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Full Version: Twist - sweet and stupid or evil genius
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Chapman Baxter
I'm leaning towards the evil genius interpretation myself. She's utterly self-centred and seems happy to use and discard people at whim. Does she have any defenders?
No defender here. She is clearly quite evil and, although I don't think she's a genius as such, she is a master manipulator. Still, she does have some sweet moments, mainly in the last episodes of both series. But few moments other than those.
Evil Genius. She's not really that terrible but definitely not someone you'd want to live with. She's the only character in Spaced that isn't self-deprecating and she loves to point out everyone else's flaws without considering their feelings.
Evil Genius - but she doesn't know how much she could be even more evil. Now if Darth Vader was there....
Both a stupid, seemingly sweet, evil genius.

Massive Wanker
I think she's evil and stupid
Evil genius - that's why we love to hate her!
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