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Full Version: How good was Change?
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Chapman Baxter
What's your verdict on Change?

I'm going to drop down to Average for this one. It has few great stand-out moments compared to other episodes, and I find it very hard to sympathise with Daisy in particular. Who wants to defend it?
I've not given out many Excellents in Rewind so far but I have here as this is my favourite episode of the second series.

Phantom Menace dissing is always good, Brian's lack of confidence (and Marsha's In-con-sol-able solution) is hilarious and plenty of Bill Bailey - what more could you ask for?!

And a Happy Dance at the end, great stuff!
This is definately one of my favourite episodes in Series 2. I love the first scene, with all of the gang waking up, and the more Bailey, the better I say.

So I voted excellent.
Good for me. I agree with Chappers about Daisy though. She really irirtates me in this episode.
Good, but only because of Bill Bailey - the episode peters out a bit towards the final third I find.
Excellent for me, there are some really wonderful bits throughout the episode; Brian's attempts at painting; Tim's outburst at the small child; the very funny, but subtle Tardis reference, with the office of the shop being bigger than the front; the bits at the dole office (''Phantom Menace?''); the final act in particular was a bit that I really liked, especially the double headering of the balls and Mike and Tim's ''Eyyyy!'' conversation. I really like this episode.
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Excellent, happy.gif
Sean of the Dead
It was goodness.
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Excellent [ 5 ] ** [41.67%]
Good [ 5 ] ** [41.67%]

ooh so close laugh.gif
It was good for me - I enjoy this ep a lot, but it isn't one of my absolute favourites.
'Twas good, but not excellent.
Mrs Bisley
I liked this but I don't think it's as good as, say 1.3 Art, which is one of my faves, but I did really like the "EY!!" bit between Tim n Mike @ the end!!

3/5 I'd say....
"Babylon 5 is a pile of shit."
"Get out!"

Can't get over the happy walk.
RIP Banners-on-the-Hill
I'm a relative newbie but I wanted also to defend Change, since it's my fav 2nd series episode after Gone...

It's definitely the nerdiest episode, full of references: Jar Jar Binks, Ewoks, Hawk the Slayer and Krull... usually these references are little treats that have no relevance to the story, but in Change they're crucial to the plot. So that will either put you off or draw you in with geeky delight.

People have criticised Daisy in this episode, but apart from the desperation she seems to be experiencing, it looks like it's all meant to be a bit of a joke - she's being very lazy, uncooperative ("Fuck you!") but she still whines like a girl in trouble with her teacher. "Have you got a doctor's note?" "I lost it...!?!"

My two favourite bits are the conversation between Tim and Daisy (or rather, Daisy's abortive attempt at an anecdote about Tony, the "character" she used to share an office with, to Tim's bemusement) and the sudden icy moment when Bilbo walks into Derek's shop (cue jungle warfare music). Never has the offer of making a cup of tea seemed so chilling and tribal.
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