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Full Version: The Unquiet Dead
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okay, so I heard that Simon Pegg and co nicknamed different zombies. e.g 'landlord zombie', 'ian mckellen zombie'.

my question is, what would your zombie name be?

mine would probably be 'deep seated psycological issues zombie'

sounds a bit boring i know, but give it a really do not know how bored i am!
Sean of the Dead
That Zombie. No, not that one, that one.
"zombie with slightly more blood on him cause he was famished"
maybe not as long
The "meh zombie"
I would stalk the living to feed upon them, but it's too much effort.
QUOTE (Silky @ Jul 31 2005, 08:27 PM)
but it's too much effort.

happy.gif sentiment exactly!

"The Smarter-Than-The-Average Zombie"
"The Pic-a-nic basket Zombie"
Sean of the Dead
"The Zombie with the Stupid Hair.'

If the bite doesn't kill you, the hairdo will...
"the lazy Zombie."

Can't be arsed to leave the house for a bite to eat so just sits in front of the computer complaining about it on forums
QUOTE (KingoftheFunkingZombies @ Jul 31 2005, 04:51 PM)
"The Pic-a-nic basket Zombie"

Brilliant. laugh.gif

I'd probably be-

'Long-haired zombie'
'Profusely Drooling Zombie'
'Umbrella T-shirt Zombie.' (I'd be sure to put on my resident evil shirt if i was turning into a zombie, just to make the effect better...)
'Profusely Drooling Zombie'

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA...... its funny biggrin.gif
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