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Full Version: Rate Dissolution
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I find this episode very hard to rate as I find it very uncomfortable to watch in places - hence it's probably the episode I've watched the least.

I've given it an average, I'm sure there are people who would give it more, and some that would probably give it less . . .
Kick in the Head
I tend to think I never watch this episode, but I actually end up watching it a lot. Its not so gag heavy and it is uncomfortable in places, but its just testament to how well its acted and scripted that you care about the characters so much that you hate to see them feuding.

And Ricky Gervais' being super-slimy is one of the very best 'star' cameos:

Eurgh! biggrin.gif

So, a Good then.
Good for me. Some parts of this episode do make for uneasy viewing, but you can't help but laugh when the insults start flying. Sets everything up for the last episode nicely too.
I really liked this episode, one of my favorites!..Some of the most effective referencing in a show full of references. And it took the sit comn staple of people talking at cross purposes and pushed it to an almost parodied maximum.
I think it's excellent. Especially the whole cake fight at the end - that's just pure comedy!! And Marsha thinking that Tim was cheating on Daisy with Sophie, and Time thinking she was talking about the cake. laugh.gif
It really creeped me out.
Average for me. I just don't think it ticks all the 'Spaced' boxes if you get my meaning. The ending is quite good though, as in the whole set up for the next episode.
Starscream`s Ghost
Good for me. As you say Raven, it can be painful to watch, as I`ve had my share of arguments with mates, and it`s always horrid.
I think I'm going to have to watch this again - like that was never going to happen wink.gif
Chapman Baxter
Average for me too. The tension between the characters means I just don't enjoy watching it as much as the others.
I voted excellent since the show does create a realistic level and variety of tension that anyone who has argued with mates before can recognise, hence the uneasiness that is felt throughout. Despite thsi, it still manages to be immensely funny and to throw in the usual pop-culture references. It's a superb juggling act
Excellent. I like it precisely for the reason it shows the gang conflicting with one another and their emotions are just bouncing in every direction (same with S1 ep7). We've all argued with our close friends and I enjoy watching how in this episode Daisy, Mike etc all get rather hurt before they grow angry and then just erupt in the restaurant, passing on blame and making personal attacks that don't really relate directly to the situation but have the desired effect of making the other person feel bad and allows the release of a bit of pent-up rage.
I'd probably say Good/Excellent normally (in relation to other shows), but comparatively this episode is fairly average. And since that is how we are looking at it then 'Average' it must be.
I said excellent because it draws out the lie and we all feel it. We all get caught by Marsha and we all hate ourselves for it.

Also, the "I may not be a lady..." scene was smashing!

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