years old girl.

6. This one's familiar to me. Not really my bag, but I appreciate the quicky lyrics. Overall it's like eminem ... if eminem had a normal voice.

7. This one's familiar too. I'm sure it was a single. Not sure who though. probably one of indie bands of the 90's that I never got into. ... I won't guess though. I really like this.

8. Nice tune. Indie pop with plenty of synths, great vox. ...not much more I can say about this. I like it.

9. Indie rock. A female vocal that I actually like. ...great tune. This one's really grown on me.

10. Not keen on this one. It seems to cross many genres. It borrows different elements from various counties, none of which have any appeal to me.

11. Rock. Alright. not my sort of thing though. (I'm so hard to please)... I don't really like the main vocal on the verse. The chorus is alright though... & I enjoyed the phased guitar sections.

12. I really like this. Chilled beats & soft vocals. It works really well as an album closer. (I imagine it's also the closer on the album it's from).

A well picked album. A lot of the tracks have something in common in their sound. Although it was a mixed bag in terms of what I liked, ... a majority of it, I did like... so I give it a thumbs up.


smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif wink.gif huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif
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Kick in the Head
post Sep 13 2008, 02:46 PM
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Cent Dix-Sept

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I couldn't really write much about the tracks as this disc was consistently average throughout. While the majority of the tunes were technically accomplished, they didn't overall connect with me. I could appreciate them from a distance but didn't get a feel for any but two or so tracks. Individually:

01: Bouncy, jaunty and amiable, but lacks real substance.

02: A familiar voice calls out over a semi-soaring rock number with some nice piano and guitar warping going on. But it falls quite some ways away from being particularly memorable.

03: Technically accomplished and has THAT certain sound, but actually pretty disposable. However, it picks up considerably with the last minute of instrumental jamming, featuring guitar noise that sounds like its taking place inside a tiny plastic tube.

04: Pulsating near-instrumental piece (save for some spoken samples) that sounds like what people thought computers sounded like in the 70s. It's mysterious and sort of interesting.

05: Well it had to happen some time. But it is an intruiging choice. Not a great favourite of mine, but it has its qualities ('wanking' of course - more British vulgarity in music please), though the music does overpower the vocals a tad.

06: Dark 80s synth now, which I started liking, but it doesn't really go anywhere over its running time. It does however sound like it might appear as the front-end BGM for an F-Zero style future racing game on the SNES, but ultimately, its all eyeliner and no trousers.

Unusual bongo-xylophone collaboration which is forgettable but fine.

08: The first stand-out track at the half-way mark or so. A great gloomy rollicking dark mini-epic with distinctive vocals (live maybe? sounds it but no audience noise).

Continues some of the good left over from the previous track with a greater sense of emergency but not quite reaching the same heights of genuine goodness. Okay though.

10: A teeny South-Asian instrumental that builds quickly. Neat.

11: The chorus is kinda nice, but it's all a bit wishy-washy.

12: A groovy old-timey rock'n'roll number but not something I'd really snap my fingers to (and not just because I can't actually snap my fingers...FACT).

13: It's not bad, but just boring.

14: Short but oh so very sweet strings-led orchestral piece that is very familiar but I can't for the life of me remember where and when I might have heard it. A late highlight.

15: A few more dark and moody strings open the closing track, but it soon proves to be not too dissimilar to the rest of the album - so I guess it's all consistent. There's some high-pitched thereminage, or at least something similar, that sets it apart, but its central message sounds a little silly and has been done better elsewhere.


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post Sep 15 2008, 07:56 AM
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Group: Blokes in Charge
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So Fresh Itís Still Green - Ade

Track 1 Ė Good rocking start, not 100% sure who this is, sounds like it could be a couple of artists.

Track 2 Ė From rocking straight into a nice mellow track. I love this kind of stuff; itís great to listen to on the bus on the way to work. And just let youíre mind wonder.

Track 3 Ė Very nice track, I like this, but donít know who it is. If I did, I would of probably included this track on my cd.

Track 4 Ė Going a bit more 80s electro with this one, which is not a bad thing as I love a bit of electro and the 80s. Not sure who the artist is again.

Track 5 Ė Still sounding 80s (but with more guitar) which is great but I really feel that I should know this song as I recognise it, but canít quite place who it isÖ again.

Track 6 Ė A bit more funky and upbeat is the next track, probably my least favourite track so far.

Track 7 Ė Sounds more current this track does, verging more on indie, well thatís the only way I can describe it. I like this track.

Track 8 Ė I like the style of this track, reminds me of a band I really like. Donít know who the artist is though, which seems to be a running theme here, but isnít that the point?

Half way through and only one track that I donít like so far.

Track 9 Ė Great track, love this one, itís a fav.

Track 10 Ė Not quite sure about this track bit of a strange one and not really my thing,

Track 11 Ė another track Iím not sure on, not sure why but I canít make a connection to this track and it doesnít really do anything for me.

Track 12 Ė And right back on track. Love this band and this is a fab song.

Track 13 Ė Another great track by one of my fav bands. Itís also one of my fav tracks by said band.

Track 14 Ė After a couple of good tracks back to a more slower pace. Itís an alright track.

Track 15 Ė I feel like I should in in a 70s cop show sliding over car bonnets in New York with this track playing in the back ground. Nice.

Track 16 Ė Liking this track, no idea how it is but has a nice build up and then gets going.

Track 17 Ė And here we are, at the last track of the album. It starts very quiet, slow and mellow before building into a slow guitar based songs. Very nice way to end a good collection of songs.

Over all the cd was really good. I had fun listening too it. Granted there were a couple of tracks that werenít my cup of tea but hey we all have different tastes.




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post Sep 15 2008, 12:28 PM
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Death of The Party

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Baz - Side A: Rockin' Tracks

1. Choral singing, synth keyboard, beats & drums, jangling guitar, pompous electric guitar all led by a driving voice which has been brazenly adopted by Americas self-styled Anti-Christ. An epic ďGothĒ classic & quite an opener.
2. US Punk style sounding band do a cover by numbers of a decent (if overly lauded) pop song. Ok.
3. Explosive blues punk rock which at its roots owes a lot to Motorhead, MC5 & The Stooges. Reminded me a bit of Primal Screams punk rock work in their Exterminator & Evil Heat records. Vocals are weak, particularly the backing, but I enjoyed this.
4. Great band on a great album with a stonking raw track demonstrating this bands process of creating songs through simple pure jamming.
It was also accompanied by my good lady stating her admiration for the act in her own special way...
People who donít like this band can go fuck themselves.
Who am I to argue?
5. Critically acclaimed slice of indie dance art rock from a band who despite their name never seemed to surface for air again. I wasnít a massive fan at the time but mildly enjoyed this listen.
6. Good little pop metal tune. Even though it clearly isnít Andy Cairns singing I honestly thought this was Therapy? for a moment until I twigged on to who it was.
The track ends with a little epilogue of guitar echoes, & haunting chilled sounds which lead into the second section of the discÖ.

Side B: Chillin' Tracks

7. A classic cut of Trip-Hop from pioneers of the genre.
8. Beautifully layered synth is the key in this electronic chill track. Really nice work.
9. A great house number to stick on return from a club, just lively enough to keep the mood flowing & just chilled enough to begin to bring things to a sitting standstill. I like.
10. I Like the act but I just never warmed to this chill out favourite, elements of the dub synth are great but the vocal sample grates & the trumpet just sullies the good name of jazz.
11. A brooding synth track that grows as the song goes on with vocals entering at the halfway mark describing some kind of feeling of an epiphany. I donít know why, but it all sounded very German to me & little over earnest musically & lyrically. I can see itís merits but just not my cup of tea.
12. Great beats, twisted sounds, echoes & drones. Good track.

This was a good solid mix that I enjoyed for the most part. Nice. 7/10

A track list would be most appreciated Baz.

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post Sep 16 2008, 12:11 AM
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Ade - "So Fresh Off The Press It's Still Green"

1 - Pop funk hissy fit. That's a good thing.

2 - Abstract opening, that for a second sounds like Orbital about to kick in, becomes uplifting but samey.

3 - Cellos, lady vocals, very likable if mournful. But definitely likable.

4 - The type of chilled electro that could come from any time in the last thirty years in a timeless way. Nice.

5 - It's gone a bit art school, great vocals, eighties synth and guitar but maybe a bit too brooding, verging on the melodramatic. I'm not keen on the sax either.

6 - Fuck Will Smith.

7 - Not keen on this, really not my type of thing. Puts me in mind of Geena Davis getting her life together.

8 - Whereas, I really like this. Very catchy, with a high energy to it yet still remains kind of melancholy. Nice sentiment too.

9 - I should like this artist, they're right up my street but for some inexplicable reason they have never really done it for me. As for this track, it's ok, I like the bip bip bip part, but it doesn't really do anything to change my opinion.

10 - Makes me stroke my handlebar moustache as I make my escape across the Mediterranean in a speed boat with a hundred dead spies in my wake, chuckling to myself how they'll never catch me. It's that cool.

11 - Ok Dreadzone-esque trance. Nice enough but nothing out of this world and I'm not sure about the vocals.

12 - What ever happened to these? laugh.gif Great vocals, squelchy bass and pounding beat help make this one of these guys' poptastic best.

13 - I like this, it has a nice haunting, soulful quality but I kind of have a personal dislike for this kind of lists of cool things/people in modern culture. It's not really anything to do with the song more of a pet peeve.

14 - I loves me a bit of harp. I also loves a bit of high camp melodrama if done with this kind of knowing wink.

15 - Wah wah, disco strings, funky horns. Ade brung some funk.

16 - Same kind of MOR style as track 7.

17 - Lovely harmonies and sweeping strings mark the the end of proceedings with this final piece of melancholia.

Apart from a couple of tracks that just weren't my thing it was a nice collection.

Tracklist s'il vous plait.
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Jon 79
post Sep 23 2008, 08:48 PM
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Dreaming my life...

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Why So Cheerious? - Rua.

1. A great start. Fantastic funky organ sounds. Not sure who, but sound a bit like Money Mark. Love it.

2. Love the tune of this one...very catchy, not too keen on the rap sections of the song though.

3. 50's sounding guitar rock ('n' roll?)... not really my bag, this one... though I dig the use of a scream at the end of the chorus. smile.gif

4. Nice fast paced rhythm guitar with an equally speed vocal to match. I like this. So simplistic, but very effective.

5. Steady rock beat. Not a bad female vocal. ... Reminds me of Republica's Ready To Go.

6. Starts with what sounds like a sample of Jacko's Bad. ....Then beats, vocals, bleeps, more beats, more vocals & other noises kick in. Sounds like a Ninja Tune. Love it.

7. Very well produced pop. The vocal sounds like The Electric Soft Parade. Overall it sounds a bit too cheesy for my tastes (though depending on my mood, I might like it tomorrow) & the chorus is a bit weak...

8. I like this one. great bass. Style, & vocal reminds me of Beck.

9. A lovely build up at the start of this cheery instrumental... & after 8 bars when lyrics still hadn't kicked in, I was very glad that it is an instrumental. Vocals on this could've ruined a wonderful song.

10. I've just gone back to the early 80's. Synths & beats that could've been taken from a-ha or Erasure... and vocals that sound like Peter Gabriel has smoothed his voice a little. Too cheesy for me.

11. Speaking of cheesy, this is another 80's pop sound-a-like. Too formulaic for me to say anything positive about.

12. Ballads! I'm not entirely sure this compilation hasn't got suck in the decade that style forgot. This time with sweeping strings ... actually this could be a lot earlier than the 80's. In which case it's forgiven, but I still don't like it. tongue.gif

13. Sounds like every song the Strokes have ever done. ...on the other hand, after the lyric came in, I'm thinking this is Razorlight. Nice indie tune either way... nothing wrong with it... but nothing too special either.

14. This sound really familiar. I like it... but I'm not sure why... I think its the vocals. Sort of reminds me of Beck (again).

15. Blues. Not bad, in fact its very good. Blues is not really my thing (unless it's got a rock flavour to it) ... but the fun lyrics here raise it above the average.

Overall, a pretty good compile. Started off excellently. Everything from the first half of the album did something for me. .... but it really went down hill for me, & though it got a bit better near the end, it never really redeemed itself. As a wise man once said: You can please some of the people all of the time,... and all of the people, some of the time.*

I award this a generous

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif wink.gif huh.gif huh.gif
Track-list me, please.

*Henry's Cat, I think.

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Kick in the Head
post Sep 28 2008, 11:55 AM
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Cent Dix-Sept

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An incongruousness (incongruity?) permeated through many of the initial tracks, with disparate components intentionally joined together, but rarely sucessfully. Inventive perhaps, but hard to listen to. The latter part of the compilation though were largely unexceptional and not interesting or innovative enough. Nothing which I would actually consider terrible, but also nothing I'd have any trouble skipping if it came up on a shuffle. Track by track:

01: Good rhythm, the lyrics alternate between clever and stupid. It's a nice energetic opener, but doesn't especially stick in the mind.

A pretty strange mix of elements with laconic vocals over a fast beat and techno-y sound effects. A bit too odd to really get into.

03: Something of a mariachi flavour with uncharacteristic lady vocals and overpowering percussion which drowns out what could have been a nice melody. The shouty over singing approach doesn't work too great.

04: Another case of strange mix and matchness, with somewhat coarse vocals and a bluesy tune with backing harpsichord of all things. But apart from the choice of instruments, there's little else that sticks out particularly.

05: I like the typewriter noise, I like the multi-lingual vocals, I like the minimal electro approach - but it is a couple of minutes too long. Good though.

06: Is this a spoof rap song or something? I'm not sure whether I've heard the original or if this is the original. Either way, its not really very good.

07: Middle of the road ahoy. Inoffensive and disposable.

08: Really amateur sounding electronica - sounds like someone got Dance EJay and a microphone for Christmas, but I doubt this was the individual bedroom concoction it really ought to be.

09: Almost liked this one. It had some soaring goodness and the vocals were nice in a whispery way, but it fell somewhat sort of relistenable value.

10: Mad poppy beat and disco strings with a dollop of childish quirkiness. It's not perfect, but it's the first track in a long while to make me sit up and take notice.

11: Rock organ, brash guitars and drums, sing-a-long chorus and gruff vocals. But it doesn't grab my attention the way it really should. All the effort made yet it just sounds outdated and silly.

12: Not bad laidback and atmospheric closer that has a hypnotic quality, making it pleasant if moody backing music. One of the best of the whole compilation, but ultimately too little too late.

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post Sep 29 2008, 08:58 PM
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Noise Museum - Kick in the Head

1. Modern art school indie rock. Some nice organ (fnar)

2. Heavyish, kind of industrial, kind of avant garde. It's alright.

3. Nice production. Sounds like Linkin Park's experimental cousins, which is better than it sounds.

4. Caffine driven eeriness. The atmospheric brass and theremin really makes this for me. I like the 'middle eight' too. Probably best listened to whilst being chased by Martians.

5. World weary mix of Radiohead and The Flaming Lips. Nice enough.

6. Like everything so far is very well produced, nice guitar and keyboard effects. Kind of upliftingly sombre indie trance.

7. Breezy, jazzy, very summery. I like this.

8. Follows on nicely from the previous track. Head swimmingly playful melancholia.

9. Thought I'd heard this before but I think I was thinking of an Emiliana Torrini song. Slightly reminiscent of her but more Cocteau Twins meets Sugarcubes' Bjork doing haunting.

10. Brown note intro, dirty guitar and Pumpkins strings. Kind of sleazy and late night but still very pretty.

11. Follows on slightly with the Pumpkins feel. Very slow and incidental. Kind of thing that is nicer to have on in the background rather than to listen to for the purpose of reviewing which makes it a little tiring.

12. Existential cinematic cowboy music from an alternate reality. Seems a fitting way to end the cd.

This has probably been my favourite cd so far. Very consistent, all the tracks are thoughtfully produced and have a real feel to them. No real stand out racks but a few of interest, some where nice and there were absolutely none that I disliked.

Tracklist please. smile.gif
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