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Full Version: How Good was Chaos?
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Rate 1.5!
I love Chaos! It's probably my second favourite episode of this series, first one being episode 6.

For me, the best bits in Chaos are all the bits with Bill Bailey (LOVE HIM!!!), I also love the way Mike keeps saying hello whenever Tim says his name laugh.gif

But by far, the best part is how hot Simon looks in his black riot gear! Oof! wub.gif
I've weighed in with an Excellent as well, some more great stuff in this episode. Highlights being the opening flashback and following scene in Fantasy Bazaar (don't hide your sandwich toaster away, use him regulary etc..) as well as virtually all of the animal testing scene (that'll punch through the engine block of a Fiat Uno)
Love the Star Wars scene as well biggrin.gif
Mrs Bisley
QUOTE (claire @ Aug 28 2005, 10:08 AM)
But by far, the best part is how hot Simon looks in his black riot gear! Oof!  wub.gif

I totally agree!!!! He looks gorgeous!!!!

I also like the bit where Daisy and Twist are talking and Twist says "What if they set the dogs on us?" (or something) and Daisy goes "We'll chop 'em agh agh agh!!" that makes me hysterical everytime

Also, the bit where Tim and Bilbo are fighting and Tim slashes Bilbo's neck and goes "Slit the neck" is pure genius!!

And the bit where Tim tells Daisy that Colin's been abducted by a crocodile is great

As you can see, I quite like that episode tongue.gif
Disillusioned Youth
I love the bit outside the terrapin where colin is where daisy and twist are talking about twist fancying Brian and Daisy does the strange "eh! eh! eh!" Thing.

Oh yeah, and the fact that Simon does look really great in the black riot gear. biggrin.gif
Chapman Baxter
Excellent, without a doubt. This is my favourite episode of Series 1 after 1.6. I only got to see the whole of the first series when it came out on DVD; when the disk arrived I put it on and watched the series from start to finish. The scene where the gang line up in their black clothes, the Fader Galdiator version of the Imperial March playing in the background, is the point where I realised this was going to be one of my favourite shows of all time. But the entire sequence from 'We're gonna get our dog back' onwards is sublime.
Excellent. 1.6 is my favorite of the 1st series too, but this is very close. Some classic dialogue, and Simon Pegg Action hero!
QUOTE (claire @ Aug 28 2005, 02:08 AM)
But by far, the best part is how hot Simon looks in his black riot gear!

You had to mention it, didn't you?

*cue title card "FIVE MINUTES LATER"*
*picks self up off the floor*

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes....second favorite after 1.6 for me, too. The second half is spectactular, but there's lots in the first half that is top notch also. Including, if we're going to be thorough, some of the best deleted stuff. (Bailey's Yoda impression - heee!)
Excellent all the way for me. It starts off with the brilliant conversation between Mike and Tim ''are you suggesting we kill he dog?'' ''(nodding) No'' ''Spoilsport'', proceeds through the sequence in Fantasy Bazaar and the tale of Gramsci (love the Communist reference there) talk of sandwich toasters, Chaos Theory (''I've got some fucking jaffa cakes in my coat pocket!''), the rescue (''Is Jabba the princess?''), the ever-so-subtle Saving Private Ryan reference (''See you at the Beech'') and so many other parts to it make a fantastic package.
'Chaos' is my favourite episode in series 1 so, as you may have guessed, I have voted excellent.

This episode has everything....action, emotion, romance, Gramsci's story, Star Wars.

One Word.


smile.gif "That'll punch through the engine block of a fiat problem." smile.gif
Enter the Kiwi
I vote "Excellent". For obvious reasons.

Oh, and since it isn't on the "The Music" section, or listed in subtitles, does anyone know the name of the music track that accompanies the Gramsci story?
I voted Excellent for many reasons.

From begining to end it was an enjoyable experience. From Star Wars to Peter and the wolf it, it was full of genius. My most refered and favorite quote is 'Chuck ya boyfriend, have a sandwich'. My last relationship couldnt have been descibed better than Daisy and her sandwich toaster.

The first time I watched a bit of spaced was on the comedy awards when it was getting recognised and showed the "What are you gonna do? We're getting our dog back" clip, which as Edgar, Simon and I agree with, is a slice of pure fried gold.

And every time I see simon bite a chunk outta that bourbon biscuit I think the same thing from the commentry, "Biscuit!"
QUOTE (claire @ Aug 28 2005, 11:08 AM)
But by far, the best part is how hot Simon looks in his black riot gear! Oof!  wub.gif

*Drools* Even better is his lovely little smile when he looks at Colin in the backpack ... wub.gif

Anyway, I gave it an excellent for the reasons above and for ... well, practically the whole episode really, it's all fried gold! cool.gif
My God! this episode has EVERYTHING! Although other episodes are my official 'favourites' for other reasons, this has the highest percentage of individual elements that I love and quote on a day to day basis. I can't quite put my finger on it but it just feels different (in a good way) starting with Bill Bailey narrating the Gramsci story. Because all the main characters are well established by now Simon and Jess can expand Tim and Daisy's world a little bit more Bilbo Bagshot is always good!

As I said in my other post this episode has just got so much in it, Bilbo and the sandwich toaster dialogue, Daisy and Twist development, Tim and Brian's 'cultural exchange', Jaffa Cakes, the raid (and not forgetting Simon in riot gear tongue.gif mmm), a great ending with a clever double pay off 1) Twist's make-up bag and 2) the Gramsci pay off.

Also how could I forget the music...I too would love to know what music accompanies the Gramsci story...anyone??? The raid music is a fave as is Peter and wolf ending.

Yup a definate EXCELLENT from me!
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