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Full Version: Happy Dance
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No question for me, it has to be Tim, and then Brian's, Happy Dance - classic! cool.gif
QUOTE (Raven @ Sep 11 2005, 11:24 AM)
No question for me, it has to be Tim, and then Brian's, Happy Dance - classic! cool.gif

cool.gif Yeah, they're both wicked! I also love the whole Tekken bit, Tim's poem and Mike's face when he gets accepted back into the TA. biggrin.gif
Chapman Baxter
The whole 'Daisy Steiner wins!' sequence.

'I see all my old boyfriends.'
'I see all my old girlfriends. Well, not so much see as watch...'
QUOTE (Chapman Baxter @ Sep 11 2005, 08:31 PM)
'I see all my old girlfriends.  Well, not so much see as watch...'

That's one of my favourite lines from any episode of Spaced, very good smile.gif
My favorite bit is Tim's poem he composes whilst waiting for Sarah in the pub.

I've held you in my arms a thousand times Closed my eyes and known we would always be together I smiled at you through all your many lies And knowing and thinking that eternity would be never / As distance dulls the memory and bitter history grows hazy I realise my one true love is in fact a girl called..."
Enter the Kiwi
Mine'd probably be the whole scene where Daisy's talking to Twist and Brian with that sword thing, Tim's Happy Dance, "I'll come back later if you change your... shoes...", Tim's poem, Daisy's reaction when Tim said Sarah told him she was feeling 'a bit confused', and the entire ending montage.
EDIT: Oh, and of course, the Tekken bit.
As I posted in the other thread, it has to be the walking in on yourself monologue, thought the happy dance is also fan-bloody-tastic.

Along with -

Marsha - "To tell you the truth I don't know how interested he is in women"

*Cut to art gallery*

Brian - "Niiice aaarse".
Sean of the Dead
The "An Officer and a Gentlemen" reference is inspired and
"Do you really watch porn at the flat?"
"Only when you're out... or asleep on the beanbag."
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