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Full Version: How Good was Ends?
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How do you rate Ends?
I gave it an excellent, mainly because of the whole Tekken bit and the way Tim's poem makes everyone scream "DAISY!!" at the TV screen - or is that just me? smile.gif
Definately excellent. A wonderful ending to series 1. smile.gif
Chapman Baxter
Excellent. It has to be one of the most satisfying resolutions to a series ever produced, for all that Tim protests such things are lies.
Enter the Kiwi
I vote excellent. I think this is probably my favorite ep in Series 1, and possibly my favorite episode altogether. It's just such a wonderful Finale, and it really leaves you satisfied. I think this ep is one of the reasons I like Series 1 a bit more than 2; the ending sequence and the episode as a whole, while giving everyone a chance to shine, focuses on Tim and Daisy. It's not that I don't like Mike, Brian, Marsha, and even Twist, but Tim and Daisy have the most chemistry as characters, and Simon and Jess work together the best as actors(well, aside from Simon and Nick, of course, but that's different).
Oisi-wan Kemansell
excellent: both of the No. 7 episodes brought a tear to the eye...
Ah, the number of times I've 'walked in on myself'. That episode rang true for me.
The walking in on yourself monologue is a fine piece of writing wonderfully acted by Simon Pegg. If you think about it carefully it's very poignant and actually quite moving. The last bit in particular -

"That's what it was like for me, turning around every 5 seconds to see if she was in the door... What the fuck are you doing."

And Daisy's one liner to finish it is pure tragi-comedy at it's best, a real laugh-then-cry moment.

"Oh well that's love innit, a load of old wank."
ipse dixit
It ends with a Louis Jordan cover. How could it be anything less than excellent?
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Daisy and Tims little dance is soo cute!!
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