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Full Version: How Good was Epiphanies?
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Quite possibly one of the most popular epiosdes of Spaced, but how do you rate Epiphanies?
Excellent Excellent Excellent - a favourite episode mostly due to a great support character (Tyres feeling like a combination of so many ravers I've known). Some wonderful lines and it's great to see Brian actually enjoying himself for a change. smile.gif
Does a good job of strongly displaying Tim and Daisys chemistry. The chilled out chat they had on the couch, quite touching I thought.

Full thumbs up from me

Excellent not only because of the fantastic dialogue and the introduction of Tyres, but also because it really does recreate the atmosphere of going clubbing perfectly and is an amazing achievement even compared to the already sky-high standards of the series.
Excellent of course! Tyres ... the club scene ... Tim dressing up in Daisy's clothes ... biggrin.gif
Chapman Baxter
Excellent. My favourite in the series, and probably my favourite episode of all. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down or jaded, I know it will put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. The whole cast works together brilliantly, and the jokes are all funny in themselves yet emerge naturally from the characters and their situation. Comedy perfection.
My favourite episode! biggrin.gif

I also love all of the music in this episode. Fabulous!
I think it's very good, but the fact that everyone else likes it so much makes me like it less. I'm contrary that way. Not one of my favourites.

Plus I've never liked drunk (or in this case off your tits) acting.
I've always liked the sweet/creepy hug between Tim and Mike after Mike has told Tim about how he capsized his canoe. It starts off sweet (apart from, ''c'mere you big twat') then when Twist comes along Tim goes ''Hang on'' and continues to hug Mike with a serene look on his face before breaking away from Mike.

It walks the line between being very sweet and oddly creepy, but either way it's bloody funny.
Like Zoe, this isn't one of my favourite episodes, but I'm not sure why. There are great moments - Daisy's synchronised coat-stacking, Mike's war themed line-dancing, Tyres' dialogue - but the slightly cheesy 'you're great, no you're great' scene puts me off, and I absolutely hate people forcing me into going clubbing when I don't want to (like Tyres does to Brian).
To be contrary to everyone being contrary this is one of my favorite episodes. Mike in a pink vest, Brian and Twist's synchronised head-bopping Daisy and Tim's chilled out conversation, Tyres, the whole episode is full of classic moments. I just think it sums up a lot of weekends had by people of my generation.
I voted good, mainly because it's not my favourite episode in series 1. It is good though and Tyres makes it all worthwhile.
The build up to the clubbing scene is very good, but I've never been keen on the clubbing scene...I don't really know why.

So, 'good', but not one of my favourites.
Oisi-wan Kemansell
I think they are all excellent.
I voted Excellent. The dancing, the club personas, Tim and Daisy's little resting chat ( and the E- induced leg tapping at the end credits), Brian's fear of clubbing and the notion that when you're reluctant to go somewhere and give in at the last minute, you usually end up having a pretty good time.
Had to go for excellent. It's a classic episode and one of my very favourites.
Brian's fear of clubbing and the notion that when you're reluctant to go somewhere and give in at the last minute, you usually end up having a pretty good time. 

Spot on, I've had so many of those experiences during my raver days - and the best times are always after you've been nagged to go, think you'll have a terrible time...and then end up having a blinder.
Worth it alone for the Danny Kendall reminder.
This is my favourite feel good episode for series one. They got tyres exactly right as highly charged bipolar speed junkie. but its hard to say it was the best.

I have not been on any other episode thread because i've been away so i've missed quite alot of chat, but the beauty is i can watch them in one go now!
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