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QUOTE (whitey @ Aug 14 2007, 05:01 PM)
If you think that article's annoying, try reading this piece of shit. But then be sure to make yourself feel better by reading this by somebody who knows what they're talking about.

Stewart Lee is my hero...I hadn't heard about the Little Britain in America thing, it's going to be like Benny Hill all over again.
QUOTE (maian @ Aug 14 2007, 03:26 PM)
It'd be interesting if he came here, read our comments then went into an ill-informed and poorly argued rant about us in his column.

I was tempted to cut & paste my comments from here onto his website. But I really couldn't be bothered.
Another Story In What is Offensive Comedy

I had heard about this incident before. It's interesting that the video of the performance was the proof of the pudding.
Ooh, sounds good.
Apart from the Arthur Mathews one. That sounds a bit rubbish.
Peep Show Writes Team Up With Chris Morris
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Aug 28 2007, 04:09 PM)

I'm definitely looking forward to that!!
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Sep 5 2007, 04:07 PM)

That looks about as loud as a woman.
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Sep 5 2007, 04:07 PM)

Farkin' hell. That video was really cringeworthy.
The subject doesn't actually interest me all that much, but the post script at the end does:
ITV2 has pledged 10million to develop new comedies, and has already commissioned a sitcom called No Heroics, about off-duty superheroes.

I know in tv terms that isn't a massive amount, but its encouraging, 'specially since ITV2 showed one of the best hidden comedy gems on tv last year - Comedy Shuffle.
ITV2 had Comedy Cuts which was brilliantly scheduled at the exact same time as Comedy Shuffle on BBC3. Nice one telly. Cuts was the better of the two though, Shuffle was a fucking mess (apart from Sarah Millican's bits which are on her Myspace) although I couldn't watch Cuts without picturing a couple of Ollies having a conversation along the lines of "stand-up's boring, let's jazz it up." I believe ITV2 are knocking up a few stand-up DVDs as well which is good. Phil Nichol's got one coming out, I forget who else.
Shuffle had something of a live element to it, with in-studio bits, didn't it? (It was on at a time when I was generally in bed in preparation for an early morning so I rarely caught any of it) That didn't seem to work very well (although it did have Colin and Fergus in it, the Theatre Group sketch is still one of my favourite things), and Andrew Lawrence (who showed up on Comedy Cuts too).
I'd really like to see Comedy Shuffle properly, though.
The live bits didn't really work at all, no. The pre-recorded stuff didn't really work either though.
Cuts had more established comics on it, Shuffle was more frensh faces and the like.
Both are coming back for second series though.
The good people of Go Faster Stripe have released the Simon Munnery DVD and it is available from their website for cheap along with all the other good stuff they have put out.

The venn diagram clip is all kinds of ace.
Starscream`s Ghost
I miss Either/Or.
QUOTE (whitey @ Sep 19 2007, 10:26 PM)
The good people of Go Faster Stripe have released the Simon Munnery DVD and it is available from their website for cheap along with all the other good stuff they have put out.

The venn diagram clip is all kinds of ace.

Staying on the Simon Munnery topic, the new series of Radio 4's Genius (as hosted by Dave Gorman) will be broadcast from early October - the exact date I'll have to confirm. But it's barely a matter of two weeks or so away.

Anyway, Simon Munnery was the special guest for the episode I went to the recording for, and very funny he was too.
Stephen Fry's Blog
(Be warned though. There's been so much traffic that the site has been crashing)
New series of QI tonight! Woooo!
Substantial news here:
ITV drops Comedy Awards.
Apparently due to 'irregularities in phone voting'.
I hope it gets broadcast on another channel.

Although the name Olswang is funny.
Yet more pissing and moaning over joke. Also here

For fuck's sake. So the man made a joke, it didn't go over and he paid the price there and then by getting booed off. But being made to pull gigs? Public apologies? It was a joke. He's not an MP, he didn't commit the crimes (to the best of my knowledge), he's a comedian who made a joke which is his job. Fucking people. Although if I was Longley I'd be quite happy to have an excuse to never play Liverpool again.
I get paid tomorrow. I can afford tickets for that. I may have to buy some.
Another Peter Richardson Directed Commercial. This one starring Rik Mayall.

Dad's Army Stage Production
Vic, Bob and Noel Fielding
"I've Seen Jim Davidson 296 Times"...

sorry I couldn't resist posting.
I think I've seen him the same amount of times actually....

..Before changing the channel.
Oliver & Zaltzman Reunite For Podcasts...
Russell Brand Runs For Mayor.....seriously.
It's not serious.

Rainbow George wants him to run for mayor - he's been a guest on Brand's radio show for the past two weeks. His other ideas include replacing the Bank of England with The Bank of a million wonders. There would be a 100 gasps to the wonder, ensuring that even if you're down to your last gasp, wonders never cease.

Brand jokingly said last week that he would run if that petition got a million signatures - but on Saturday he made it abundantly clear he won't be running for mayor.

For a start, he doesn't believe in democracy.
I wouldn't take anything he did as seriously serious. The Brand Spanking New London Party? Seriously.
Again, that's all Rainbow George. Even Russell thinks he's out there.

Listen again to Saturday's show via the Radio 2 website and all will become clear.

That petition is to try and persuade Russell to stand... which he's categorically said he won't.

I think Rainbow George is serious though - even about dodgems on the underground.
QUOTE (Zoe @ Oct 22 2007, 12:03 PM)
I think Rainbow George is serious though - even about dodgems on the underground.

I'd believe that.
Petition for ITV to broadcast the British Comedy Awards
Nominations in full for the 2007 British Comedy Awards (my picks in bold):

Best television comedy actor

David Mitchell - Peep Show (Objective Productions for Channel 4)

Jack Dee - Lead Balloon (Open Mike for BBC Four)

Kevin Bishop - Star Stories (Objective Productions for Channel 4)

Lee Mack - Not Going Out (Avalon for BBC One)

Best television comedy actress

Catherine Tate - The Catherine Tate Show (Tiger Aspect for BBC Two)

Liz Smith - The Royal Family: The Queen of Sheba (Granada Productions for BBC One)

Ruth Jones - Gavin & Stacey / Saxondale (Baby Cow for BBC Three / Baby Cow for BBC Two)

Best comedy entertainment personality

Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins - The Friday Night Project (Princess Productions for Channel 4)

Simon Amstell - Never Mind the Buzzcocks (Talkback Thames for BBC Two)

Stephen Fry - QI (Talkback Thames for BBC Two)

Best male comedy newcomer

James Corden - Gavin & Stacey (Baby Cow for BBC Three)

Mathew Horne - Gavin & Stacey (Baby Cow for BBC Three)

Matt Berry - The IT Crowd (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)

Best female comedy newcomer 2007

Joanna Page - Gavin & Stacey (Baby Cow for BBC Three)

Ruth Jones - Gavin & Stacey (Baby Cow for BBC Three)

Sharon Horgan - Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive / Pulling (Jones the Film for BBC Three / Silver River for BBC Three)

Best new British television comedy (scripted)

Gavin & Stacey - Baby Cow for BBC Three

Lead Balloon - Open Mike for BBC Four

Not going out - Avalon for BBC One

Best television comedy

Gavin & Stacey - Baby Cow for BBC Three

Peep Show - Objective Productions for Channel 4

Star Stories - Objective Productions for Channel 4

Best new comedy entertainment programme

Al Murray's Happy Hour - Avalon for ITV1

Fonejacker - Hat Trick for E4

The Graham Norton Show - So Television for BBC Two

Best comedy entertainment programme

Harry Hill's TV Burp - Avalon Television for ITV1

Never Mind the Buzzcocks - Talkback Thames for BBC Two

The Friday Night Project - Princess Productions for Channel 4

Best live stand up

Alan Carr

Dara O'Brian

Simon Amstell

Best international comedy

Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO Entertainment for More 4

The Office: An American Workplace - NBC Universal for ITV2

The Simpsons - Twentieth Century Fox for Sky One / Channel 4

Best comedy film

Borat - 20th Century Fox

Hot Fuzz - Universal

The Simpsons Movie - 20th Century Fox

What crappy nominations! In some categories I struggled to pick one and I may have laughed more at 'Borat' than 'Hot Fuzz'.
I'd actually agree with your picks there,. Except for Not Going Out which I have never seen. Shame it is too late for Peter Serafinowicz.
I'm biased, I love Lee Mack. He's a smashing chap.
Expected more for the IT Crowd.
Kick in the Head
Only three nominations per category? Not much choice really considering the wealth of British comic talent out there. Can't really have a verdict on anything though, having not watched Gavin & Stacey, Not Going Out, Star Stories, Lead Balloon...lots basically.
I'm a bit confused as to the time period it covers too. As it stands it looks like a pretty weak year for comedy.

The fact that I didn't exactly love the series I plumped for in the 'Best television comedy' category isn't a good sign.
Comedy Show Repens "Ghost" Theatre

Acts already confirmed for the gig, taking place on the night of a full moon, include Ed Byrne, We Are Klang, Phil Nichol and Peter Serafinowicz
Ooh, glad to see I'm not the only Not Going Out fan on here.
God damn Lee Mack is a funny chap.
"Fork Handles" Handwritten Script On Auction Block.
Goodness, I'd love to have this.
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Nov 21 2007, 11:09 AM)

Talking of Skinner, his decision to extend the interval of his show on Wednesday to show the England football match backfired when the dismal squad limped out of Euro 08. The fans were already miserable, he later said of his audience. It was like performing on the Titanic. I'm feeling terrible. Im gutted, actually.
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Nov 23 2007, 07:58 PM)

That's fabulous.
Stella Street To Return As Online Series
QUOTE (rabbit57i @ Dec 6 2007, 05:14 PM)

I used to really like that show, but please don't include Ronni Ancona - her impressions are ALL THE SAME!
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