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Full Version: Gorgo
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Kick in the Head
Apparently, Edgar Wright has announced his intentions to remake Gorgo, the 1961 British giant monster movie in which a Godzilla-esque beastie attacks London, complete with man in rubber suit. Details here. Whether or not this is 'The World's End' project or if it will come to pass at all remains to be seen, but stick this under 'interesting rumour' for now until there's some solid confirmation.
^ I doubt it. The World's End is intended to be the 3rd in the Cornetto trilogy, all of which are original works containing homages, not full remakes. smile.gif

Avery over at RoboJapan wonders if this was the ‘giant lizard’ that Simon Pegg was referring to when news about the third collaboration between Edgar and himself, titled The World’s End, broke out not too long ago.

I'm pretty sure it was a joke. happy.gif

But I like the idea of Edgar doing a remake like that at some stage. cool.gif

Feel the love.
Aye, not true, I'm afraid!
Kick in the Head
Yup, it was a long shot, but hey, I'm a sucker for giant rubber lizards!
^ Hey, who isn't? wink.gif

Feel the love.
the worlds end wont be done for a couple years then eh? like 2010 ish?
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