Simon has posted a small dose of Spaced on the Peggster Blogs. It's well worth heading over for.
Simon writes:
During the whole US pilot debacle, when everything got rather serious and unpleasant, I had an idea to respond to the McSpaced situation in a slightly more light hearted but nevertheless pointed fashion. The idea was to get everyone together and make a Spaced short on DV to be posted virally on the net. A little joke to encapsulate how we felt.

Now that the US pilot has been shelved and the feeling of sickly unease has abated, there isn't much point in following through with the idea. However, I thought you might like to see a rough script anyway. This can't really be considered an official Spaced spin off; it's a first draft and never reached a collaborative stage with Jess and Edgar. Just think of it as a work in progress.