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I love my iPod. and my Shuffle. In fact, I would marry it.

Its just let down by iTunes. It has its good points, like bucket loads of new music, podcasts, vids. But bad points too, like not updating my iPod and crashing many times. And the website does go down quite alot. Maybe it's just me..

My latest grievance is not being able to find Charlotte Hatherley's Grey Will Fade. Is this some copyright downfall and the fascists won't put it on there??


I don't have an iPod, so I don't use iTunes for organising personal stereo bits and bobs, or for downloading stuff to be honest, never have. But it's a handy tool ripping CDS, creating playlists and such, and finding songs quickly in a library of 17,000+

My main gripe with it though, is that it skips like buggery which pisses me off no end when I want to enjoy listening to my music. Hence why it lost out to WinAmp, which doesn't skip at all. WinAmp also has a cool "play similar tracks to ****" filter feature which is pretty good.

iTunes. iMeh.
Apart from the occasional problems caused by my old laptop being absolutely shit, I've not had many problems with iTunes. I mainly put this down to not having updated it in years; the one time I did update it fucked things up royally so I've resisted any updates since. It generally works pretty well for me.
Yeah, that's pretty much how it went a bit crap for me too. But I've continued updating it in the hope that the updates it will eventually rectify the crappy skipping issues - it has yet to play ball on that score.
The only reasons I ever use iTunes are to update my iPod (a battered, old, fourth-generation, pre-photo model, with a cracked LCD) and, once in a while, to bask in the glow of some of the best darned visualisations available today.

For CD ripping, I'm still using the same old version of CDex I've had installed since, oh, 2001 or something.
I use mine to sync my ipod with my library which it does ok, I dont buy from Itunes cause its ridiculously expensive compared to the rest of the world, fucking liberty really. Ive just checked out Play seeing as theyre now offering downloads that will work with ipods.

I used to use winamp for years, till I got the ipod and installed itunes, does Winamp support ipods then?
Yeah, no way am I paying $0.99 per song when, A: I can often get the whole darn album for $3 plus shipping and just rip it myself, and B: Once you pass five minutes of song length, you're out of $0.99 territory and have to buy the whole album anyway.
I might have to use another docking port. But I eventually got mine to update later yesterday.

So what is the best? winamp? I used to have limewire. Does that do iPod sync?
I only really use WinAmp as an mp3 player, or burning the occasional CD compilation for myself.

I don't have an iPod, but according to the official site, WinAmp works with iPods and other devices - check it out!
I just use Windows Media Player. Easy.
I hate Windows Media Player. Irrational maybe, but I hates it.
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