Spaced Out - the official Spaced website - is excited to announce its new partnership with Warner Bros, the producers of the upcoming US adaptation of Spaced.

Warner Bros have generously agreed to sponsor the site, enabling us to increase our bandwidth (for the increased traffic the new show is expected to generate), whilst at the same time giving us the chance to make some much-needed improvements new forum boards are on the way!

The website itself will be getting a complete overhaul with sections for the old 'classic' Spaced content, and brand new areas for the new series, with a video blog and all the usual downloadable wallpapers, buddy icons sound bites that entails.

At the same time, we are being granted special access to the creators and cast of the new show, and we will also be given access to exclusive content that will only be made available through this site. Coupled with this, we will also be running some exciting competitions with some truly great prizes - one lucky member (with a plus one) will actually get the chance to visit the set and meet the new cast and crew!

There will be more on this later today, when we will be posting the first in an exclusive series of reports from show runner McG!


Sadly, for contractual reasons, we will have to loose some non-Warner content from the site, especially on the forum boards where the 'Spaced: Above and Beyond' forum will be moved to the archives, and the existing 'Spaced' thread will be renamed 'Spaced Classic'.