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Full Version: Jessica Hynes' Stand Up! Her First Ever!
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Wednesday 18 June 2008. 7pm
Madame Jo Jo's 8-10 Brewer Street London W1F 0SE

Jessica Hynes will be performing in "Stand Up Get Down" in what she calls her "kind of" first ever stand-up performance.

Also on the bill are Michael "Tyres" Smiley and Alex Zane, with music from DJ Format.

The show is a fund raiser for the NCH children's charity (

More details and ticket information can be found at
That sounds like an awesome night. I fupping love DJ Format.

Break a leg Jess!
I'm might be doing this wrong, I'm a forum virgin. I work for a children's charity called NCH. Jess is one of our celebrity supporters and a very good one too. she won us lots of money on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and has spent time working with some of the young people support who were putting on a play.

Anyhoo - I'll get to the point. She is working with us on a comedy night a Madam JoJo's in soho next week (Wednesday 18th June). Michael Smiley will be there and loads of her other comedy chums. Jess is doing some stand up and djing later on.

I just thought you guys might be interested. If you'd like more info, check here If the boys in charge want the full press release they can just email me.

Tickets for the whole night are selling out fast but you can always turn up on the night from 10pm - it's just 8 to get in for the music.

Chapman Baxter
Thanks for the extra info, Sophie. I'm moving this into our existing thread.
QUOTE (Chapman Baxter @ Jun 11 2008, 04:47 PM)
Thanks for the extra info, Sophie. I'm moving this into our existing thread.

Thank you very much! I did think you would probably know about it already but I thought it would be rude not to make sure.

Hopefully see some of you there.
Jon 79
I'd love to go to this but I'm having a small operation on my leg on wednesday.

Next time Jess gigs... I'm there.
This sounds great. Wish I wasn't so skint and far away!
Evening Standard review of the evening
Miss Shazam
That sounds great. This is one of those times I wish I had money.

Good Luck Jess!

AMY XXX biggrin.gif
Jon 79
Longer review on
I went last night, and I must say I had a brillant time. biggrin.gif

Highlights were Stephen Merchant, Rich Fulcher, Michael Smiley, Piff the magic dragon and Josie Long for me. Jessica I thought was really funny, and seeing her throw some moves on the dancefloor with Rich Fulcher was sheer brilliance.

I don't think those reviews justify the fact that the atmosphere in there was fantastic, even if some lesser known comedians didn't engage the audience as much.

Kudos to Jess for organising such a great night out for a great cause.
Josie was headlining? Good on her.
QUOTE (feckless_dykey_prostitute @ Jun 19 2008, 10:42 AM)
seeing her throw some moves on the dancefloor with Rich Fulcher was sheer brilliance.

Jeal. Ous. biggrin.gif

p.s. JAAAAAAAAADE! How are you, kitten?!
Glad you got to see it and enjoyed it Jade! Thanks for telling us about it. smile.gif
Found some photos on this site:

Angel & North
QUOTE (Jon 79 @ Jun 19 2008, 04:05 PM)

Jeez. Does that guy even like comedy? What a miserable git. Goes to show that his favourite part was Simon Amstell hating eveything. Even I feel miserable after reading that.
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