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Full Version: Razzie 2006 Winners
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Worst Supporting Actor - Hayden Christensen for Star Wars Episode III. Although it would appear Geaorge Lucas as beaten by Jenny McCarthy for Worst Screenplay. This years big "winner" was Dirty Love which was written by and Stared Jenny McCarthy and scooped four awards.
. . . and the winners are . . .
LoL, totally agree with Hayden Christiansen "winning" He sucks.

But I didn't think European gigolo was "that bad"
I think anything with Rob Schneider is bad enough to be labelled 'that bad'. In any context.
QUOTE (Home-Sliced06 @ Mar 5 2006, 12:21 PM)
This years big "winner" was Dirty Love which was written by and Stared Jenny McCarthy and scooped four awards.

They filmed a bit of this in the very building in which I make my happy home.

I'm not proud of that.
I honestly thought Sith would sweep the board this year. Jesus, how bad can Dirty Love be?
According Roger Eberts Zero stars review..this bad

Dirty Love

BY ROGER EBERT / September 23, 2005

Cast & CreditsRebecca: Jenny McCarthy
Michelle: Carmen Electra
John: Eddie Kaye Thomas
Carrie: Kam Heskin
Richard: Victor Webster
Kevin: Lochlyn Munro
MadameBelly: Kathy Griffin
Mandy: Jessica Collins

First Look Pictures presents a film directed by John Asher. Written by Jenny McCarthy. Running time: 95 minutes. Rated R (for strong sexuality, crude humor, language and some drug use).

"Dirty Love" wasn't written and directed, it was committed. Here is a film so pitiful, it doesn't rise to the level of badness. It is hopelessly incompetent. It stars and was scripted by Jenny McCarthy, the cheerfully sexy model who, judging by this film, is fearless, plucky and completely lacking in common sense or any instinct for self-preservation.

Yes, it takes nerve to star in a scene where you plop down in a supermarket aisle surrounded by a lake of your own menstrual blood. But to expect an audience to find that funny verges on dementia. McCarthy follows it with a scene where the cops strip-search her and she's wearing a maxi pad that would be adequate for an elephant. She doesn't need to do this. It's painful to see a pretty girl, who seems nice enough, humiliating herself on the screen. I feel sorry for her.

The film basically consists of McCarthy and her half-dressed friends Carmen Electra and Kam Heskin grouped awkwardly on the screen like high school girls in that last heedless showoff stage before a designated driver straps them in and takes them home. At times, they literally seem to be letting the camera roll while they try to think up something goofy to do. There is also a lot of crude four-letter dialogue, pronounced as if they know the words but not the music.

The plot: McCarthy plays Rebecca, who seems well-dressed and with great wheels for someone with no apparent income. She is cheated on by her boyfriend, Richard (Victor Webster), aka Dick, who looks like the model on the cover of a drugstore romance novel about a girl who doesn't know that guys who look like that spend all of their time looking like that. When she discovers his treachery, Rebecca has a grotesque emotional spasm. She weeps, wails, staggers about Hollywood Boulevard flailing her arms and screaming, crawls on the pavement, and waves her butt at strangers while begging them to ravage her because she is simultaneously worthless and wants to teach Dick a lesson. Then, to teach Dick a lesson, she dates scummy losers.

These events are directed by McCarthy's former partner John Asher and photographed by Eric Wycoff so incompetently that Todd McCarthy, the esteemed film critic of Variety, should have won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for generosity after writing the "whole package has a cheesy look." This movie is an affront to cheese. Also to breasts. Jenny McCarthy has a technologically splendid bosom that should, in my opinion, be put to a better use than being vomited upon.

The Carmen Electra character, meanwhile, struts around like a ho in a bad music video, speaking black street talk as if she learned it phonetically, and pulling out a gun and holding it to a man's head because she thinks, obviously, that pulling guns on guys is expected of any authentic black woman. A scene like that would be insulting in any other movie; here it possibly distracts her from doing something even more debasing.

I would like to say more, but-no, I wouldn't. I would not like to say more. I would like to say less. On the basis of "Dirty Love," I am not certain that anyone involved has ever seen a movie, or knows what one is. I would like to invite poor Jenny McCarthy up here to the Toronto Film Festival, where I am writing this review while wonderful films are playing all over town, and get her a pass, and require her to go to four movies a day until she gets the idea.
^ I'd say that sounds worse than Sith, which was ok but certainly not terrible whatever anyone might say.
Anakin was fucking ace!

"It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground."

"You underestimate my power!"


Hayden is a talented actor and anyone who's seen 'Shattered Glass' can't argue with that. I really like his portrayal of Anakin and his tragic downfall only added to the poignancy of the original trilogy, particularly Jedi.

"You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you."

"I hate you!"

*Double sniffs*
Beautiful and a great sense of humour. Is there no end to Zoe's plus points?
You're cruising for a bruising.
QUOTE (ronlogan1977 @ Mar 5 2006, 11:08 PM)
According Roger Eberts Zero stars review..this bad

It has a review on its trailer in which the person giving the review has (a film critic) writen after their name.
ipse dixit
QUOTE (empathy-with-beast @ Mar 6 2006, 02:33 PM)
It has a review on its trailer in which the person giving the review has (a film critic) writen after their name.

laugh.gif A sure sign of quality.
Kick in the Head
Annoyed Katie Holmes didn't win for worst actress in Batman Begins - sure its a thankless role, but her performance stretches credulity to breaking point - in a film that has a MAN dressed up as a BAT! wacko.gif
QUOTE (Kick in the Head @ Mar 6 2006, 02:57 PM)
Annoyed Katie Holmes didn't win for worst actress in Batman Begins

She did very nearly break it.
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