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Can you remember back that far? Not sure I can, but what were your first impressions of Spaced?
Chapman Baxter
This wasn't the first episode I saw; I missed the series the first time around and caught up with several episodes out of order on satellite.

The first time I saw this one I was drunk, to the extent that the Tim/Daisy/Sarah/homeless guy exchange really confused me. The second time, the one that counts, I remember I was enjoying it until it got to the Scooby Doo joke, at which point I realised this was one of the funniest things I'd seen in years.
Stella MM
I didn't see this episode on the TV and saw it for the first time when I bought the video. For some reason, my video was faulty and started just before the Getting to Know You cafe scene so for years (well, months) I had no idea the Daisy/homeless man/Tim/Sarah exhange existed.

It was like finding a lost scene when I bought the DVD.
I saw this on TV, on a friday night IIRC... I remember going into school the next day (.. well, monday) and asking everyone if they'd seen it too, but no one had sad.gif
I was there at the beginning . . . wink.gif

I remember seeing a trailer for the series - the one where Daisy opens the door to Tim's room and gets bathed in bright light to the opening music from Space 1999 - and I remember thinking “Anything that uses Space 1999 music to advertise itself is surely going to have sci-fi references in it,” and as it turned out it did!

So come the Friday night I was sat there with me bottle of beer, not quite knowing what to expect, watching two people seemingly having a conversation with each other and the bloke pops out with the line “You don’t think I can be emotional? Jesus, I cried like a baby at the end of Terminator 2, you know . . . with the hand . . . and the . . .”


And then the references just kept coming Star Wars, Hitch-hikers, The Shinning, Scooby Doo etc and all interspersed with some excellent original comedy.

Fantastic stuff!

My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to tape it so I had to wait another year to see it again . . . We live and learn.
I bought the 3-disc edition and couldn't stop watching after the first, I was hooked biggrin.gif

So I watched them all until 4 in the morning, including extras happy.gif

...I have no life.
I remember seeing the trailers too and thinking 'oooh, that looks good' and, like Kris, I went off to school expecting everyone to be raving about it and no one had seen it or knew what I was talking about. I remember thinking it looked great and was just the kind of humour I'd been looking for.
I was also there at the very beginning.

Being a fan of Simon and Jess's previous work on various other shows (we know where you live, Armstrong and Miller, etc), the trailers excited me no end, especially with the striking visual style and film references.

And, like all these things, none of my friends knew the series except Mr. Jester, I believe.

I had the foresight to tape the series first time around (tapes I have only just thrown away), because I taped virtually everything I watched those days, so it became part of my comedy mythology immediately.
I was quite young when it was first aired. (about 10 or 11 I think) But I used to sit down with my dad and watch it. I didn’t understand all of the references, but I still enjoyed it. I remember being too scared to watch the resident evil themed episode.
Wife Of Rolex
I was kind of there in the beginning. I don't remember any trailers, it just sprang up on me one Friday night in 1999. I had a feeling it would probably be good as I'd more or less caught most of Simon's appearences on TV since, well...since his first appearence and I knew Jessica from The Royle Family. Julia Deakin then popped up and I recognised her from various things. When Mark Heap made an appearence and I bolted to my sister's room as she loved Stressed Eric (she still says 'Daddy can we go to the jymkana?'!!) and I was telling her switch over as the he did the voice of Eric. She was only 9 so I thought she'd be excited but it seemed ages before he spoke again and when he did she just went 'Oh yeah,' and switched back to what she was watching on the other side.

I liked it and watched the whole series but I must confess I was slow on the uptake and didn't pay it the attention it deserved. I can't actually remember a great deal about the last half of 1999 to honest, which sadly includes Spaced, hence my late getting into it I s'pose.

JJJ - You watched We Know Where You Live every week as well? I thought I was the only one! I can only remember the title sequence, though. Didn't think to tape it, though. rolleyes.gif

Wife Of Rolex
I was oblivious in the beginning. My first taste of Spaced happened at a time when I was just developping an interest in Brit Rock through my work at a local record store. As that was mounting, a friend who knows my tastes quite well sent me the first episode to watch with the note: 'You'll like this'.

The first thing that struck me about it was the cinematography. The guy that sent it to me is a film major and an aspiring director, so I have a limited understanding of these things through him. And I'm assuming that's why it caught his eye. So I was duly impressed by that.

I then started to notice how, even from the first episode, the plot and specifically Daisy's character was oddly close to my life at that time. The more I watched, the more I saw myself in Daisy, and those around me in the other characters. It was so strange to watch and yet vaguely comforting at the same time.

The two other things that struck me at first were the sense of humour, which was very similar to my own, and the movie references, which was yet another parallel of my own life.

Finally, and sort of amusingly, I remember in the beginning thinking "well this is good, I really really like this show, and the lead character isn't all that attractive, so I won't develop any sort of unhealthy obsession" Because you see, I have this horrible tendancy of creating these ridiculous crushes on fictional characters. It's funny too, because I remember the exact moment when my opinion changed. And I like the fact that it was the character's personality that attracted me most. I like to think thats indicative of being not so shallow...

From the first episode, I was hooked.
not quite knowing what to expect, watching two people seemingly having a conversation with each other and the bloke pops out with the line “You don’t think I can be emotional? Jesus, I cried like a baby at the end of Terminator 2, you know . . . with the hand . . . and the . . .”


And then the references just kept coming Star Wars, Hitch-hikers, The Shinning, Scooby Doo etc and all interspersed with some excellent original comedy.

Exactly. I am quite a movie buff, and it was pretty cool to be like "They got that from The Shining...they are talking about Green Card", etch. I found myself trying to find more and more tie ins through out the episode. Nice character introductions/build ups as well.
I was partially there at the beginning.

Yes, aloof as ever.

I don't recall having seen any adverts for it prior to Episode 1, and actually caught the very first episode purely by fluke. Having recognised Pegg from 'Is It Bill Bailey?', I knew it was going to be damn funny, although I didn't really take a lot of it in as I always seemed to be visiting friends when it was on, and they were less than taken with it, I think mainly because they didn't really like Jess (which I thought was a little short-sighted, but still).

As a result I only managed to see the first three episodes, mainly because my friends quickly became rather nonplussed with the series, especially by the time we got to "Breathe it in - filter it out!!" By the time we got to "Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!" the decision had been made - next week: no Spaced. The following week they wanted to watch something else! I have no idea what the 'something else' was now, but I do remember that I desperately wanted to watch Spaced, but they didn't, grrr! (Just as it had started getting really interesting!) I knew I had stumbled upon something quite special at the time, but circumstances prevented further proof.

I curse myself now that it didn't really occur to me to stay at home for the remaining episodes - mainly because my viewing had become quite fragmented thoughout each episode (quite probably playing Scrabble, oddly enough), so I didn't really get into it enough to persevere, and ultimately forgot when it was on. For shame. What persisted in standing out in my memory though, after that first teasing glimpse of the series, were the superb Ep.3 Zombie/PlayStation Intro, Vulva's "It's not finished..." quote, the 'call and response' crying sequence from Ep.1 (comedy gold classic) and the Fake Sex Noises (comedy gold classic Mk.II). Oh, and the music. The music was bang on. I also loved the visual style, the quirky camera angles and techniques, quick-paced editing etc - they really enhanced the comic uniqueness of the show, not to mention slapped you about the face and demanded your attention!

How joyous an occasion it was to find out that repeats were on the horizon a year later...

Edit: Needless to say I bloody loved it when I finally got to see it in all its glory.
QUOTE (Wife Of Rolex @ Aug 1 2005, 05:36 PM)
JJJ - You watched We Know Where You Live every week as well? I thought I was the only one! I can only remember the title sequence, though. Didn't think to tape it, though.  rolleyes.gif

WOR Yes I did. I would love to see that show again! I remember a few sketches in particular, including the bullshit-speaking surgeons: "Pass me the fudge-pipe, I'm going to block up his chuff-hammer" etc; and the old gentlemen recounting tales of experiments and adventure.
ipse dixit
I saw it on TV from the start. Saw the trailers and thought it looked very cool...and it I think I might have kicked my parents out of the front room before it started and told them to stay away for half an hour cos I knew they'd interrupt it.
my first impressions of spaced were laughing outrageously at my friends Bone, Jo and Toby as they quoted it repeatedly at Reading festival last year. I nearly pissed myself at practically every line, and then we watched the first few episodes on tv when we got back.

I didn't laugh out loud much the first time I watched beginnings, not because I didn't find it funny, just because I was utterly perplexed by the feeling of "where has this been all my life?"
Didn't see the first episode on TV but I did catch some ofthe first series when it first aired, so I was sort of there at the start, though not really.

First saw this episode when I bought both series on VHS after series 2 first aired and instantly thought it was the best first episode of anything I had ever seen. I had already seen a few episodes so the look of the show didn't surprise me as much as it would have had I watched it from the start, but the best thing for me was seeing the characters get introduced for the first time, whereas before I hadn't fully understand who the characters were.
I first watched in when I was visiting my ex one weekend (I was at uni). I remember really enjoying it and laughing my head off, but we split up fairly soon after so it kind of went out of my head. Every so often I'd think 'Hmmm, that show Spaced was pretty funny...I should buy it' and then never did as I am cheap. Cue Shaun of the Dead coming out and me forcing all my friends to go and see it as I knew it would be genius. It reminded me so much of the things I loved about Spaced, and finally last birthday someone bought me the DVDs. I was home.
Didn't a bears tale do a mock-up of the 'Its a sitcom' trailers?

I taped it, and then the next week taped it on a different tape, and I kept this going all the way through, still have the tapes (although I started to pause it when the SPACED part flew past)

Ah the good ol' days!

I was VERY giddy watching it. It was like christmass everyday when I would have a freshly downloaded Spaced to watch when I got home from school!
Satirical, pessimistic Giles
ive got the first series on VHS but it is starting to get chewed up badly because of the amount of times it has been used
Henry Krinkle
I just remember being confused by the opening scene, to the point of thinking that there were parrallel universes where Tim was both Simon Pegg shaped and Homeless Man shaped. It was only on second viewing the next day that I got it.
The 'getting to know you' scene didn't help my confusion, as the opening scene had firmly put in my mind that parallel universes were going to figure heavily in this show, so I assumed the montage was Tim and Daisy meeting for the first time over and over again in the different parallel universes.
Does this make sense, or do you have to be in my brain?
I bought the collectors box set early in February (I had watched Shaun of the Dead, loved it and wanted to see what Spaced was because that was all they talked about on the commentary) then sat on my bed all night and watched the first 4 episodes on my portable DVD player. I can't remember what my first impresion of it was (although I obviously loved it because I kept on watching!) but I can remember a) being confused at the beginning (you're not the only one Henry Krinkle!), b) going "yum" at a certain person a fair few times wub.gif , and c) laughing a lot.
I saw the very first episode and within about 5 seconds I knew it was good, different, a cut above, fresh, innovative and stylish. Wasn't sure I liked it yet, but knew it was special.

I knew I loved it however during the 'Getting to know you' scene and the minute I saw Tim in that monster costume I was hooked. That, and the Scooby Doo sketch. I remmeber thinking that this was a programme about me, about people I'd probably be friends with and things I find funny - it was a show for geeks and they're like gold dust.

It's still one of only a handful of things I knew I was going to a massive fan of within the opening few minutes. wub.gif
I'm totally ashamed to say that the first time Spaced was shown, I watched the opening scene, got confused and turned it over ohmy.gif

Because of my confusion, I missed an extra five years of watching it over and over again. That makes me upset sad.gif
QUOTE (Swonky @ Aug 5 2005, 03:46 AM)
It's still one of only a handful of things I knew I was going to a massive fan of within the opening few minutes.  wub.gif

I concur heartily. happy.gif
I first caught Spaced on cable tv about 3 years ago. It was only on at a really odd hour. But once I'd caught one episode I made sure I never missed another.
I remembered thinking..."Good God...this is one of those Red Dwarf, or Ab Fab (before it was whored out)...this is a show I am going to LOVE from the first moment"
and I was right.
luvs nix
Daisy Steiner
I didn't think I would like it for some reason, then I got the dvds and watched them, iv'e been hooked ever since wub.gif
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