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Chapman Baxter
For me, Tim and Brian steal the show between them in this episode, with some of my favourite lines of the whole series.

Tim: It's a subtle blend of lateral thinking and extreme violence.
Brian: What - like It's a Knockout?

Tim: You've got a friend called Vulva? Who's called Vulva?
Brian: Her real name's Ian
Tim: What d'you mean her real name's Ian?
Brian: She's non-gender-specific,
Tim: Oh, what, you mean he's a tranny?
Brian: More than that.
Tim: What, a big fat tranny?

Brian: How do I look?
Tim: A bit pretentious?
Daisy: I think you look lovely, Brian.
Brian: Do you think I should lose the waistcoat?
Tim: I think you should burn it, cos, if you lose it, you might find it again.

What stands out for you?
Wife Of Rolex
Daisy flicking through all the mags before buying them - I do that (but ususally I end not buying them!).

Tim falling off the sofa when he wakes up - I've done that loads.

Tim: Porn!
Daisy: I'm not gonna get you porn. You can get it from railway sidings like everybody else.
Tim: I can't. I'm an adult...I'm s'posed to leave it there.

Tim: So, you gonna go?
Brian: I don't know. I haven't seen Vulva for ages.
Tim: No, you gonna

Daisy: I do drink pint, I will drink a pint. But I'd have a vodka and tonic at a wedding...or something...

Tim: Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Marsha: Hellooooooo
Tim & Brian: Shit!

Tim: They're just jealous.
Daisy: Of what?
Tim: Your tits?

Wife Of Rolex
Sean of the Dead
Tim: I got confused as we... both have 'i's in our names.
Blind I/O

QUOTE (Wife Of Rolex @ Aug 16 2005, 04:14 PM)
Tim: Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

I was going to illustrate that one...

Ooh, and I just did. laugh.gif


- Daiz fumbling for the all the "right" answers. Textbook Stevenson. (And I felt her agony...or I did, once. I'm more in the "Ah, fuck 'em, they weren't asking the right questions, anyway" phase of my life now.)

- "Her name was Cassandra, she's a psychic, she gave me her phone number..."
"That's our phone number."
"Maaan, she's good!"

- "This is SHIT! This is soooo SHIT!" (And Pegg's accompanying flinches. Heh.)

- Cheeky newsagent's "filthy girl!" wink.

- "South African drugs reefer-style spliff doobie"

- Claire Rushbrook. Full stop.

- "Brian. Painter. Damian...Damian? Damien Hirst, hi, it's Brian...VULVA! Vulva, I'm t-talking to D-Damian!" (finished just ahead of "Yeah, I do big.....big....big...fucking...loser!")

- The very red, red, redness of the blood in the zombie intro, which is so very red, red, red as to go beyond Romero straight into Argento. So which is it, Edgar, hmmm?

- "I 'ate your mum!!!" Eeeee, heehee, Paul Kaye.

- How very, very close Brian seems to come to decking that doorman when he realizes his VIP invite isn't so VIP after all.

- "Uhhhhgh, Briiiiiian. You came."
"Um, no, I've just spilt my drink."
Tim: You know you said 'well'? When you said 'well', did you mean 'shite'?


How shite?

Daisy: I said 'girl power'.

Tim: Did you do this...?


It could be worse...

Daisy: How?



Tim: I'm thinking!

Daisy: Oh shit. Shitting Shit it!


I knew I should've got Huge Fat Cocks...
The highlight of this episode is unquestionably the dialogue between Brian and Tim.
"big fat tranny" always makes me smile I must say, as does the tone of voice when Tim mentions Suzi Quatro.

I like the episode for the fact it introduces Brian a bit more. We've still yet to see much of Mike, but this is the first non-Tim/Daisy flat-focused episode and Brian gets a bit of a go.

My other favourite bit is the bit where Daisy and Tim follow Brian into the theatre thing doing a silly walk and sticking their tongues out. I do that ALL the time, well, not ALL the time but you get the idea. Also, just after that, Marsha comes over and says something about spying on Tim and Daisy. Listen to Daisy's laugh, it's sensational.

Honourable nod to "if you lose it, you might find it again...." as well.
Blind I/O
It took me a couple of watches to really appreciate it, but the "haven't got tickets" part now really makes me laugh every time I see it...
So many funny bits - these are my favourite lines:

Brian: Do you think I should lose the waistcoat?
Tim: I think you should burn it, cos you know, if you lose it, you might find it again.

Tim: Her name was Cassandra, she was a psychic, she gave me her phone number... *hands Diasy a piece of paper*
Daisy: That's our phone number.
Tim: Man, she's good!

And I love it when Tim punches Vulva, that is just sooooo funny!
The whole end section makes me pee my pants. The funny noises that Vulva makes are brilliant.

"It's not finished.............It's finished."

there are so many good bits in this episode but one of my favourites is the expression on tim's face when he says "hey deadhead, take a bite of peach" while watching vulva's performance. it cracks me up every time!
I have this picture in my living room, I don't know if its worth anything
I like Brian's "Big Fucking Looser" speech - very good!
QUOTE (Raven @ Aug 17 2005, 08:37 AM)
I like Brian's "Big Fucking Looser" speech - very good!

And the source of much raw footage goodness. (Or am I thinking of the outtakes?)

Oh, good Walliams outtakes out of this one, too. "That's the difference between you 'n' me 'n' Brian!"......(????)
Chapman Baxter
How could I have forgotten this one?

'I can't believe some of the shit I used to do with you.'

It's all in the delivery.
QUOTE (Chapman Baxter @ Aug 17 2005, 12:19 PM)
It's all in the delivery.


when Brian strokes Tim's head, and tim growls and Brian gets frightened and runs out of the flat slays me eveytime!
Brian's final monologue at the end of the episode is really fantastic. All that stuff about ''the purity, of the clenched FIST!'' and Daisy's slightly bemused facial expressions, and the accompanying cheers on the TV really add up to a great scene and one of Mark Heap's best performances in the series. Although there are a lot of those to choose from.
Starscream`s Ghost
"Noooo, we did valuable work..."

I just adore the fact that both Tim and Brian`s idea of conceptual art is exactly the same.

And let`s not forget Paul Kaye`s contribution.
it's not finished................
it's finished

Wife Of Rolex
Commentary - When Daisy puts on her coat to go to the shops.

Jess: Look at that arse! Look at it!

Edgar: (quietly, like a teenage boy) I like it.


Wife Of Rolex
Timothy Bisley
Hey Dead Head... Take It By the Peach. POOF
"Yeah..I opened it by accident because we've both got I's in our names"
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