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Full Version: How good is Help?
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Chapman Baxter
A solid episode this one, in my opinion. Some great lines, a fun plot and Tyres dancing to traffic lights - top stuff. It also has some well-observed character moments: Daisy failing to disguise her jealousy when it looks like Tim may be about to do well; Tim's awkwardness in front of Sophie. So Help gets a resounding Good from me.

And from you?
Lots of good moments as you say, but I've always felt that this episode was a little cobbled together.

An average vote here.
I gave it an excellent. Just loads of favourite bits in that episode.
Excellent - a classic Spaced episode, and if trying to describe Spaced to someone, this would be the one for me. Fantastic bits like the Matrix scene, classic Tyres in the flat. I love the music at the start of the episode. Brill brill brill. 10/10.
A top quality episode, and therefore an excellent from me. Many highlights mostly involving Mike's costume.
Excellent. Love the whole Dark Star set-up. Although Sophie does get on my tits.
Henry Krinkle
A good, solid, fun episode. Mike's outfit in this episode is possibly the standout outfit of both this series and series 1, for me.
Classic Pegg shtick is abundant in this episode (my personal favourite being his "Thanks Mike" into the walkie talkie when Mike tells him Sophie is on her way into the room about two minutes after she's entered).
Also, Tyres says my name in this episode, making me go "Eyyy!" whenever I hear it.
RIP Banners-on-the-Hill
Tyres is one of my fav Spaced characters, so it's amazing to have him back, in theory. But his role in 'Help' is a bit of a disappointment, as his funniest moments are a rehash of the funniest parts of Epiphanies, with exactly the same gags - the catchphrases, the mood swings, and the dancing to everyday sounds. Any chance to watch Michael Smiley do Tyres again is a treat. But it's a shame that Simon/Jess didn't do anything in Help to develop such a brilliant character further (beyond a plot point of him distracting a security guard). A wasted opportunity! (Or is the character too one-dimensional for them to develop any further? Hope not!)

Definitely some plus points for Brian in this episode though. Who'da thought? He gets 'closure' on his Series 1 dog-related issues, on his relationship with his folks, and is probably at his most human and empathy-inducing, so brilliantly played by MH!

But however many times the jokes of Epiphanies are repeated in Help, Series 1 wins every time when it comes to a dose of classic Tyres!
RIP Banners-on-the-Hill
Oh, and I love the crash zooms on Tim's face when he finds out that "I'm a Massive Wanker" went into his portfolio: "WHAAAAAT???!!"

QUOTE (RIP Banners-on-the-Hill @ Nov 7 2005, 02:48 PM)
Oh, and I love the crash zooms on Tim's face...

The crash zoom....something that Edgar Wright is known for throughout the land. An excellent from me.
Excellent. Some top jokes, Brian as a lawyer; complete with recreation of Pompom going bye bye, Mike's nice outfit, the Grange Hill-style animation, Sixth Sense...the list goes on.
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