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On the Empire website theres a section called 'how well do you know....', where you answer twenty questions on a certain movie and try to get them all right. With the realease of Hot Fuzz a Shaun quiz has been unleased, although you have to answer pretty quick to make it in to the table. Mind you, I did make number five smile.gif

Anyways, if you find yourself with some spare time, why not give it a go!
I can't find it on the website, do you have a link?
Hey, yeah sorry, don't know why I didn't do that in the first place. Here it is!
I obtained the rank of LIZ.

Not very good.
QUOTE (T-103 @ Mar 20 2007, 02:50 AM)
I obtained the rank of LIZ.

Not very good.

Yep, I got LIZ too. 10 minutes and about 10 tries later, I got SHAUN - 20/20
I didn't do very well at all.

I did, however, rock hard in the Spinal Tap one.
Tried again...

Still suck.

I blame the time limit...
Ahhh. I panic majorly with time limits to ANYTHING. It's silly really. huh.gif

I got David...

er, I take it that's bad. laugh.gif
Oooh! I got 18 out of 20, with the ranking of Ed! cool.gif Not bad, hey? happy.gif

I might play again to see if I can get full score....

Feel the love.
Mrs Watt
I got Liz, which is strange cause I done another SOTD quiz and I go her!
Shaun has a second name? What is it?
QUOTE (Nomonis @ Apr 20 2007, 03:58 PM)
Shaun has a second name? What is it?

Shaun 'Smiley' Riley, I believe.
I have to f'ing register? Bleh.

Oh, okay, fine...

11/20. Better than 50%, which is at least a majority.

Granted, I got a 19/20 on "This is Spinal Tap," and a 20/20 on "The Big Lebowski" quiz... I still can't fathom how the top score on the latter can be 20/20 in only 6 seconds.
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