Answers are back in from Pete, so here we go...


Hola Pete
Do you prefer 'Evil' Roles (Duane, Darth Maul, and Pete in SOTD to an extent) or more rounded 'Nice' character roles (Kenny, Garry in World of Pub) to play? Do you think there's a reason your bastardy roles are better known?

I think I prefer the evil ones, because I'm quite evil in real life so it's not much effort.
Most of the characters I've played are pricks - so it was a nice change
last year to play Peter Packard in LAY Series 2. He wasn't a
prick - he was a tit.

Ooh yes, and please tell the IMDB your correct DOB-'circa 1972' just doesn't cut it any more

10th July.

Do you speak any languages other than English? Fluently?



What's your favourite variety of Krispy Kreme doughnut?

A toss-up between Carrot and Curry.

Lazlo Woodbine
What are your future plans after the success of Look Around You?
Will there be future series or do you plan to move on to something new?

Me and R. Popper want to do something new now. We're just working out what it is. Maybe a film? Perhaps a remake of The Full Monty - but with babies.

Any more film roles in the pipeline?

I'm in the new Mr. Ripley movie which'll be out later this year. I play a prick.

How about Bond villain? (sorry to typecast)

I'd love to. I'd like to be a villain who pretends to be Bond's best friend, and keeps it up for years and years. Then one day, he goes on holiday with Bond - and strangles him.

Starscream’s Ghost
Which role would you like to have played in Spaced if you hadn`t been Duane?

I actually auditioned for the role of Brian. It was down to me and Mark Heap, and we settled it by having a willy-fight.

Which was your favourite fancy-dress costume on display at the Spaced-Out convention you attended?

All the Mikes!

which of the many things you've done (acting wise) are you most proud of? You don't have to pander to the fanboys here and say Spaced or SOTD but please don't say Hardware.

Dunno really. In many ways, I'm ashamed of all of them. What's wrong with Hardware??!? Oh, yeah. I remember...

Do you really make that heavy breathing noise after sex like you say you do in the Spaced outtakes?

No. I just cry and cry. Then I scream. Then I close my eyes and smile, mysteriously, like the Mona Lisa. Then some more crying.

Hey Pete,

Hey, Downsy.

Do you have any hobbies or do any sports when you get free time? (watching telly doesn't count)


Dear Mr Serafinowicz
I liked 'Hardware' but not the second series of 'Look Around You'. Am I wrong?

No, you're not wrong - you've just got terrible taste.

hello sir!

Hello, whitey.

Who is your favourite superhero?

I like Superman but I met him once and he had terrible breath. And he shook my hand so hard that my fingers fused together.
But my favourite super hero has got to be The Elephant Man.

Did you ever improve on your golfing ability (referencing the hilarious putting attempt in the outtakes)?!

Ha! No.

Hi Pete!


Imagine you are having a dinner party and you can invite any five people (living or dead) who would you choose and why?

I would invite five random people. One of them is bound to be nice!

p.s Love your work


Hi Pete.


Are people disapointed when they meet you and hear your real voice? No offence meant, of course

I am offended! But yes they are.

Good Morning!

Good morning.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I hated everything. But my least hated was maths.

And what's your favourite dinosaur?

Um... T Rex. If you're in London the Natural History Museum has an amazing animatronic T Rex - I really recommend it!
Best name - Archaeopteryx.

Ta very much from the ShinyElvenQueen (Mrs)



So if you and Pegg were to form your own Beatles tribute band, who would you choose for your George and Ringo?

Well... I've always wanted to put together a bird version of the Beatles -
John - Crow
George - Blue Jay
Paul - Blackbird (of course)
Ringo - Flamingo

They're called The Tweetles.

Hello Mr. Serafinowicz


How many times in an average day do you have to tell people how to pronounce your surname?

Actually? Twice a day.

Of all the comedy actors/actresses that you haven't worked to date, who would you most like to work alongside?

I've worked with everyone I've ever wanted to work with. If you see me in future working with anyone else, then it is unwillingly.

Jon 79
Hello Peter,
How do you pronounce your surname? (you could answer fo-net-ik-al-ee)


Also, when my friend & I finish our movie script next year, would you like to be involved in it? (There's a part for 'The Voice of God'!)

Um... ok!

Kick in the Head
If an action figure was made of yourself (not necessarily Duane or any other character you have played), what would be your main poseable 'action', and what two items would come in your blister pack?

Action - Heavy Sigh
Items - Keys, Phone

Hi Peter Serafinowicz.... (hey I can say your name now, which is cool)
First of all just wanna say your great and I love ya in vereythign that your in, particually Look around you

Yay!! Thank you very much.

Can I have a hug?

Yes - o

Oh and what are your favorite films/tv shows?

Recently - Peep Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The Brak Show, State of Play, Freaks and Geeks, Lost (fantastic US series). Loving Big Brother 6.
Films - Sideways is the best thing I've seen for ages. Napoleon Dynamite. Donnie Darko. Super Size Me. Sin City I loved. Finding Nemo was brilliant. Spirited Away is a masterpiece.
My favourite thing ever is The Simpsons.

How do you feel about being referred to as 'Funky Pete'?


When you're feeling sad, what songs do you listen to to wallow in your moroseness and self-pity?

A nice saddy is Beck's 'Sea Change'. Joanna Newsom's 'Milk-Eyed Mender' always makes me want to cry in an unexplained way.
When I want to relax, I listen to 'Relax' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Hello Peeeeeeter

Hello LeeeWattttttttt

Is World of Pub ever going to get a funking DVD release?

I don't know - sorry. I wish I could be of more help. And mind your funking language.

Butterfly with a bomb
You Are A God!

(closes eyes, smiles, bows head)

What is your favourite kind of pizza?

Findus French Bread Pizza.

Have you met anyone who can imitate your voice well?

Yes - Simon Pegg. Martin Freeman does a good one too.


No, thank you!