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Oisi-wan Kemansell
Johnny Vegas as Moz 


Sat 29 Oct at 22:45 on BBC Two

BBC Three's new sitcom stars Johnny Vegas as Moz, a small time hash dealer who lives in a run-down flat with his long-term girlfriend Nicki. Moz is a low achiever, and quite happy with it, but Nicki has aspirations for a better life…even if that means finding it in the arms of another man.

The series takes place entirely in Moz’s flat and his chosen ‘profession’ serves as the backdrop for a very colourful array of customers and misfits who pass through his life on a daily basis.

Natalie Gumede and Rebecca Atkinson as China and Asia
There’s his close friend and main supplier the PC, there’s Jenny - the inept child-minder, Colin - the light-fingered scally, Kuldip - the ambitious DJ, Brian - the fickle homosexual, Asia and China - the sexy new customers, Cartoon Head - the hitman in a mouse mask, Psycho Paul - the rival dealer and Troy - Moz’s brother… who lives in the airing cupboard.

Moz’s life trundles along at its own leisurely pace until things come to an unexpected head when his stalker, Craig, finally finds his way into the flat.

James Foster as Cartoon Head
Who's who
Writer: Graham Duff (Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible, Nebulous for Radio 4)

Director: Dan Zeff (The Worst Week of My Life, Linda Green, Fat Friends)

Executive Producers: Henry Normal, Kenton Allen, Steve Coogan


Johnny Vegas (Happiness, Sex Lives of the Potato Men, Shooting Stars)

Also starring:

Nicola Reynolds (Human Traffic, Sex Lives of the Potato Men)
Tom Goodman-Hill (Fungus the Bogeyman, Fat Slags)
Graham Duff (Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible, Combat Sheep, Nebulous)
Ben Crompton (Clocking Off, All or Nothing)
Sinead Matthews (Vera Drake, He Knew He Was Right)
Rebecca Atkinson (Shameless)
Ronny Jhutti
Ryan Pope
Natalie Gumede
Seymour Leon Mace
James Foster

its very, very good.
Rebecca Atkinson.........yummy.

I might give this a go.
Saw this on BBC3 a while back, initially I thought it was alright, but I lost interest quite quickly. I'msure people who enjoy Johnny Vegas more than I do will enjoy it though. smile.gif
BBC3 aired this at the same time ITV were showing that laugh-free series he did with Dave Spikey about some local newspaper in the sticks (What was that programme called now? wacko.gif ).

Anyway, Ideal was by far the superior of the two (although frankly Terry & June would've looked good in comparison to that ITV rubbish). It did kind of fizzle out a bit towards the end though, I agree.
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Ah, but remember,

Johnny: "I'm Hard me,(smash's plastic cup on head) RRRrrrr"
I saw this on BBC3 ages ago and am re-watching it now it's on BBC2. It's very good, Vegas is brill in it.
thought I'd dredge this one up from the past

Ideal - new series coming soon to BBC3

first episode available online at the BBC website
It had more bad ideas in it than good and they were stretched paper thin over too many episodes. I loved the opener but it never really lived up to the promise of that first episode. Also made the mistake of casting the excellent Seymour Mace (keep your eye on him) but then giving him very little to do.

I'll give the second series a go but I don't expect much.
Not bad for a cheap as chips BBC3 comedy.
By law of averages it should start to improve in the second series.
Really liked the first series, bu tI only cuahgt a bit of the first episode of the second series. I'm sure the BBC 3 will repeat it though.
For anyone interested there is an interview by the writer... Graham Duff

...and a script...


I thought it was alright-ish, not that funny and cartoon head, meh.
QUOTE (Lee @ Mar 20 2006, 05:27 PM)
I thought it was alright-ish, not that funny and cartoon head, meh.

The few thigns that are really funny about it are pushed into the background as the sillier side (cartoon head is really shit idea) takes precedence. The opening episode of the first series had some great stuff in it, Vegas spilling his noodles on his decks, the "Do something, do something!" gag. It's Vegas who's funny (and Duff's own character gets some laughs), but none of the other characters seem to have anything going for them.
in last nights episode ( when cartoon-head brought the 'hostages' round to mozes flat) & episode 2 ( when c/h brought the trainers to the flat) the was a bangin tune used, does any1 know it ? has it been released before or just composed for the show . iv e-mailed babycow productions info line to try to find out but they never botherd to reply (not much of an info line ay ?) so if anyone can help id really appreciate it
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