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Full Version: Duke of Albany/Winchester Bar
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Hello, me again. After finding exactly what I needed (thanks again mydogatela) I must ask for help again on my on-going project. The Duke of Albany Public House (Duke of Albany Public House, 39 Monson Road, New Cross, London, England, United Kingdom) otherwise known as the Winchester Tavern, was the location for external shots of the bar. However, shots filmed from inside the Winchester were not from the Duke of Albany Pub, but instead filmed in a studio. So now I ask, if it is possible at all, for photographs of the inside of "The Winchester". In the movie, there are a fair few scenes of motion where I can get an ok glimpse of how some things look, such as the pan-around of the gang beating on John (the bar-man, who I believe is played by Steve Emerson) but other than that, I don't have much. What I'm really asking for I guess is if anyone has some sort of production photos of the set insides the pub, so I can set up exactly what everything looks like. rolleyes.gif The basement would also be an added bonus, but I know I'm asking for much here, so if anyone could help me out the slightest bit with reference photos it would be fantastic. biggrin.gif Once again thanks! smile.gif Anything would help! wink.gif
About 15 years ago or so. My sister worked with a bunch of other girls on the ground floor of her office. On some occasions, and without warning a young man would bound into the office trying to impress the ladies, with stories of how he was top stuntman and would try to impress them with his skills. This vaguely interesting story became a bit more relative to this forum, when after lending my sister Shaun of the dead, she returns it a week later, with her story and the fact that barman John, who got mashed with pool cues by the leading cast members, was her stuntman, back in Beckenham.

Fact or fiction. I have no idea. I hope it is true. smile.gif
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