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Full Version: Let's Weeeeeeeave!!
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Oi Oi!

Just about any scene with Tyres - need I say anymore?! cool.gif
Mike and his dancing merits a nod too!

The cuts between Tyres ranting and sat back on the sofa relaxed are absolute genius. This was the first episode I ever saw, and the first scene with Tyres destroyed me biggrin.gif
Brian getting over his fear of clubbing. Funny and touching at the same time.
The dressing Mike scene is amzing, especially the final exchange between Tim and Mike:

T: Mike, don't let them dress you up like a giant cock
M: I had to dress up as an elderly Israeli woman once
T: Really?
M: Didn't have to
T: (Conspiratorially) We should talk...

It's unnecassarily sleazy on the part of Tim and I've always loved it because it's a piece of dialogue I missed originally because I was laughing so much, so when I heard it properly it really make me laugh and feel proud for noticing it.
"You can't drink a pint of bovril' - classic
The whole club scene is the best bit, especially Mike dancing at the end. Oooh, and Tim dressing up in Daisy's clothes was pretty cool too ... heh heh.
Chapman Baxter
The whole damn episode. I have just finished watching it to note down all my favourite parts, and discovered there was little I could bear to leave out. Possibly Daisy's joke about eating like a bird, though that was supposed to be bad.
QUOTE (Cornetto @ Sep 4 2005, 06:43 PM)
"You can't drink a pint of bovril' - classic

Wrong episode I'm afraid but a classic line nonetheless
My fave part in this episode has to be when Tim are Daisy are on the sofa in the club talking. I think it's so sweet.

Also, one of my favourite jokes from the show is in this one.

"So it wasn't so much of an eskimo-roll. It was more a case of rolling right innuit!....Innuit's another word for eskimo."

The delivery of the line makes me wet my pants huh.gif
"That's a well-fitted bodywarmer, Mike" makes me laugh for some reason. It's wonderfully patronising.
Brian: I'm trying to avoid cliches by not actually placing my brush on the canvas
Tim: Wow, right
Brian: I'm using my penis
Tim: Finally
Brian: Do you wan't to see?
Tim: No, I'm just about to have my tea

any bits with Tyres

Mike's dancing

Tim's sleazy grin: "I feel for Amber"

Mike's sulky return from the eskimo roll incident and the subsequent tender exchange between him and Tim, its so sweet. "come ere ya big twat" bless
Mrs Bisley
It's one of my favourite episodes!!!!

The bit when Tim answers the door to Mike and Mike blows his whistle always makes me laugh. Mike's so sweet when he acts all hurt happy.gif

Dunno if you've seen it but the deleted bit when Twist is talking about eating as much broccoli as she wants is hilarious!!!!

Twist:.... and I can eat as much broccoli as I like
Tim: (looking in the fridge) We've got some broccoli.... It's a bit bendy but it smells ok... Would you care for some?
Twist: No thanks
Tim: Ok (puts broccoli on the table) I'll leave it here in case you change your mind (puts on squeaky voice) 'Eat me'
(Twist laughs politely and Tim starts to walk away. He picks up the broccoli and puts it near her face)
Tim: EAT ME!!

Classic!!!!! laugh.gif
Mike:"You're a civilian... you don't understand, you're thinking, "It's Sunday I'd rather be in bed""
Tim: "Yeah, and you're thinking, "It's Sunday, I'd rather be in Apocalypse Now.""


Mike's impression of Mr T.

Mike's legendary dance moves ( "My brief to myself was to fire a gun like at a Turkish Wedding"- Nick Frost).
feck off!
I like the scrabble fight in this episode , and in the commentry , Nick's suggestion of 'Lock , Stock And Scrabble' as a film title.
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Tyres(thinks): My work here is done.

that was finished the espisode nicely. happy.gif
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