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Full Version: Hot Fuzz website
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Has anyone been able to get onto the

Hot Fuzz website

website, or has it just gone down?
Kick in the Head
It's now moved to - they sent an email round to those who have already 'joined the Fuzz' via the website to inform about the change, but I didn't realise the previous address was now no longer in use.
Oop. Just replied about this in the other thread... Ah well.
Kick in the Head
And now the website has had a swish redesign!

With a proper look at the characters, a promise of a live webchat next month and more sections to come. Brilliant!
Is it me, or does Woodward look a little like Lord Attenborough with that beard?

Heeeee! - teh Deakin. biggrin.gif
The site is looking much better and all. I like very muchly.

But it is not helping with the waiting. Hehe. biggrin.gif

I really like the police station. And the quotes we can call official.
Thanks for that, I'd only seen the working title site.

Oh, and hello Spaced out forum!
Flashly, but terribly designed. Still some interesting cast stuff on there.
captain carrot cake
Just thought I'd let you know I've noticed there's another set of question in the Pub Quiz on the site!
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