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Full Version: Hit The Road Jack
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I like Ends.

I don't think it's one of the best episodes, as I think it tends to drift and ramble a bit towards the end, but it resolves several of the on-going plot lines and itís definitely a feel good finish.

So, if this had been the last epiosde of Spaced - and series two had never got the nod - would it have made a good end to Spaced as a series?
I'd have been livid if this were the end of the series and there were no Series 2! It resolves a lot of plot points but it also creates new ones; Mike rejoins TA (what's gonna happen to him?), Brian and Twist get together (oooh I wonder what'll happen with them?) and Tim finally gets over Sarah and Daisy and him finally feel at home with each other.

So it would be really irritating if this had ended the series since it set up so many new things whilst settling some old things as well.
I agree with Raven, this episode is a bit hit and miss, I think this is probably the episode I have watched the fewest times out of both series. The interplay between Tim & Daisy is really good though and Mike's TA re-evaluation and the aforementioned happy dances are definite highlights. Couldn't have finished it here though there's too much left open I feel.
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