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Full Version: "Let's give Krull a try"
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Krull, considered by one Bilbo Bagshot to be inferior to Hawk the Slayer is gonna be on Channel 5 this Saturday 19th October 5.15 pm.  Now is your chance to decide for yourself.

Doc V, who found this little gem out for you all, provides this little summary:

Made in 1983, and if memory serves correct, originally presented in 3-D, it tells the story of bearded Prince Colwyn whose bride-to-be gets nicked halfway through the wedding by the forces of The Beast (a humungous monster who lives in a teleporting fortress).  So guided by a crusty old wise geezer and the requiste band of oddball companions, Colwyn sets off to lay his hands on the only weapon that can kill The Beast, find the next location of the Black Fortress, and get his bird back.

In my opinion, far superior to Hawk the Slayer, with decent effects for the time, some stirring scenes, a cyclops, and one of my favourite movie weapons, The Glave (a sort of five pointed boomerang razor).

And if that ain't enough to tempt you, it also features early appearances of Robbie (Hagrid from Harry Potter, Fitz from Cracker) Coltrane and Todd (Mark from Eastenders, Tucker from Grange Hill) Carty.

Oh, and some bloke called Liam Neeson.
Also available on DVD

and still a terrible film....
Jim Van Bebber's Ego
Each to his own, Chesticles. Having said that, I'm in a good mood, so I won't hit you (this time)

I won't be watching it...because I have the DVD of it. And I certainly don't want to see the film in pan-and-scan! I want it in widescreen (2.35:1 to be precise)
You'll have to forgive me earlier JV, I was still in my foul mood. But the clouds have parted, and my memory of the movie just isn't quite so harsh
Jim Van Bebber's Ego
Well I'm glad you're feeling better, Chesticles. Have some booze...
oh believe me... I will! smile.gif
Doctor V
Well I don't know about you folks, but I personally will be settling down next to a roaring fire with a chilled bottle of Coke and heavily salted snack treats come 5.15.
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