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Full Version: To a Wonderfull Mum(Mom)
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What does the woman say after "To A Wonderfull Mum" when Shaun is buying some flowers for his mum. Is it "Pow, SuperMum" or "Wow, SuperMum"?

/edit I have checked with subtitles, it doesn't even come up for that part
In the German version it's "Wow! Supermum!"
I believe it is supposed to be 'Pow! Supermum!', as in a superhero (Superman presumably) reference.
I always thought it was "Pow!" aswell. Suits better.
QUOTE (GundamGuy_UK @ Dec 13 2005, 08:41 PM)
I always thought it was "Pow!" aswell. Suits better.

I think it's "Pow!" too. But I have bad hearing so don't trust me.
Pretty sure it's "Pow! Supermum".

May need to watch Shaun tonight cool.gif
I thought it was pow too. Never occurred to me that it could be wow.
I think it's Pow aswell. I wasn't sure at first though.
Ok cool, I've was never sure what it was, I was always hoping it was Pow because it's much better.

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