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Full Version: My Spaced Invasion NYC picture story *lots of pics
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This is a bit picture intensive so I thought I'd create a new thread..

July 21st


Road trip! Bags packed, in the car, and ready for the Garmin to lead Meg and I to the promise land 200 miles away.


W00t! We made it! Thankfully, we didn't hit any traffic.

Now to drop off the car at the parking facility near the hotel and walk over to the cinema.. which is also near the hotel! biggrin.gif


Here we are.

Although we're over 7 hours early (screening is at 7pm), we are not the first ones in line. One person is waiting before us. His name is Joe and he's a cartoonist. He's never seen Spaced before and is holding a place in line for his sister! What a guy! Very friendly too.


More folks start to show up. We immediately all start to bond. Peace, love, and Spaced.

The time line starts to blur at this point as we're all just chatting away and enjoying ourselves, aside from the 90+ degree heat and nasty humidity. Joe's sister shows up but soon they have to leave. I wasn't sure why, but we hope they can make it back before the screening.

At some point during the afternoon.. more people show, a cinema employee brings out a bit of rope for the line.

Oh yeah! Now it's official.. and guess what?

First in line! W00t again!

I take a few more pics while we wait..

The line starts to grow around the corner

So how's this for peace, love, and Spaced.. a couple of our new Spaced friends go and buy all the early arrivals a pizza and water! I can't begin to express how cool that was. Everyone was cool. Warm fuzzies all around! biggrin.gif

The line grows some more. Actually, at this point the line is so long it's probably close to the end of the block.

It's roughly 6:30ish when Joe comes back and tells us his sister will be arriving soon. We insist they stay in our part of the line. When Joe's sister shows up, she brings us cupcakes. So totally awesome.
Is it 7pm yet? No, but that's okay because all the waiting in this exhausting heat has come to an end!!

Simon is almost like a cartoon. He's so animated and full of energy! He looks like he's as excited to be here as we are! He starts to greet people and pose with fans for pictures immediately. He then proceeds to make his way down the entire line of fans.

Jessica appears to be a bit flustered at first but she then starts to follow Simon down the line. She's just as pretty off camera!

Edgar stays for a couple pics with VIP outside then makes a b-line for the cinema entrance. Sneaky bastard! Maybe he's a bit shy. I manage to say hi and he says hello.

I get a photo with Simon..

..and Meg gets her's with Jessica (and some of our new friends laugh.gif )

So as we wait for Simon and Jessica to greet the rest of the fans, Meg notices someone who pulls up in a taxi. She proceeds to shout "move, bitch!" to one of our new friends who stands in her path. She then pushes her out of the way to get a picture with this guy.. (it really wasn't as brutal as it sounds)

Paul Rudd!

Although he was nice enough to have his photo taken with some of us, he didn't pay his taxi fare. I think he may have just forgotten.

After that, our group has a good laugh giving our best Meg "Move, bitch!" reenactment.

At this point the atmosphere is just surreal. It's amazing and we are so glad to have waited all this time. Unfortunately I believe the coordinators had to cut the line at some point because there were too many people.

So now we're inside the cinema with great seats. The screen is dead center and at eye level.

A few pics before they play the episodes..


Unfortunately, I felt that the moderator dominated the Q&A with his own questions and they weren't that great to be honest. His first question was about the stunts. Seriously? The stunts?

Edgar, Jessica, and Simon, however, were great of course. Giving any question a meaty(?) answer.

After Q&A was over we were treated to a 3 minute Spaced mash up that was hilarious and impressive at the same time. It's also included in the US release.

Leaving the theater we got a couple more celebrity picture opportunities..

Meg with Bill Hader

Us with Matt Stone

Wow, what a great night.. and the signing is tomorrow!
July 22nd


The signing today is at 2pm at Virgin Megastore in Union Square. However, the store opens at 9am. Again, not knowing what to expect, we head down early to secure a spot in line. It's also a quick walk from the hotel.

There's two people waiting in line already. Just as friendly as the people we met yesterday, we start discussing Spaced and various films.

Only a total of about 15-20 people show up before the store opens. The store manager has us all come in to buy our copy of Spaced. This gets you a wristband necessary to get you into the signing. The manager tells me it guarantees you the signing. No cut off here. That's good news.

We then go off and do a few things like check out of the hotel and get some food.


We get back to the store where there's a new line for the signing. Only about 25-30 people ahead of us, so no worries. Again we wait.. in the sweltering heat no less. We also meet some more people in line and chat.

Pedestrians stop and ask us what we're waiting for. It's barely any use trying to explain as most have no idea and I get sick of repeating, "you know, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz". A survey group also greets the line with the most bizarre thing ever. "Are you for or against vampires?" "Would you let a vampire babysit your child?" It was actually for some new vampire TV show. I told her I didn't believe in vampires although I was wearing a Dawn of the Dead shirt.. but zombies are real. There's a difference.


Finally, they move the line inside. Air conditioning! What a beautiful thing. In line, we talk to our new friend of the day, Seth. He's a very cool and interesting person. He photographs comedians for a living. Not live performance stuff, but artsy photos. He breaks out a small book of photos he brought with him. His work is amazing. He has photos of David Cross and other well known comedians. He plans on asking Simon if he'd be interested in doing some photos. I ask Seth if he'd take the most important picture of our trip. A group photo of Meg and I with Simon, Jessica, and Edgar. He says he'd be glad to. I hand him the camera so he can quickly familiarize himself.

He snaps a test shot..


They arrive! Even though they appear to be taking a little time with each fan, the line moves fairly quickly. Soon Meg and I are up, and Simon is the first to greet us. We hand him our copies and he tells me he really likes my shirt.. NICE!!!! I ask Simon if we can get a group photo and he says definitely.

I tell him we'll do a "Mr. Belvedere". Simon replies, "What's a Mr. Belvedere??" I tell him not to worry as Meg and I make way around the back of the table. Simon gets Jessica's and Edgar's attention and points to Seth holding the camera. Seth gets a great photo, although I think Jessica is looking at another camera.

and Mr. Belvedere for reference..

After the picture, we get our copies handed back to us.. signed. Mission accomplished! smile.gif

We wait outside for Seth to see what Simon had to say. A few minutes later, Seth comes out of the store and tells us Simon was very interested and Edgar was as well. Edgar mentioned he'd be in town for another week and that they'd get in touch. Awesome! Good luck, Seth! We thank him, shake hands, and head our separate ways.


We get our stuff together, get our car, and head back home to Massachusetts. This trip exceeded our expectations by a long shot. Meg and I are two very happy people.

What an amazing experience. Jessica, Simon, and Edgar. Thank you so much for all you do for your fans.
Awesome!!!! Great pics and what a fantastic and brilliant experience. Especially great was meeting you and so many other fellow fans in person and gabbing about various other shared interests. Awesome. I am the one who bought the bottled water, btw smile.gif
Okay, okay, rub it in why don't you!! biggrin.gif

Only kidding, folks. Looks like you had a fantastic time and got some great pics. Thanks for sharing!
Wow! What a fantastic couple of days you guys had. I am also ultra-jealous that your lovely wife met Paul Rudd, I fupping loved him and I didn't see him at all.

Hope you guys can come down and hang out again! It would be great to meet you properly! smile.gif
QUOTE (zeagus @ Jul 23 2008, 01:32 PM)
Awesome!!!!  Great pics and what a fantastic and brilliant experience.  Especially great was meeting you and so many other fellow fans in person and gabbing about various other shared interests.  Awesome.  I am the one who bought the bottled water, btw smile.gif

Zeagus, thank you so much for that water. It was great to meet you as well!
QUOTE (widowspider @ Jul 23 2008, 02:31 PM)
Wow! What a fantastic couple of days you guys had. I am also ultra-jealous that your lovely wife met Paul Rudd, I fupping loved him and I didn't see him at all.

Hope you guys can come down and hang out again! It would be great to meet you properly! smile.gif

We'd love to come down and visit again. That was my first time in NYC and what a first time!
Nice pics
So, lets recap. You met Simon, Jess, Edgar, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, and Matt Stone? Congratulations, and I hate you.
Excellent picture story Bump! Looks like an ace day all round.
Great picture story! Do I see a widdy and omni lurking in the background of one of those pictures as well?
yes, I believe they were VIP. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Jubei @ Jul 24 2008, 07:20 AM)
Great picture story!  Do I see a widdy and omni lurking in the background of one of those pictures as well?

Yarp. There were a bunch of Peggster people there as well.

QUOTE (bump909 @ Jul 24 2008, 12:52 PM)
yes, I believe they were VIP.  biggrin.gif

Heh. VI-Geek more like. smile.gif
Bump, you promised photo's and man you delivered, they are fantastic,wish i could of been there instead of stuck in grey grey England but your documenting of it has made me feel a bit better looks like you had a great time.
That group shot in Belvedere styley is brilliant, i hope your going to get that enlarged and put on your wall. By the way, I love your Dawn of the dead T shirt!!!!.
Also.........did you notice in the group shot on the very right edge of the photo....the word Meg and an arrow pointing over to you two, lol (i know it's mega cut short but still perfect)
Simon,Jess and Edgar look great still, nearly ten years on from the first series, i dont think they look anywhere near ten years older, the photo of Meg with Jess is also brilliant, they both look radiant. Bet your still cruising on the buzz you got from your trip, all the best matey
Thanks for the kind words, Angle. I'm glad my photos could help paint a picture for those unable to go.

I didn't noticed the "<- Meg" on the wall in the group photo until you pointed it out. That's hilarious!

Meg gave me that shirt a while back and I think she ordered it online. I bet there's a UK site that has them for sale if you're interested. It's Simon approved.. need I say more? biggrin.gif

I totally agree.. it appears that Jess, Simon, and Edgar have aged better than a fancy bottle of wine.

You're absolutely right. We're still buzzing off the excitement from Monday and Tuesday. cool.gif
Good one, think i might have a look online in a bit and see if i can find that Dawn t-shirt
Wow, bump, that was beautifully told & laid out. Great pics! Thanx for sharing. cool.gif

Feel the love.
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