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Hello Bill. I first saw you in Blue/Orange, but which do you prefer acting in - theatre, film or television, and why?

All of them. I just try and follow the good material. I started in the theatre. Itís the hardest, scariest and can be great. But so can film.


Hello Bill,

What would you say was the most enjoyable role to play in the films you have done?

ĎThe Girl In The Cafťí was something close to my heart.


Hello, can you speak any foreign languages to any degree of fluency?

No I canít. ďAvez vous un franc pour moi? Jíai tres faim,Ē and thatís it.

ipse dixit

Hello, Mr Nighy, sir.
Of the many of auditions you must have had, particularly when starting out, are there any parts that you're now glad that you didn't get? And, of course, why?

Iím glad I didnít get some of the big life changing ones early on because it might not have been good for me. By life changing I suppose I mean money


I have this script here...


What do you look for when you're considering whether to take (or indeed, audition for) a role?

Ta Muchly,


A good script and an uncuttable part


Hello Bill,

We've seen you in both comedy and serious drama over the years, but which is your favourite to play?

Well both are or can be rewarding, but there is something Ďbout getting a laugh.



I also saw you in Blue/Orange - why didn't they keep the original, and rather superb, cast for the TV version, or were you all busy doing other stuff?

Yes. We had other things and we were concerned to preserve the beauty of the memory.


Would you like there to be a series three or one off round up of Spaced? And if so would you be interested in appearing in it?

I would always be keen to work with Simon, Nick, Jessica and Edgar

Also if I can: Wasp on a babies face, what do you do?

Pinch it off in one clean squeeze?

purple prole


If you were offered the role of Doctor Who would you consider it?


Yes, like any other


Good day, Mr Nighy, how the devil are you?

I really canít complain

Um, that wasn't my question... that would be this:

Bill (can I call you Bill?), have there been any particular film/TV/theatre roles that you didn't get but would have especially liked to, and why?

Thank you, kind sir!

Iíd like to just appear in the background of ĎPunch Drunk Loveí or ĎBowfingerí.


Hello Mr. Nighy,

What is your favourite/most fond memory?


Dancing with my daughter at her eighteenth birthday party.

feck off! ?

Hello Bill,

What CD are you currently listening to the most?

Who is your all time favourite artist/group?


Bob Dylan. ĎBlood On The Tracksí


Iíve heard you are an enormous (not physically) Rolling Stones fan, were you excited about the , unfortunately unfounded, rumours of Keith playing Jack Sparrowís dad in the PotC sequels?

Not unfounded. He will be appearing in movie 3. Newspapers got the wrong end of the stick. I am a huge fan. Itís an honour to be in the same movie as him.


Hello Bill.

What is your favourite film,

Punch Drunk Love.


Paradeís End

TV show,

Championís League Football


Sir Michael Gambon/Christopher Walken

and Jason Statham movie?

Not familiar with them, sorry




Hello lovely Mr Bill, sir.

I just read that you're appearing in Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3, congratulations! How did filming for them go? And what's better: Pirate or zombie?

Best of luck with all your up-and-coming projects,

Lou -x-x-x-

They both have their elements. Filming went well, though tough wearing daft computer trousers. Johnny and the gang are very cool and funny.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

Following up on purple prole's question were you surprised to hear you were the new Doctor, when the Daily Mail made their announcement?

No, because I didnít know they had, but am now !!

Kick in the Head

Mr. Nighy, a question or two:

You have become increasingly ubiquitous in recent years, popping up in everything from Underworld to The Magic Roundabout, from Guest House Paradiso to The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - is being in such demand exhausting work, and what do you do to unwind and relax when you have the chance?

Looking forward to the Pirates of the Carribean sequels too!

You pace yourself and take a bit at a time. I put the i-Pod on Dylan shuffle, put the kettle on for tea and pick up my book.


Hello Mr Nighy,

I read in a newspaper that you were a Mod when you were younger. Is this true? If so, did you enjoy your Mod years?

Good luck with everything you do.

Jade x-x-x

I was not a scooter Mod Ďcos I didnít have one. I liked and aspired to be a ĎTop Modí which involved a certain sharpness of the trouser and the complete works of Atlantic Records, Tamla Motown and Stax Records. And of course the (mighty) Who and Small Faces and, in my case, The Stones. And not saying much in front of girls.

Jumpin Jack Flash

Hello Mr. Nighy.

Was it better to be a vampire in underworld or a zombie in Shaun?

Tough question. Not really. Vampire six hours in make-up. Zombie, half an hour. Both make me obscurely proud


Hello Mr Nighy.

Which as yet unadapted novel would you like to see adapted for film or television, and would you like a role?

Paradeís End (Ford Madox Ford), London Fields (Martin Amis), Peerless Flats (Esther Freud). Iíll play the barman.


Hi Mr Nighy, sir! We very much appreciate you taking the time to answer our many and inane questions.

Michael Caine claims he's never turned down a part because it's his job to be an actor and even the bad films he has done paid off his mortgage. Have you ever taken a role simply because it was offered and the money was good? Or do you always base your choices on artistic merits?

Thanks very much,
An impoverished actor called Rachel.

In the times when money has been short, if you have family, you have to do some perhaps regrettable things. Never take your clothes off Rachel. Iíve done my fair share of tosh, but Iíve also turned down money when skint in the name of trying not to be a nuisance. Itís difficult. Sometimes you have to take it. Good luck.


Hello Mr. Nighy.

In recent years you have appeared in several films, such as Underworld, Shaun of the Dead and the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel(s), which seem to have made young people more aware of you as an actor, has this affected your life much or don't you pay much heed to such things?

It has made me more castable, and I donít have to audition much anymore, which makes me happy Ďcos auditioning is so scary. I now own many pairs of intact socks. I pay mighty heed to the unlikelyness of my situation and remain stupidly grateful.

Mrs Bisley

Hi Mr. Nighy!!

What was it like working with both Simon Pegg and Kate Ashfield again after almost 5 years? And did you actually remember them from the first time you worked with them?

Thanks and good luck with Pirates of the Carribean. Can't wait!!


Tíwas dreamy, and yes, I remembered! I adore both of them (well Kate more than Simon obviously) and they are funny, gifted, decent sweethearts.


Greetings Bill!

Apparently when you were 17 you ran away from home, to Paris, with the intention of writing a book. Did you ever get round to writing any of it? Is writing something you'd still like to do in the future?

Llama x

I didnít write anything and have managed to not do it all my life. I would like to, but fear itís too late.


Sir Bill of Nighy (I am aware that this is not your title, but I somewhat like the sound of it anyway),

Which famous person/people have you been told you looked/look like most in your lifetime? If no-one, who would you like to look like and why?


Iíve been told I look like Michael Heseltine and Spike Milligan. I would like to look Sorry. Boring.


Hello Bill.

Who do you most admire and why?

The parents of sick children who persevere.

Thankyou all for your questions, and thankyou Bill for taking the time to answer them.
Oh, bumcakes - I knew I forgot to do something. (i.e. submit a question.)

Great work, tho, all, and great answers. Particularly his wise and somewhat fatherly advice for our Widdy Tam. biggrin.gif
I've got a new signature.
QUOTE (widowspider @ Aug 30 2006, 09:32 PM)
I've got a new signature.

He got a genuine lol out of me with that gem. smile.gif
purple prole
What a cool bloke. I want to be like him when I grow up.
QUOTE (widowspider @ Aug 30 2006, 09:32 PM)
I've got a new signature.

Excellent stuff.

I found the image of Mr Nighy wearing 'daft computer trousers' particularly amusing. biggrin.gif
That was quite quick. Good answers from Mr Nighy there. smile.gif

QUOTE (Bill Nighy)
Never take your clothes off Rachel.†
* will you wash?
Many thanks to Sostie for organising this! cool.gif
I made him scream. Cool.

Good work Sostie.
I think I saw him at lunch time. But wasn't 100% sure from where I was.
What a nice guy. happy.gif
QUOTE (Bill Nighy @ Aug 30 2006, 08:17 PM)
Pinch it off in one clean squeeze?


What does that mean????

I think it means to pluck it off, as it were. Pick up the wasp by the abdomen twixt (love that word) forefinger and thumb, then pick it off.

Good answers to some good questions, there.
Mrs Bisley
That was ace. What a lovely man.

Thanks, Sostie! biggrin.gif
I'm so jazzed that he answered my question biggrin.gif
He's such a cool guy. smile.gif
That Mr Nighy's a cool guy. cool.gif

I watched Love Actually a few months ago, & it reminded me of how funny he can be.
He just steals the show in that movie. biggrin.gif

Wish I'd asked him a question now....... rolleyes.gif

(Sleeping Pirate, I'm so happy to see your pic is of the hilarious Aussie comedy
musical trio, Tripod!) happy.gif

Feel the love.
QUOTE (dolfyn @ Sep 6 2006, 06:40 AM)
(Sleeping Pirate, I'm so happy to see your pic is of the hilarious Aussie comedy
musical trio, Tripod!)  happy.gif

Thank you very much smile.gif I wish they'd come to the UK!
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