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> Com Shots 2, Shaun of The Dead Commentary Quotes
Wife Of Rolex
post Mar 9 2005, 08:37 PM
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I already did this with Spaced, so while on a tangerine I thought I'd carry it on with Shaun Of The Dead. It's just me bringing up the brilliant little gems that pop up during the commentaries. What things they say that always cause a laugh.

These are mine (long list again!):

Edgar: I'm not entirely sure what that means. I think it might of...butter has...if you look on www.urbandictionary.com you can look at several different meanings of the word butter, cos it can mean ugly or beautiful.
Simon: You fucking geek!

Simon: D'you think anyone's ever said 'Can we lose the black baby with the sombrero from the foreground?'

Simon: Jessica Stevenson is in fact a fully CG character.
Edgar: Yeah.
Simon: Better than Gollum.
Edgar: She actually has got the sort of the Jar Jar Binks kind of hair thing going there aswell.
Simon: Don't mention that man.

Edgar: I hate you.
Simon: Shut it!

Edgar: Because on Spaced I'd ripped off Sam Raimi I thought I can't do that again, so this time I rip off John Carpenter instead.
Simon: Well you've gotta rip off someone, ain't ya?
Edgar: I know, I've got no ideas of my own.

Edgar: Who was that in the body bag, I can't remember?
Simon: Dale Winton.

Simon: Remember that guy came off and he banged his head and his brain fell out?
Edgar: Sorry?
Simon: His brain fell out his ear. And then I ran over and I ate it!

Edgar: I was always very anti digital effects until my brother pointed out that a lot of the effects on Battle Royale were done digitally, and then I thought ohhh...
Simon: I've got an Auntie Digital Effects. And an uncle...

Nick: I think Roger Moore would make a great James Bond.

Dylan: In the background, those speakers there, that's Sir Ian McKellen. it's amazing how he can transform himself.

Dylan: A lot of English place names sound like minor bowel diseases, don't they? Crouch End.
Simon: More.
Dylan: Tring.
Simon: Wapping.
Lucy: Tring?
Dylan: Tring has got to be some kind of...
Lucy: Haseley Knob.
Simon: Chipping Norton.
Nick: Tumourous Anus.
Simon: Diarrhoea-On-Sea.
Nick: Distended Bumton.
Simon: Prolapsefordshire. Is this thing on?

Lucy: I was eating all those gakes.
Simon & Dylan: Gakes?
Lucy: Gakes!
Dylan: I was eatin' a gake...when a cow stood on my foot!

Dylan: To be fair, dogs don't have a lot of call to look up do they? What's up there for them? Unless they want to fuck a Great Dane!

Simon: There's a funny thing on there, I think it's on the DVD actually, we had to do an airline version of this and everything Pete says is funk instead of fuck.
Kate: Oh you're joking.
Simon: So when Nick says prick he says...
Kate: Funk off.
Simon: He calls him prink.
Nick: Prink.
Dylan: What do they do with cunt? What does that become? Couch? What?

Dylan: It sounds very Irish to me.
Simon: You are Irish.

Nick: Ah, this is where you find Hitler's skeleton.

Simon: Now look at the composition of the shot there. Edgar Wright, you've got to hand it to the little bastard.

Nick: D'you think I'm the Robbie Coltrane for the noughties?
Simon: Easy. Yeah maybe.
Dylan: If Hagrid was a drug dealer.
Simon: There we go. Harry Potter And The Wrap Of Smack.
Nick: Do you know anything about The Chamber Of Smack?
Dylan: Harry Potter And The Dazzling White Lights.

Penelope: The slightly awkward thing about this film, I think watching it now, is how pretty all these people are.
Bill: Yeah I know.
Penelope: Which makes me feel very...very sort of old.
Bill: But you're not old Penelope. You're beautiful.
Penelope: Thank you. You're very handsome.
Bill: No, leave off.

Bill: That'll be good in German. 'No man. No man. I ain't got nuffink.'

Bill: Look at that shitbag coming up the back.

Bill: Thank you Kier. You dirty little sod.

Penelope: Let's face it, it's brilliant.
Bill: Brilliant.
Penelope: I think they deserve to make a lot more movies. Also because then they could employ you and me.
Bill: Yeah true.

Bill: Jessica Stevenson could rescue me any day.

Penelope: Nick Frost, wonderful and fancies me, I like him.

Patricia Franklin: He's (Pete) very tall. How tall is he?
Paul Putner: 9 foot.
Patricia: No! He must be 6 foot 5.
Tim Chipping: Cos it's actually the reverse. Peter is the voice of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. It was the reverse with Dave Prowse. Dave Prowse was tall enough to play Darth Vader but didn't have the right voice. Peter had the right voice but was too tall to play Darth Maul.

Steve Emmerson: I tell you what I think, it's every actor's wish to be in a horror film. They all want to be in horror films.
Paul: Or hard-core porn.
Steve: Well I don't...
Patricia: I don't know about that.
Tim: We were always advised against that in drama school.
Paul: Oh right.
Steve: What hard-core? Oh right yeah.
Tim: Very difficult to break out of again once you make a name for yourself.
Paul: We had one lesson a week at LAMDA.
Patricia: Well, you have to have the equipment. The men do, anyway.
Steve: Really?

Paul: I mean look at that face.
Patricia: Oh I love this song. This is a favourite record. 'If you leave me now...'
Steve: All together.
Patricia: '...you take away the biggest part of me.' Oh Simon! (blubs) Oh dear.

Paul: This music, I used to think, this was the most futuristic music in the world. And now it sounds like a tin can full of marbles.

Paul: Gay used to such a lovely word. It meant homosexual.

Paul: Look around you.
Patricia: Look behind you.
Tim: I got that reference.

Steve: Where was Miles Davies when this...
Paul: Digging his way out.

Paul: I had a really embarrassing thing cos I kept telling everyone I fancied Reece Shearsmith when I actually meant Reece Witherspoon.

Patricia: Oh crisis. You must get rid of your parents to be able to grow into a man. Come on, Shaun, bite the biscuit. Or the bullet rather.
Tim: Biscuit's nicer.
Patricia: Oh yes, a jaffacake.

Wife Of Rolex
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post Jun 1 2005, 06:23 PM
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Two Pinter

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