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Officially, y'know, official 'n' shit - Ant Man is a go:

Ant Man is being adapted by Shaun of the Dead co-writer/director Edgar Wright. Wright will direct and co-write with scribe partner Joe Cornish. Edgar also will co-produce with his Big Talk Productions partner Nira Park.

Part of a big Marvel announcements schpiel here:
Oooh, Joe from the zombie diary. Good stuff.
Kick in the Head
That is cool!

And it makes sense. A few months ago, Joe was talking about going to Hollywood to be on the set of Spider-Man 3 and met Sam Raimi, and they talked about Edgar Wright being involved in some fashion - so it must have been about Ant Man. Neato. Could be pretty cool...

Ooooh. Now that's a superhero film that I'll be excited about. Let's hope they don't cock it up, eh? wink.gif
It's bound to be good if edgar's directing... if it's shite - which it won't be - i might die a little inside mellow.gif
Eh, Ant Man doesn't really do much for me. But I'll check it out just to support Edgar. Hopefully they get him a good script to work with.
I've never actually heard of Ant Man before. But I'll watch anything Edgar's directing.
Joe off of Adam and Joe writing a big Hollywood special effects movie. Brilliant.
Edgar & Joe Cornish - Sounds good smile.gif
Some useful links for this film:

Ant-Man on Wiki
IMDb Page

Interview with Empire Feb 2008 - Script now complete
So, is that going to be the original, Hank Pym, Ant-Man? If so, will that result in Giant-Man, Yellowjacket and Goliath movies? laugh.gif

Seriously though, with this Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Nick Fury and Thor all in various stages of production I smell an Avengers / Ultimates film somewhere along the line. Of those as well, I would say that as a character Ant-Man is the one that I would say would best suit Edgar and Joe.
Starscream`s Ghost
QUOTE (NiteFall @ Mar 6 2008, 10:18 PM)
I smell an Avengers / Ultimates film somewhere along the line.

I wonder if they'll try and wheel one out for 2009, after all, they're trying to get the JLA movie out around then...
Empire Interview: Edgar Wright Talks Ant Man

Great news to hear the last part of the cornetto trilogy Three Flavours Cornetto has been signed with Working Title too!
Yay! So many things to look forward to.
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