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Full Version: My 3d Work, The Spaced Flat
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Hey guys, I'm in college at the moment taking 3d animation, and have decided to model the flat (the kitchen/lounge, daisy's and tim's room)

Here's some of the screens

obviously there's a lot missing and I'm just blocking out the dimensions so far,
any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I'll keep it updated.
Looks pretty accurate. Maybe you can collaborate with our good Llama, who was making the flat in actual 3D.
Yes. biggrin.gif
Looks great! The dimensions seem pretty accurate to me - good work! And welcome to the boards - feel free to say hello in the New Members Thread. smile.gif
just watching the first ep of series two, here's the stuff that I HAVE to model

in no particular order

-Various Bottles of wine
-Tv, Playstation (with either the video from the end of tony hawks, or resi-evil2 playing on it)
-Beanbag, two sofas
-Table and Chairs
-the zombies poster (dawn of the dead?)
-Lara Croft pictures X 2 (plus random "holiday" photo in bottom right corner)
-blue vase with orange flowers
-all the various lamps
-Pans on wall, namely the red one, and the wok
-Evil dead 2 poster
-Bear maximum cover/artwork on the walls
-Coat rack
-Bag on the cupboard door
-the two swords, (1 sword, 1 bat...leth? thing)
-Calender with the taj mahal on
-"hal" fridge
-book/dvd/video shelves.
-maybe private iron smile.gif

Tims room,

-buffy poster
-bedside table
-art board + equipment, Sketchbook

Daisies room,

-christmas lights,
-can of wd40, lipstick (rude red)
-dressing table
-poss. crazy naked chick with no nipples
Looking good indeed, Might just be me but the Window in the lounge seems bigger somehow.

Spot on, can't wait to see it once it's all been textured and shaded - you could even put it on Google Earth! (Which is free for the next 2 weeks by the way!)

Looking at it now though, where is the bathroom...I mean we know which door it is, but we also know that you turn left and go straight up the stairs to get to Marshas.

Nice work indeed!, there's a Sims Brian kicking about somewhere if you want to add people smile.gif


EDIT: RAther than double post I'll add this on.

Check out Renderocity and Animotion for some of the models. I've certainly seen Playstations and typewriters there, might save you have a days work.
I've got 2 weeks to finish this project, (it's an evening course) so I'll be limiting this to just what you see, I want it to be fairly detailed,

The dimensions are "fairly" accurate, I had to guess at where the ceiling would be in a house of this type, and tim and daisy's rooms are more speculation than anything, looking at the outside of the house and the windows in daisy's room, tim's room would be tiny.

The windows in the lounge/kitchen are most probably wrong, I can change them whenever though, there will be curtains/netting up to obscure them too.

later I'd like to clean up the mesh a bit, and make a whole house ( and some nice player models ), but I'll see how this goes,
Looking a lot more impressive than my efforts, I must say. Nice one!

If you look here down the page a little, there's a blueprint I sketched out of the flat which is almost exactly the same as you've modelled.

I made a few changes to that and I now think the big window (the one that Tim jumps out of) is indented in that wall. On the blueprint as it was there, I've got the wall sticking out on the side by the TV, but not on the other side of the window.... If you see what I mean. I'll do a quick doodle on Paint.

Kinda like this:

Hopefully that's helpful rather than just incoherent babbling.

QUOTE (ramj @ Nov 13 2006, 05:01 PM)
-the zombies poster (dawn of the dead?)

It is a 'Dawn' poster, but I've yet to find a picture online of the exact one they have there... so if you find it, please let me know!
yeah, I think it is,

I've taken so many reference captures,you'd think I would have caught that
haven't looked much, but I've only found a vaguely similar poster at low res,

I may have to recreate it slightly using photoshop/illustrator
Yeah, I'd say recreating it yourself is probably your best bet. I spent ages looking for a picture of that poster and just couldn't find it.
If I make one I'll post it up here if it's good enough, (too many ifs there wasn't there)

I'm having more trouble with the lara croft pics, the stuff that comes up if you search for them on a search engine is just wrong,
That'd be excellent, ta!

laugh.gif I'm not sure what to do about your Lara problem... But I've got a low res. copy of the Evil Dead II poster if you need that.

I took two pictures off the net for the poster (a really low res colourful one, and a slightly higher res one, with a crease in) and combined them.
Oooh, looks good!
Welcome ramj, that's some pretty impressive stuff there. Well done smile.gif

This took about 5 minutes to render on my laptop, so I'm leaving it out of the scene for the moment.

QUOTE (ramj @ Nov 17 2006, 05:37 PM)


I think there's a bit more space in between the sink and the oven - from what I've done it's like another unit, about the same width as the oven.
Excellent stuff, really good.

So are we gonna get an update? I was just looking through the archived threads and found this and would LOVE to see what else you have in store!
the modeling is dope on that, i cant wait to see the finished product
This is great!
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