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Let the reviewing commence!
A Cup of Tea and a Sit Down - The WiddyCent Collection

1. Good choice for a starting track. Nice and chill intro which builds up quite nicely towards the end. From the clapping at the end I am assuming it was live. If that is the case, it is quite well done. The voice sounds quite familiar, once I see the list I am sure I will kick myself for not recognizing it.

2. I like the guitar in this one, they are quite good. Listening to the lyrics I am thinking this is going to be a nice, laid back compilation (not a bad thing). The addition of the harmonica is a very nice touch, it goes well with the songs "theme".

3. This is another voice that sounds quite familiar. I am a sucker for piano, so this one got me from the begging. This one builds up as well with nice mixture of piano and strings.

4. I almost put this track on my compilation, glad I did not now. Excellent song.

5. Not too bad of track. The voice took a couple of listens to get used to. Sort of a generic pop/rock style track.

6. My boss and I listened through this CD once, he recognized this group right away. Very nice track. It's like one day they were just jamming out for a warm up, and ended up making it into a great, fun track (as the title suggests). They are from Houston, but I will not hold that against them, hehe.

7. Pretty tricky track. Starts off with a bit of piano and funky beats, then comes the rapping. A twist from the other songs so far, I did the same thing on mind. This song was alright, but nothing special, odd outro on it.

8. Recognized this from the get go, great song by a great artist. Glad to see you put some "older" jams on here, something mine lacks.

9. Nice bass on this one, sounds pretty good in my car. A sort of reggae/rap flowing style of vocals. Not a bad track, but nothing really stands out about it.

10. This track probably got the most plays out of the entire comp. I figured it to be either another rap or possibly a dance track until the actual instruments came in. The vocals are very smooth and go excellent with the music. Starts with a soft tone, then peaks at the chorus, and ends on a nice fade out. I will for sure look more into this artist when I find out who it is.

11. Back to the poppy acoustic rock on this track. Kind of flowing lyrics, which leads back to a pop style chorus. Fits in with the theme pretty good. Another decent track, but nothing really stands out with it.

12. I like this track, very 70's sounding. Builds up quite nicely at the begging and is complemented by the vocals. It does seem a bit repetitive, but still a nice choice. I think this is another live track, which sounds really well done.

13. Another track I recognized right away. Probably played the second most on the comp. When my boss and I were listening to it we started dancing like dumb asses in our seats (just to be stupid). Perfect end to a well put together compilation.

Sorry for the late and rubbish review. Be gentle, it is my first time. Good job on this, Rach. A track list would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The .5 goes out to Adam for his funky font. wink.gif
Aww, thankee! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll PM you a tracklist when I get home.
Punkass Presents... "If You Do Not Like This CD, I WILL Quit the Forum!"

or how i learned to eat cake. (my title)

1. reminds me of the bands that i used to see play at the java joint everyf friday night when i was 15. good times. i really like this song. it makes me want to kick against. but against what? ******* (7 stars)

2. this song makes me think of hippies funniing thru fields of wildflowers. and my time in moosonee. very mellow. i now have a strong desire to run thru some wildfloer fields and dance in the sunlight. ******** (8 stars)

3. GAH! GAH! GAH! i've heard this song before i just cant place it. i dont know idf i like this song or not. to be honesty it just feels like mediocore rock to me. i do like that airplane though... * (1 star)

4. reminds me of this street festival thing that happens every year on the sushine coast. i cant help but dancing. i love you! ************ (12 stars)

5. i was wrong. i thought i loved you until i heard this song, then i knew! yes. yes. yes. i am really feeling this song. it makes me want to dance and scream and cry and i adore it. ****************************************** (a crap load of stars) happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif wub.gif (yay smilies and dancing faces galore! and one proposal of marriage for good measure... )

6. amazing song. amazing band. i dig. ******* (7 stars)

7. good song, bad cover. * (1 star)

8. wow! this is cracked out! i love it! ************ (12 stars)

9. Meh. nice french. no real opinion though. ***

10. I love this song i sang it all day. when i hear it i expect to see people break out into dance numbers. ************ (12 stars)

11. Whoa... it's U2. nope air supply. it's really interesting... i like it. ***** (5 stars)

12. hmm.... is this... *giggles* i like the flute. **** (4 stars)

13. i really like this song. c'est drŰle. ************ (12 stars)

14. it's really cool. ********** (10 stars)

15. this song makes me sleepy. ********** (10 stars)

i enjoyed. merci, ass of punk.
Are you sure you were reviewing my cd? haha Thank you for the nice review. I'll send you the track list.
a cup of tea and a sit down.
or. prairie dogging it in a house with unlock doors. damn the cats.

1. ha. i adore this artist, and the song is wonderful, the lyrics however confuse me. is it about a father and a son or pedophila? tongue.gif
2. booyah! here was the conversation when i listened to this song with jess:
(me)i know this song.
(jess)so do i.
(jess) i cant remeber.
3. yeah yeah yeah! i love this song. definetly one of my favorites and the best that the band has come out with. it contains what i consider to be one of the best lyrics of life.:

nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.
gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.

4. this song is really good. i enjoy it, though the piano is somewhat annoying. i like the lyrics though.
5. cool. i heard this at the triangle (a bar) on friday and was the only one who knew the song.
6. jess loves this song. i do not. fun to dance too, though.
7. me and jess no likey.
8. it reminds of grease. i have no idea why. me likey.
9. tis cool. makes me wanna shake something. i just dont know what. oddly enough not my bootie.
10. what is that instrument? i heard it once on a barbie video game. (what? i worked with children)
11. likey, but not so much. nice vocals though.
12. odd. vraiment odd. not a bad thing. i like the flute. but i like flutes.
13. fun. drŰle. i will not slip.
also i liked the cover. c'est cool.
Yay! I'm glad you found some already loved songs on it and a couple of new ones. Tracklist PMd. smile.gif
QUOTE (jem @ Jul 10 2006, 09:35 PM)
a cup of tea and a sit down.
or. prairie dogging it in a house with unlock doors. damn the cats.

3. yeah yeah yeah! i love this song. definetly one of my favorites and the best that the band has come out with. it contains what i consider to be one of the best lyrics of life.:

nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.
gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.


The BNL version, perchance? Such a superbly beeeeeaautiful song. One of my bestest faves too.
dont click here julie.

yeah. i know it's cover but it is amazing. i really love their older stuff. jane, brian wilson, and what a good boy are favorites, and the old apartment also. i dont like anything later then stunt although i do like thanks that was fun, and i barely like stunt - too much pop, but when you dream is a wonderful track
That's cool. I hadn't heard the original version before anyway - theirs is the only one I know, and I loves it.

I'm the opposite though, in that I like everything from Stunt onwards (as well as most of everything prior). When I first bought Maroon, I played it constantly, and still do on a regular basis - it's their best one overall, I reckon. And although Everything To Everyone took a lot of getting used to, I've recently switched on to it, big time. I mean, how can you not like a song about having been sent anonymous postcards, all with Chimpanzees on them in a variety of different costumes/uniforms, etc? biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Ade @ Jul 14 2006, 10:30 PM)
I'm the opposite though, in that I like everything from Stunt onwards (as well as most of everything prior). When I first bought Maroon, I played it constantly, and still do on a regular basis - it's their best one overall, I reckon. And although Everything To Everyone took a lot of getting used to, I've recently switched on to it, big time. I mean, how can you not like a song about having been sent anonymous postcards, all with Chimpanzees on them in a variety of different costumes/uniforms, etc? biggrin.gif

their new stuff just makes me feel like i'm at a sharon, lois, and bram concert. it's really odd, because the are not like sharon, lois, and bram; and i have some very fond memories of sharon, lois, and bram (who dident like them when they were a kid? they were the shit.) but i just dont like it.
Who are Sharon, Lois, and Bram? huh.gif

The Stoker Sisters?
QUOTE (Ade @ Jul 15 2006, 02:14 PM)
Who are Sharon, Lois, and Bram?  huh.gif

children's singers. i was all about them till i was 4.
QUOTE (jem @ Jul 15 2006, 09:04 PM)
children's singers. i was all about them till i was 4.

Ah. Right.

I know that BNL have a quirky sense of humour and fun in their songs, but that does strike me as a little harsh a comparison... smile.gif
QUOTE (Ade @ Jul 15 2006, 04:08 PM)
Ah. Right.

I know that BNL have a quirky sense of humour and fun in their songs, but that does strike me as a little harsh a comparison... smile.gif

it is. i like the quirky and the fun, but i can seem to like them anymore. i just miss the skiffle, be my yoko ono stuff.

i really like using the spolier thingie.
Well, I s'pose we better stop nattering before they tell us off for clogging up the 'Reviews' thread.....that was my fault. smile.gif
QUOTE (Ade @ Jul 15 2006, 09:21 PM)
Well, I s'pose we better stop nattering before they tell us off for clogging up the 'Reviews' thread.....that was my fault. smile.gif

Bad Ade! *slap*
Here's the first of three reviews of all the Tape Loop CDs. First up is Julie's - Put the windows down, the radio up and Drive (Or, Toronto Radio playlists for a sunny Friday Afternoon).

Cover art was amusing. Like it. biggrin.gif

1. A nice intro song Ė a piano/drums buildup to a catchy, poppy rock song. The piano gives it a touch of the Ben Folds Five.
2. Starts very 80s/electronic rock and continues in a similar vein. It sounds really familiar to me, but that might be because it sounds a lot like other current bands like the Killers and Bloc Party. Itís fairly catchy, but nothing that stands out for me.
3. This is a little more grungy pop rock Ė not so keen on the high backup vocals in the chorus. Again, it doesnít stand out as a song in its own right, but so far the tracks all follow a similar style and blend nicely from one to the other.
4. Really love the opening of this one Ė reminds me of a 70s rock song that I canít remember the title of. Great, catchy guitar riff kicks in and the vocalist has a very athletic stadium rock voice. Itís a cross between Maroon 5 and an 80s rock band like Bon Jovi, which sounds weird but it works. So far, this is my favourite song.
5. The first song on the album with a female vocalist. Again, it has a nice intro and buildup. Her voice reminds me a little of Sonia Madden from Echobelly Ė coquettish and unfussy, which I like. A simple and toe-tapping drum beat with a great running bassline make this a great track. Nice one.
6. Aha. Now this track was on the first CD that you made me, and it was on my iPod for so long that I know most of the lyrics! This kind of song is usually too reminiscent of my teenage grunge rock years, but I quite like this one. I think itís because I listened to it for so long. Heís got a decent voice as well which helps. The lyrics are quite funny, unintentionally I think, but itís a good one for driving (if I had a car). Instead, I enjoy it when walking down a cold/snowy/windy street in NYC. Works pretty well. smile.gif
7. Now, I definitely know this song. Canít remember who itís by or what itís called, but I definitely know it. I like the pseudo-60s intro on the Mellotron, or is it a Moog? Very indie-alternative rock, this one. I like it. I feel like I should be wearing ironically bad clothes with a hat and stupid sunglasses.
8. This has a bit of a country opening, with the a cappella harmony and cowbell. It moves into rock territory a little more as it starts, but keeps some of that country feel. I quite like it, but again itís a middle of the road for me.
9. Although the very beginning of the song is a little weird (distortions and the like), it settles straight into a really great indie-rock track. I like the guitar riffs and the melody very much, itís a standard format song but they use some interesting chord progressions and the lead singer has a lovely voice. Very catchy and sunny. Top track. It also has a truly superb line in the chorus. ďSing me Spanish TechnoĒ. Brilliant. laugh.gif
10. I recognise the lead singerís voice from somewhere Ė I canít tell if I keep recognising these singers because they sound like a lot of current vocalists, or if Iím far more musically savvy than I thought. Anyway. This track starts with vocals and bass, and gradually builds up into a fun, toe-tapping sort of song. I canít decide if Iím just a bit Ďmehí about it, or if I really love it. After three listens, Iím still not sure. I think Iíll leave it on my iPod and let it grow on me.
11. An acoustic guitar blues riff starts off this track, very bluegrass sounding and has me boogying in my seat at work. The vocals come in after a good 24 odd bars, and keeps the simple sound of the track with just singer and guitar. Itís a fab bluegrass style song and heís a great guitarist, using his guitar not just for chords but as a percussion instrument as well, tapping and string-stopping chords for a really punchy sound. Iíll definitely look into this artist more when I get the tracklist.
12. A gentle start to this song, which intros into a very 70s folk rock sound. Itís got a real West Coast, laid back flavour to it which I really like. It could happily slip into the Dazed and Confused soundtrack.
13. Hmm. I donít really like the start of this track Ė too much distortion on the guitar Ė and the melody doesnít match the chords particularly well. It also mixes styles together but they donít blend into each other. This trackís a no for me.
14. A nice rock song to round off the CD. Itís not a show-stopper but a solid track.

In all, I liked this CD Ė the songs all came from the same genre so they fit well together Ė but I would have liked a little more variation and flavour from other styles. It gets a solid 7 as there were some great tracks, some pretty good tracks and only one I really didnít like.
Thanks Julie! A tracklist would be much appreciated.
I'll start with the Widdycent collection since it's in my CD player right now, but rest assured, the rest will follow shortly.

Rach - solid work. Here's the breakdown:

Track One - A stellar enough opening for it to be my favourite track on this compilation. Beautiful lyrics and vocals, very pretty strings/piano. It's one of those songs that just makes you feel good about everything. A great start.
Track Two - Another nice song, but less spectacular than the first. Pretty standard acoustic-ey stuff, but still enjoyable, and good lyrics, too. Love the harmonica.
Track Three - One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. And always good to hear some Canadiana seeping in.
Track Four - Another of my favourite artists (apparently we have a lot of these in common!). This particular track always takes me back to those carefree highschool days of smoking joints behind the portables instead of going to gym class.
Track Five -
QUOTE (widowspider)
Now, I definitely know this song. Canít remember who itís by or what itís called, but I definitely know it.
You recognized it because we both included the band on our compilations, again, a bit eerie, dear. I heard this way too many times on the radio but haven't listened in a while so it sounds fairly fresh again. A good steady song.
Track Six - Now the disc takes an interesting turn. Sounds very much like something Martin Freeman played when he guest DJ'd on BBC Radio 2. I love this whole genre and this one is no exception. Impossible not to move to it.
Track Seven - Using that last track as a springboard, the compilation does a complete 180. This is a pretty funky one with a good baseline and well-rapped lyrics, but nothing hugely exciting.
Track Eight - Back to mood that track six set, and this stuff is classic for a reason. I can only say I need to get my hands on more good old school soul like this.
Track Nine - The CD seems to be flip-flopping now between modern funk/rap and older soul tracks. I like this one more than Track Seven, though. More well-rapped lyrics, although I can't understand what he's saying, it definately sounds good, and it's over top of a much more interesting instrumental groove with some bollywood-sounding stuff thrown in.
Track Ten - Nice bass on the opening, then some more good asiany-techno with breathy vocals. Not really my bag, but decent on the ears.
Track Eleven - Another familiar track that reminds me of my days in New Brunswick when I lived in the sketchy motel. I like the guy, and although this is a little more pop than I usually go for, it's damned catchy and I like it.
Track Twelve - I'm glad you've gotten back on the soul route, great flute and vocals that are impressively high without being annoying.
Track Thirteen - Ending the whole thing off, another really enjoyable soul one that's got me moving again. I love the drums and the horns, just great stuff.

Overall, I think it's clear that while I prefer to do my compilations all along the same lines, you're more a fan of keeping your varied tastes all together. I really like most of the individual tracks on here, but I wouldn't necessarily be able to sit and listen to the whole CD in it's entirety all the time. But then, that wasn't the point of this little cultural exchange, was it? Overall, I'd give it a 7/10, but I have to bump it to 8 because it really was a sweet font that Adam supplied you with for the cover art. Well done, and a track list please!

Edit - I just realized that Punkass also upped his score for the font. Clearly Adam is doing well here and he wasn't even participating, impressive.

Also - Jem, don't worry, I get the Sharon, Lois & Bram reference. I saw the Elephant Show at Hamilton Place when I was like, 2. Good memories smile.gif
Skinamarinky dinky dink, skinamarinky doooo....
Heehee. I'm gaining points on fontage - hurrah!

A tracklist has been shipped.
Lookee, lookee, I finally reviewed Jem's CD! Punkass' is next, I promise.

Jem's Moosonee CD
The cover is pretty simple but I quite like it.

Track 1 - I love, love, love this song. I have listened to it literally hundreds of times and it is still beautiful. Simple acoustic guitar and voice but the riff is lovely and his voice sublime, as well as gorgeous lyrics. What a fantastic start.

Track 2 - Starts off quietly, kind of grungey rock sound to it with distorted vocals. It builds up to a much more standard rock number that I wasn't keen on at first, but actually grew on me after a few listenings. It's a decent rock/metal ballad and has some levels and nuances to it.

Track 3 - Starts off like it's going to be some Irish folk music, but then turns out to be some French/Canadian folk music. Really not my thing and somewhat incongruous after the rock number. A no from me on this one.

Track 4 - Starts off with a very funky bassline and turns into a nice funky track. Sounds a lot like an extremely famous band of the 1980s.

Track 5 - My notes for this just say 'What. The. Fuck?' And that pretty much sums up this song. Awful. Sorry. Out of tune, terrible lyrics, terrible music. Stuff doesn't usually get such a violent reaction from me but I really hated this song. Gah.

Track 6 - Luckily, the CD is quickly saved by a great track. I'm fairly sure I know the band, and this is a great, poppy, head-nodding number.

Track 7 - I think I know the band but I'm not keen on the song. It's a bit too I'm-so-alternative punk for me. Pretty repetitive as well. Not a favourite.

Track 8 - This song has its moments, but it doesn't totally grab me. It's another head-nodding kind of song, but the lyrics and the vocal treatment don't sound that great. It got a 'meh' on first (and subsequent) listens.

Track 9 - I quite like the opening of this song, it seems like it will build into a good ballad-esque song, but I'm not so keen on the chorus. It becomes a bit too rocky compared to the verses. The singer has a fantastic voice but during the chorus he changes it to a really typical grunge/metal singer's gravel which I don't think serves him or the song particularly. If the choruses were more like the verses in style it would be a big thumbs up - right now it's kind of up and down.

Track 10 - An instantly recognisable band - a funny song but its placing in the CD doesn't sit well with me - it's a big style and tone shift from the last few songs.

Track 11 - A quiet acoustic opening to this song that builds into a more rocky number. Not a big fan of the lyrics but the singer has a decent voice. The key changes start to grate on me after while - they do weird things with the progressions that almost work, but don't quite hit the mark for me. They seem to be trying to fit too many musical styles into one song and they should have been more selective.

Track 12 - Starts off very ambient and is a kind of slow ballad number. Hard to define it without putting wanky things like 'ethnic' or 'world music inspired', which I hate. I really like this track and I'm almost positive I know who it is. Has a lot of percussion and tuned percussion in it as well as computer-generated sounds. Lovely track.

Track 13 - One of my favourite bands of all time and one of their best songs. I have this version of it as well and it is just superb. Nice. smile.gif

Track 14 - A nice, chilled out acoustic track. However by this point I feel like the CD is dragging on a little and could have done with cutting out a few songs.

Track 15 - This song grew on me. It's funky, yet laid back, and has some nice brass arrangements on it.

Track 16 - heh. A classic song that always makes me chuckle.

Track 17 - Another classic song, albeit a more recent one. Great band, great song, but I definitely feel like the CD is too long now and doesn't need these songs (or could be reshuffled and some of the less-favourite ones dropped out).

Track 18 - the end! A really nice track to finish off with - quiet and acoustic, just like the CD came in. Another great singer with a great voice.

In summation - the CD was too long for me and suffered from some odd choices, not always necessarily the song itself but its place in the album. However there were some cracking choices in there as well which balanced out the not-so-great ones.

6 Widdycents.

Tracklist please! And I promise to dig out Julie's CD and make copies to send to Jem and Punkass. Promise promise.
Horrendously late, and after I've listened to this CD a gazillion times, is the review of:

Punkass Presents....If You Don't Like This CD, I will Quit the Forum!

Like the CD design - very international!

1. Fun, funky little punk/pop number. Wouldn't listen to it all the time, but enjoyable nonetheless. Reminds me of the music I used to be really into in the mid-90s - garage and grunge bands. A great upbeat yet rock-oriented start to the CD, which gives me a taste of things to come.
2. A tambourine intro to this fantastic track, which has echoes of 1960s California. Acoustic guitars and a simple structure, but it's a wonderful song. Very chilled out and great vocals. Love it - I definitely want to investigate this band/artist more.
3. I really love this song - really iconic. It's such a great, classic alternative rock track, no frills or pretentiousness, just great chord progressions and and great vocals. So far, this CD is shaping up to be cracking.
4. A big change in style, this is a reggae/ska influenced song with that distinctive beat. Fun song, again not completely my cup of tea but I enjoy a song that is different once in a while to shake my musical ears up a bit.
5. Slower alternative, guitar song - I quite like it but it's got nothing particular to make me fall in love with it. The first 'ok' song of the CD.
6. CLASSIC! The second track by this band to be on a Tape Loop CD, and both are the better for the inclusion. Such a great track.
7. Another classic song - you really can't go wrong with this tune. It took me a second to realise it's a cover as it is very similar to the original, but the singer's voice gave it away. I prefer to see bands doing a really original cover of a classic song, but at least they don't butcher it. I would rather have the original song than this cover, but this song still makes me happy. smile.gif
8. A chilled-out guitar riff kicks off this song, which alternates between anticipatory verses and all-out rock choruses. Again, it's the type of music I used to listen to a lot when I was about 15/16, and still holds a fond place in my musical heart even if I don't listen to it all the time. This track blends well with the rest of the CD as well, which so far has been consistent with a few 'flavour' tracks thrown in to spice it up.
9. Another track that spices up the mix and prevents it being all guitar rock. This has a cool synth effect at the start that makes me giggle. Nice and chilled out, and is a good contrast to the previous track.
10. And then comes my favourite track of the whole CD. As soon as it started, I did a 'squeee'! I. Love. This. Song. Guaranteed to put you in a good mood no matter what.
11. This sounds a bit like a Richard Marx ballad from the 80s/90s, but in a good way. I actually quite like the piano/guitar soft rock sound, it's not too cheesy and easy to listen to. The singer has a good voice, which helps.
12. Nice introduction of some hip-hop into the CD. This is definitely my style of hip-hop, pretty old skool and full of funky samples. Could it be DJ Shadow, I wonder? Either way, it's a funk-eh little short track and I likey.
13. Another ska-pop track, enjoyable but a little too light in tone for me. Not bad, but not particularly my thing.
14. This track makes me think of mid-90s shoegazing bands like Chapterhouse and My Bloody Valentine - a similar style of music but slower and a bit more chilled out. I quite like it, but again it's not totally my thing.
15. The last track of the mix is a great song. It has a distinctive guitar riff in it, very mellow and lovely chord progressions. It makes me think of Doves but I'm pretty sure it isn't them. As the CD started fast and loud, so it finishes quiet and slow.

Overall, I really loved this mix. It had enough variety to stop you getting bored without the styles clashing and jarring against each other. A large majority of the songs were ones I really liked, without any that I disliked in a major way. Nice work Punkass! A tracklist would be most appreciated.

8.5 Widdycents.
Thank you very much for the kind review. I am glad you enjoyed it, and I have sent you track listing. Let me know if you do not receive it, the forward portion was acting shady.
Sorry for interrupting, but I'd like to express my curiosity and interest in this exercise. How did it start? How long has it been going? How many times has the loop gone round? How do you join? What's the aim (broaden your own musical horizons, or educate others)? It looks like there's seperate loops for the UK and USA/Canada, are there any other countries involved? What kind of rules are involved?
I'm a giant ear, waiting for you to fill me up.

*EDIT* - All my questions have been answered. Well, obviously not all, but my Tape Loop curiousity is well tended to.
I broke it.
Yes you did, but having finally made copies of your CD, Punkass and Jem should be getting little parcels from me in the next day or so.
Sorry for the delay, I will post Jem's shortly after this one.

Julie's - Put the windows down, the radio up and Drive (Or, Toronto Radio playlists for a sunny Friday Afternoon).

Track 1 - Nice intro track for the comp. Nothing too fancy as far as guitar is concerned, but I quite like the mixture of of the male/female vocals, it really works well. Seems the tracks on this comp are going to be fitting with the title itself.

Track 2 - If this is the band I think it is, I had heard quite a bit about them, but never actually heard them until Guitar Hero. Very Euro-poppy style track. The vocals are pretty unique, and is quite fitting with the guitar riffs. I like the breakdown about 3/4 the way through, makes a nice build up back into the chorus. Nothing I would listen to all the time, but not all that bad either.

Track 3 - This track is keeping in line with the other songs styles as well. The vocals going to high octives seems to be a pretty popular thing among bands these days (not sure if this is a new band, just making the comment). The guy guy has a nice voice, but nothing stands out too much in this track.

Track 4 - Very cool mellow intro to this one that leads up to some rocking out. The vocals during the verse is unique, but not really my thing, but I do like the vocal styles in the chorus. Uh oh, he just told me to kiss his ass! Shame on you, Julie! Besides the iffy vocals in the verses, I really like this track.

Track 5 - Like I seem to keep saying, I like the intro to this one, very cool bass. I really like the girls vocal style. This track is very chill in the verses as well, then rocks out when it gets to the chorus. A bit angry-girl rock without the anger. Nice choice on this one.

Track 6 - I like the guitar intro to this one, not too fond of the vocals so much. Nothing really much to say about this one, just a generic new rock style song.

Track 7 - Another song I am not too fond of all that much. The vocals get to me on this one as well. I gave it several tries but I found myself fast forwarding through this one most of the time.

Track 8 - Very cool harmonizing through out this song. Sounds very much like the Black Crowes (which is a good thing). Probably the best song up to this point, nice vocals and guitars mixed in one. *thumbs up*

Track 9 - Back to the poppy rock song. Another unique voice, but I can handle this one. Nothing much stands out on this one as well, but it is not a band song. I would not go out of my way to listen to this band, but would not change it if I ever came across it.

Track 10 - This is not a bad track either. I can see a bunch of people at their concert and singing along with this one. Nice vocal style with a very catchy chorus. I would not mind looking into some other stuff by this group.

Track 11 - Awesome acoustic guitar intro to this one, whichs leads to some very powerful vocals. Excellent blues powered song. A very wanted change of style from the other tracks on this comp. I probably found myself listening to this one more than the other ones.

Track 12 - Kick ass song right here, I recognized this one right way. Glad to see some Canadian classic rock come out of nowhere. Not my favorite song by this group, but it still kicks ass regardless. The singer has a very unique, outstanding voice. It was a shame they broke up when the did, but the projects that came because of it were just as good.

Track 13 - It seems on this track we are having God damn quite a bit of stuff. Nothing really stands out too much on this one. It is a nice mix of vocals, quite and loud rock though. God did not damn this track.

Track 14 - The CD wraps up with another very nice sing-a-long type of song. It for sure makes you wish you were at the pub with a bunch of buddies and getting nice and toasty. Excellent choice for a the final track on this laid back and chilled out compilation.

All and all I did enjoy listening to most of the tunes here, but it did suffer from a bit of monotony. Seemed like there were two totally different different halves to this CD from start to finish. Regardless that it was not mixed up all that match it still introduced to me some nice new music. I give this a booming 7 out of 10. Nice work, Julie! A track listing would be appreciated.
Jem's - 'Moosonee'

Track 1 - This is not really my style of music but I found this song very catchy. Sounds like the guitar player just learned how to finger pick and was trying to utilize it. Not a bad song at all besides the "ohhhhh ohhh ohhhhh" at the very end. Good first track.

Track 2 - Second track starts off slow and leads up into a basic rock track. Nothing really stands out much about this one, just transitions between quite and loud through out the entire track.

Track 3 - A song in the ways of Flogging Molly and Gogol Bordello. A folky type of song with a punk rock twist to it. I do not mind this song all that much besides the really annoying chorus. I would imagine this to be a very fun and active group to see in concert.

Track 4 - I have always laughed at the intro to this song because it is so disco styled. Excellent band, but not exactly one of my top 10 songs by them. Still a good one regardless.

Track 5 - Another excellent group, but I do not know what the hell they were thinking when they recorded this one. Not a very good song at all.

Track 6 - Excellent band, nice song. Like Rach mentioned, and as Jem as already heard, this band was on my comp as well.

Track 7 - Another great band, ok song. Not a bad song mind you, but it is not one of their better songs in my opinion.

Track 8 - Yet another awesome band with a good song. Sadly enough I really got burned out on it because it was in Guitar Hero. I was lucky enough to get to catch these guys live back in the day before 2 of them passed.

Track 9 - Again with another awesome singer, not a very good song though. I like how it starts off quitely with a nice acoustic guitar. Vocals mix nicely with the music, then the "hard" part comes in which is not all that thrilling. His other stuff is much better.

Track 10 - I do not like this group all that much at all, and this long song does not help. I blame Benny and Joon for making them popular.

Track 11 - Starts off with soft spoken lyrics and and picks up a bit about a quarter of the way through. Not too bad of a song, the guy has a good voice and I like how it breaks down about 3/4 through it.

Track 12 - I really like this song quite a bit. Very chilled and relaxed song style with excellent vocals. This song was probably played the most out of all of them. I will for sure be looking into more stuff by this artist.

Track 13 - This is how finger picking is supposed to be. While the band is very popular (as they should be), I feel that he never got the credit he deserved as a talented guitar player. This is obviously live, I believe from their tour they did back in '98. This is the same version as on the DVD, check it out if you have not before.

Track 14 - Nice acoustic guitar with a slide guitar thrown in every once and a while. The vocals are quite nice, and the harmony on the chorus works well. The lyrics are not too bad, but it seems like they tried to rhyme too much (if that makes sense). Good track.

Track 15 - starts off as a funky tune with some wah-wah action going on. Very disco oriented song with horns and lyrics to match. An ok track, but I usually found myself skipping it, but at least it was something different.

Track 16 - Another classic kick ass song. 3 chord rock before Green Day stole the term. It always reminds me of Major League, but that was another groups version of the song.

Track 17 - Probably one of my favorite songs off of this album by the group. I remember picking up this album when I was in the 9th grade and being very influenced by them. Despite the basic guitar, they really are good at their instruments, they just do not show it off all that much. I can't believe how popular they got a couple of years ago all of the sudden.

Track 18 - A laid back acoustic track with nice vocals as well about traveling. Nothing much really stands out on this one, but that is not really a bad thing.

It seems Jem and I have pretty similiar taste in music. I tried not to let if sway my opinion in the end, but overall I give it a 8 out of 10. It did suffer from being very long though. Lots of excellent bands, not too thrilled by some of the song choices, but whatever. I was introduced to some new bands that I will be looking into. Nice CD, Jem.

I see that Jem lost the track listing, so after I reviewed the CD I went and looked up most of the lyrics so I knew what bands were what. I saw Rach wanted a copy so I forwarded it on to her as well.
my thoughts on:
drive by julie

track 1.
funny intro. it remainds me of something i would see in a bar. kinda feels like the trews. the whole niggght, nigght, nigght, thing at the end felt odd.

track 2.
my boyfriend loves this song. for a while it got alot of airplay on much dident it? it's good, danceable, but not my favorite. i like the pumping bump, bump, bump though. i discover new things about it every time i listen to it, like i just heard the part where it slows down and i never noticed it before.

track 3.
i like this song! reminds me of the stones, it's not them though? i like the vocals and the giutars and everything about it. i feel like i've heard the band before... who are they? are they clapping?

track 4.
dont dig this song.

track 5.
i like this song. i love the vocals. it reminds me of this french group, but it's not them. it get's in your head, this song.

track 6.
tee hee hee. i've seen them play live so many times. last time i saw them live was @ the virgin festival. they are awesome. this is one of thier best songs too. i really like surrender, too.

track 7.
wow, this is an older track. i remeber when i first heard this song i was 16-ish, i think. anyways i was very drunk, and was absoulutly convinced that the line was band of jizz. see how i bring down the forum? are they fro vancouver island or austrialia?

track 8.
nice cow bell. i really dont like this song.

track 9.
now this is good. is it one of those bands with like 12 members. i'm really starting to dig bands like that because they are soooo freaking funny.

track 10.
tee hee hee. this is a good song. it's like a mixture of track 1, 3, and 9. i like the lyrics. the remind me of my friend nguyen. i really like it.

track 11.
this is easily the best song on the disc.

track 12.
i really like this song. i havent heard it in such a long time. it's very good.

track 13.
i always have such a hard time reaching this song. i really like the vocals. is it crush luther? the vocalists sound so alike.

track 14.
me no likey. i like the vocals though.

the verdict: it was okay. there was alot of misses for me though.
QUOTE (jem @ Jun 10 2007, 02:48 PM)
track 13.
i always have such a hard time reaching this song. i really like the vocals. is it crush luther? the vocalists sound so alike.

The fact that you know who they are warms my heart! Are they getting any airplay out there?

To be honest, I have no idea what's on that disc. Widdy, have you still got the tracklist I sent you ages ago? If you do, could you send it back?

I truly am useless.
city girl got alot of airplay. not just on local radio, nationally on much music and much more music too. i really liked that song. is thier other stuff much like it or is it in the vien of the track that was on the disc (if you can remeber what track was on the disc)?
QUOTE (jem @ Jun 11 2007, 12:07 PM)
city girl got alot of airplay. not just on local radio, nationally on much music and much more music too. i really liked that song. is thier other stuff much like it or is it in the vien of the track that was on the disc (if you can remeber what track was on the disc)?

I'm pretty sure the one on the disc was Goddamn Life which isn't even on their new album. It was my favourite at the time, but it grates on me now. City Girl is a lot like the rest of their stuff. You should check out their myspace here.
This is not having a go at anyone at all, I just think it is really funny. The first mail out date was May 19th 2006, here we are at June 11th 2007 and we are still not done yet. smile.gif
QUOTE (Punkass @ Jun 11 2007, 03:35 PM)
This is not having a go at anyone at all, I just think it is really funny.  The first mail out date was May 19th 2006, here we are at June 11th 2007 and we are still not done yet.    smile.gif

I'm awesome.
It is just as much me as anyone else. Hell, it took me a month and a half just to review your CD.
QUOTE (Julie @ Jun 11 2007, 02:17 PM)
I'm awesome.

damn striaght you are! wooo hooo! *runs naked thru the forum*

it took me a really long time to review your disc so dont worry.
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