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Full Version: How good was Battles?
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Chapman Baxter
So what do you reckon to this one? I'm going for good, as a standalone episode. Of course, it helps set up 1.5, which is one of my favourites, and deserves acknowledgement for that, but on its own it doesn't quite hit the comedic heights for me.

I have very fond memories of this episode, but looking back on it it lacks the great lines of 1.3 or the sublime plot development of 1.5 and 1.6. It does have some great scenes, though - the paintballing ones in particular stick in my mind.
Have to give this an excellent as it's my favourite episode in the first series.

Well, this one and . . . wink.gif
I voted excellent, this is one of my favourite episodes, and everytime I see I find it just as funny as the first time. My favourite bit has to be when Tim and Mike are in the little hut thingy at paintballing.
comon guys, it's the paintballing episode! biggrin.gif
Excellent for me too, One of my favorite episodes, and steals brilliantly from all my favorite war films. And Duane getting shot in the bollocks is one of my favorite T.V moments ever, let alone Spaced.

Forgot to add that it introduces Colin the best dog on a T.V series.
Excellent for me too. The introduction of Colin and Duane, and Mike coming into his own are reasons enough to love this episode.
Yeah - a classic this one - even my non-fan brother laughed. The movie references, brilliant one-liners and snappy direction are all that is brilliant about the show, and they are here in abundance.

I started really disliking Duane (of course, that's the point), but I love the character now - and it's even funnier with Peter typically playing such an arsehole when he's actually a lovely guy.
I gave it an excellent! It's one of my favourite episodes. Tim's speech about his dog phobia, Tim and Duane's face off, Mike's big "death" - all fantastic! And I also love how sexy Tim looks when he's wearing the paintballing gear ... wub.gif
I gave it a Excellent,

is this your first time kid, im 36, is this your first time old man (is that even right?)

i've always fancied you

yeah Simon in paint ball uniform niceeee
Had to be excellent for me. Such a brilliant written episode with fantastic lines, two great plots woven around each other, a glimpse into Brian's soul with th tale of Pom-Pom (later fully realised in Series 2) and one of the finest action set-pieces in a sitcom with the Duane/Tim/Mike face-off.

An absolute blinder of an episode.
I gave it good, my fave has always been chaos!
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