A user posted the following on a scriptwriting forum where my friend Ben is a member. Ben emailed the user to ask where it was from, but the address turned out to be unused and apart from that single post, said user didnít post in the forum again. So Ben sent this to me and a few of our comedy geek AIM buddies to ask if weíd seen it anywhere before or knew anything about it, and I have no idea whatsoever. So Iím posting it here. Obviously. tongue.gif

Itís what appears to be a scan of a magazine article that speaks of some weird Morris career things that arenít mentioned anywhere, by anyone, and some unusual quotes. Some of it seems kind of jokey, but I donít know if itís what Chris Morris and Stewart Lee have said that makes it that way, or if itís intentional or what.

Mainly, I want to know where itís from. So pleeeeease let me know if youíve seen it anywhere.