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kiss my empty bag
I thought this would be quiet fun to do seeming everyone has a connection so why not put it here! Have you got six degrees of separation with anyONE from shaun or spaced! it can be crew cast anyone smile.gif ... oh and by the way it doesnt have to be six if you got it lower great! im gonna try work mine out but i dont think I have one sad.gif
I was an extra in Cadet Kelly (Long story) with Hillary Duff.

Hillary Duff was in Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin

Steve Martin was in the Out of Towners with John Cleese

John Cleese was in the Harry Potter movies with Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was in Love Actually with Bill Nighy.

I got beaten up by The Fuckest Uppist (not really)

I met a guy at a wedding last week that went to school with Simon.

I know someone (online) that dated Nick (briefly).
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Aug 8 2005, 10:03 AM)
I know someone (online) that dated Nick (briefly).

I'm in (accidentally in the background) an ep of People Like Us as is Chris Langham

Chris Langham was in another ep of People Like Us with Julia Davis

Julia Davis was in Big Train with Pegg/Eldon/Heap
QUOTE (Julie @ Aug 7 2005, 06:59 PM)
I was an extra in Cadet Kelly (Long story) with Hillary Duff.

ohmy.gif That's the best claim to fame I've heard in a long time smile.gif
QUOTE (frostitute @ Aug 8 2005, 11:48 AM)

You don't want to know. wacko.gif
QUOTE (PrincessKate @ Aug 8 2005, 01:52 PM)
ohmy.gif That's the best claim to fame I've heard in a long time smile.gif

Hahaha, well thanks!!

It's so funny, because all the military kids in it, those are all my friends. It's fun to watch it and be like: "ooh, there's Andrew, there's Kyron, there's me!"
And since I was sort of in charge of the organization we were involved in, I had a brief thank you from miss Hillary herself. Sweet girl, not so bright though.
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Aug 8 2005, 12:55 PM)
You don't want to know.  wacko.gif

I do, actually. PM it to me if you want.
kiss my empty bag
im still thinking rolleyes.gif .....
My mothers friends dad taught Dave almond (from Soft Cell)

My Friends dad used to play pool wih Damon Albarn From Blur.

Thats abou it.
This one's the best one I can think of, and really has nothing to do with Spaced/Shaun of the dead/really much but... my second grade teacher's friend's husband wrote the meow mix cat food song (where the cat sings that song and the only lyrics are 'moew'). So that's 3 (i think) degrees of seperation from some guy who made a song that cats sing on commercials.

And how lame is that? tongue.gif
right then.

my uncle is friends with richard curtis, who co wrote the screenplay for bridget jones' diary in which sally phillips appeared. sally philips also starred in hippies with simon pegg.
QUOTE (stinketta @ Aug 11 2005, 02:26 AM)
right then.

my uncle is friends with richard curtis, who co wrote the screenplay for bridget jones' diary in which sally phillips appeared. sally philips also starred in hippies with simon pegg.

very good that man.

my uncle is the actor pip donaghy who was in the film 1984 with roger lloyd pack, who is in harry potter and the goblet of fire with timothy spall, whose son rafe was in shaun of the dead. with simon pegg.

My friend shares a house with some guys including one 'Tazz' (or Jezz, or something equally silly), brother to the beloved Jessica Stevenson.

He can't DJ for shit, though.

What's that, three degrees?
kiss my empty bag
impressive smile.gif
QUOTE (kiss my empty bag @ Aug 19 2005, 05:34 PM)
impressive  smile.gif

and the respirator kicks in and you swish your black cloak theatrically?!

Closest for me is a friend whose friend is best chums with Will Young.

And Zoe what the hell with the Matt, and the message, and phralg na hoi?! [TM Prof Frink]
Socket Wench
My lecturer went to uni with simon and a friend aparently sold mr pegg his copy of a zombie board game and therefore takes credit for the entire idea of shaun of the dead.....hmmmm......

(2 steps in both directions)

Bumped into Richard Wilson, Emily Joyce (wife from My Hero), and a few others while at the Royal Court theatre, but most impressively, found Claire Rushbrook (editor of 'Flaps' in spaced) and had numerous meetings with Alan Rickman.

Hmmm, who else....Joe Pasquale (he managed to convince our entire theatre to get ordained on the internet), various ageing stars, random ppl that do random tours, David Dickinson was in uni a while ago, did a gig with Otis the Aardvark (from CBBC all those years ago) and some other weird but famous ppl were there.

Oh ok, my mum's godmother taught Victoria Beckham to dance (!) whos married to David Beckham and friends with Elton John who was on an eppisode of the Ozbournes, and they know eveybody so therefore I know everybody....

I'm sure theres loads more randoms but there we go, a few to get you started....
My dad used to hang round with a band 'The Cravats'

The Cravats bassist 'the shend' appeared in the shakespear lookalike sketch in big train.
I've meet Simon Pegg (writer and star of Shaun of the Dead).

Shit! I did it in one! tongue.gif
I used to have a friend who moved to London in the early 1990s. When my friend's flatmate moved out, she asked a girl at work if she wanted the room.

The girl at work took the room and her boyfriend moved in with her. The boyfriend was Nick Frost. Nick's best friend then moved in as he needed a place to crash after splitting up with his girlfriend. The best friend was Simon Pegg.

Sadly, I'd managed to fall out with my friend about 3 months before this happened and didn't get to know all this until about 2 years ago. Ah well.
Let's see... Just off the top of my head: Some years ago I took part in a workshop with local film director Jay Craven (which did result in an actual film, of sorts), who directed Michael J. Fox in his [Craven's] feature debut, who worked with executive producer Steven Spielberg in Back to the Future. Spielberg, of course, also served as executive producer for Band of Brothers, in which Simon Pegg appeared.

So, that's fewer than six.
Well, this ones a bit rubbish, but...

I go to the school Bill Bailey used to go to
Bill Bailey was in Spaced with... well you really should know, otherwise you can get out right now

(Actually, one of our music teachers (either retired or dead now i think) gave Bill his nickname Bill instead of William)
kiss my empty bag
This is impressive stuff , it just goes to show its a small world!
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