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Full Version: 2 questions for spaced fans.
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US Spaced Fan
Hi there. This is my 1st post. I have become a spaced fan after seeing Shaun of the Dead. I went out and found a boot of the 1st season of Spaced and loved the show. I am planning a trip to London in Fe, (im from Florida US) and I have two questions for Spaced fans. 1) How many seasons of Spaced are there and how many are on dvd? I plan on buying the show when I hit the uk and I wanna make sure I get the best dvd with as much as I can. 2) does anyone know where say the flat they live in is at? I would love to take my picture infront of the building. I don't really know anything about london. I just know my hotel on Edgware Road by Hyde Park. I just got my tickets today so I really know nothing. Thankx in advance. biggrin.gif
I can answer your first question:

There are two seasons and both on dvd (I know, only two!) And there won't be a third no matter how much you wish for it. They can be bought as individual dvd's or they come in a box set which incidently is better because it comes with an extra dvd with loads of cool stuff, extra scenes, documentary/making of.

As for the flat, I'm sure someone can fill you in. But remember, that the house is a private residence, so be warned if you get funny looks.
QUOTE (shinyelvenqueen @ Jan 9 2007, 08:43 AM)
As for the flat, I'm sure someone can fill you in. But remember, that the house is a private residence . . .

And for that reason if it's address is posted here it will be removed.

Have a good time in London however! smile.gif
Don't they say where it is on the commentary anyway?
Yes it is in the commentary, you just have to make sure you spell the road right wink.gif
Isn't it the street where the Corrib Rest is that causes confusion?
US Spaced Fan
Thankx for all the info. Its all great help. Someone filled me in on the house. If I get the chance to see it which I hope I do, I will be sure to not tresspass or anything. I plan on tring to see the Shaun of the Dead stuff too. I just hope I find them. Thankx again for all the help!!!
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