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The Old Vic Theatre
Double post meh!

Times Online article Spaced's Jessica Hynes prepares for the Norman Conquests

Win tickets to see it from The Guardian.
QUOTE (grumpygit @ Sep 7 2008, 05:55 AM)
Double post meh! 

Times Online article Spaced's Jessica Hynes prepares for the Norman Conquests

Alas, mostly drivel and bollocks.
^ Sorry about that. I should have read it properly before posting a link, I thought it was about the play.

It's not like a journalist to let the facts stand in the way of a good story, is it?
BBC News article Old Vic goes round for trilogy
Blimey, that Times interview is... interesting

“Can you imagine after Spaced if I had gone and written a film with Edgar and written a part for Simon in that? How might he have felt? How would you have felt?” Sad, I say. “Yes, I was very sad. Literally, on a physical level, I loved Simon.” She’s using the past tense, I point out. “I’ll always love them. But it’s not a live thing because they’ve gone to a different creative place.” The geek-friendly, arguably less character-based route Pegg and Wright have taken is “great fun, but it’s not necessarily what I would have wanted to do. They went and did it and I don’t think it occurred to them to ask me if I wanted to do that.

“I was very sad for quite a while afterwards, and quite numb. I couldn’t get my head round it.” It was a while before they were in touch. “There was a bit of tension, a bit of: ‘Why are you being like that?’ ‘I’m not being like that’ and that creates a distance which then becomes a chasm.” They now e-mail occasionally. “I see Simon like a distant cousin or something. I don’t care what s*** goes down. I will always be Simon’s friend because that’s how I am,” she adds.
QUOTE (Zoe @ Sep 26 2008, 05:45 PM)
Blimey, that Times interview is... interesting

Jessica responded to the interview on the 14th of September saying -

I was very dismayed to see the Times article the other week, with a picture of me looking like a love-lorn twat and "It was very sad. I loved him." written beneath it. I ACTUALLY said I loved Simon AND Edgar AND Nick, or course I did, we were buddies, they went their way I accepted that and was proud. Ed Potton obviously preferred to focus on his invention of the story rather than my truth. What a prick. No way were my 'eyes welling up with tears' I never cry, ever, not since my tear ducts were cauterized in a freak accident with a precision laser. At least that's what Ed Potton said so it must be true.

Yours pissed offly,
Jessica Hynes

Jessica then asked for this to be posted on the 17th -

Ed Potton and his editor Dominic Maxwell have apologized for the cover - Ed said he wasn't there when it was put together, Dominic said it was misleading.

Apology accepted.


Tc fm Lou
Listening to Jonathan Ross radio podcast and this weeks show (Sat 27th September) featured Jessica and Stephen Mangan talking about the plays. Really funny. smile.gif

Available for download - this week's Jonathan Ross podcast.

Here is an interview with the bearded Stephen Mangan.
I love how Jessica slipped 'What a Prick' into that response to the times article laugh.gif
^Yes, well said Jessica.
Moving on..

Here are some BBC news videos featuring Jessica and Steven interviews.

Yorkshire stage 'in West End'

Ayckbourn comedy revived
Review from the Telegraph

A warm and glowing Jessica Hynes wrenches the heart as the youngest sibling, Annie

4* out of 5 Review from the Guardian

5* Review from the Times
Went to see 'Round and Round the Garden' tonight, and it was a massively entertaining night out. Fantastic writing, beautifully designed and impeccably performed by the whole cast. Laugh out loud funny and emotionally engaging, I heartily recommend a trip. The redesigned seating at The Old Vic is a masterstroke, even if it does mean the more annoying audience members can be somewhat distracting (for both cast and audience). I swear Stephen Mangan splashed those girls on the front row with parsnip wine on purpose. If he hadn't, I would.

Fingers crossed I can make it out to see the other two parts before the run ends.
Came across this radio 4 Midweek show from 01 Oct in which Libby Purves is joined by Jessica Hynes, Mary Moore, Christopher Biggins and James Caan.
Featured Jessica talking about the plays and her time in the Youth Theatre.

A video showing the transformation of the Old Vic into the round with voiceover by director Matthew Warchus.
When I rang to get tickets this morning I was told that only the Upper Circle are available so book up quick if you want to see it. I guess that's what a 5* review in the Times does.
QUOTE (Outatime @ Oct 15 2008, 01:37 PM) *
book up quick if you want to see it. I guess that's what a 5* review in the Times does.

Or maybe a certain beautiful, talented actress!

Went to see Wednesday afternoons performance of Table Manners and much fun was had by all. Even the poor lady in a wheelchair sitting at the front who got covered by wine. And the man sitting behind who seemed to be laughing or groaning out of sync with everyone else.

There was a moment early in the first act where I am sure Jessica was laughing a bit too much for it to be in the script but this just made the atmosphere even better.

Watch out for Paul Ritter's knee getting a direct hit from a biscuit tin - ouch that had to hurt. and Jessica having a smashing time with some crockery.

There were some touching moments between Annie and Tom towards the end.
Just shows how multi-talented Jessica is, but you knew that already.

In fact all the cast were brilliant.

This was well worth a day off work, a three hour train ride and negotiating the underground for the first time. I am really looking forward to seeing Living Together next week and Round the Garden the week after.
Living Together last week was great.

I saw Round and Round the Garden yesterday, very enjoyable. Although there seemed to be something missing from Stephen Mangan's performance.
The beard. It's gone!.

I'll be seeing them all again in one of the trilogy days in December, can't wait.
2009 Theatregoers' Choice Awards

Five nominations for The Norman Conquests

Best Ensemble Performance
Best Play Revival
Matthew Warchus for Best Director
Rob Howell for best Set Designer
The AKA Theatre Event of the Year for the in-the-round transformation of the Old Vic.

Full list of nominees and public voting here
voting ends 31st January 2009 and results announced in February.
I really hope this is ok to post here. is running its first competition


The 1st prize is a signed programme from the recent London production of The Norman Conquests!

The programme is signed on the cast biography page by all 6 cast members–

Jessica Hynes (Annie)
Stephen Mangan (Norman)
Amelia Bullmore (Ruth)
Amanda Root (Sarah)
Ben Miles (Tom)
Paul Ritter (Reg)

The runner up prize is a poster (unsigned) from Table Manners - the first of the 3 plays.

To win one of the prizes all you need to do is answer the following questions:

1. In what year were The Norman Conquest’s televised?
2. Who played Annie in the original London production of the plays?
3. Where has Norman booked to take Annie on their weekend away?

Send your answers to:
Please include your name and address along with your answers.

All answers must be received by the 7 February 2009, 11:59pm GMT

Good Luck!!!!!

Again hope it's ok.

Tc fm Lou
Direct from Sold-Out London Run, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS Coming to Broadway for 16 Weeks

Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy of plays, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS, will come to Broadway directly following its sold out critically acclaimed run in London. The production, the latest success for The Old Vic Theatre Company under the artistic leadership of Kevin Spacey, will play for 16 weeks only. THE NORMAN CONQUESTS, directed by Matthew Warchus, opens Thursday, April 23 at Circle in the Square Theatre (235 West 50th Street). Previews begin Tuesday, April 7.

The first Broadway revival of Ayckbourn's masterpiece will feature the original heralded company from The Old Vic: Amelia Bullmore (Ruth), Jessica Hynes (Annie), Stephen Mangan (Norman), Ben Miles (Tom), Paul Ritter (Reg) and Amanda Root (Sarah).

Schedule and more details at
I just wanted post again to let everyone know that the competition for the signed programme and poster closes tomorrow so if you do want to enter don't forget to drop me an email with your answers, name and address - all the details can be found above smile.gif

Tc fm Lou
Tickets on sale now.
(Scroll down for photos of Jessica and the usual suspects).

Get to know the cast - Jessica Hynes

Anyone here going to see this?
^Too late to edit above post.
More photos here - The Norman Conquests Gets Ready to Storm Broadway
Nice article about the cast at Six Pack-Introducing the Norman Conquests Sextet

Detailed review of the plays here
BOTTOM LINE: A thoughtful, well-written trilogy, The Norman Conquests gets funnier, and more profound, the more you see.

Reviews of two of the plays.
table manners

round and round the garden
Photo Coverage: 'NORMAN' Celebrates Opening Night on Broadway!

Excerpts from some reviews:
Wall Street Journal - “This 1973 triptych of plays about the travails of a suburban family is one of the 20th century’s comic masterpieces, and the Old Vic’s production is as good a staging as you’re likely to see in your lifetime.”

New York Times - “For in its impeccably natural portrayal of tales of ordinary misery, “Conquests” suggests nothing so much as Chekhov pumped full of nitrous oxide. Like “The Seagull” it is built on one of the wonderful paradoxes of theater: deeply unhappy people can generate profound happiness in audiences allowed to eavesdrop on their lives.”

Hollywood Reporter - “Shifting effortlessly from broad farce to Chekhovian poignancy, the plays feature not only an endless series of hilarious one-liners but also some of the most brilliant physical clowning to be seen on Broadway. But despite all the hilarity, we’re constantly reminded of the humanity of the characters — even Norman, who remains wonderfully endearing despite his utterly amoral behavior.”

Bloomberg - “The six actors — Amelia Bullmore, Jessica Hynes, Stephen Mangan, Ben Miles, Paul Ritter and Amanda Root — could not be better, and Matthew Warchus (of “Boeing-Boeing” and “God of Carnage” fame) conclusively establishes himself as one of our era’s supreme farce directors. Production values are up to snuff, notably Rob Howell’s costumes and David Howe’s lighting, and the writing is consistently superb”

Variety - “There’s no such lack of audience fulfillment in the richly rewarding revival transferring from London’s Old Vic, its structural ingenuity matched by an exceptional cast and by the supple modulations of Matthew Warchus’ direction.”

Post - “A merry British sprite has been sprinkling magic dust all over Broad way. No, it’s not Mary Poppins: It’s Matthew Warchus. After last season’s “Boeing-Boeing” and, more recently, “God of Carnage,” the director’s just spun comic gold out of another good-not-great play.”

NY1 - “Seldom has a comedy crossed our shores that produced the kind of gut splitting laughter heard in Alan Ayckbourn’s masterful “The Norman Conquests.” I’d have to go back to the original “Noises Off” on Broadway to recall such a comically consummate production. It’s three separate plays that can stand alone or be seen back to back. But I recommend seeing all three because it’s the only way to appreciate the ingeniousness of the thing and it’s three times the fun.”

New York magazine - “Over peanut M&M’s, my new date explains that he feels a bit left out; much of the audience keeps laughing for seemingly no reason as jokes initially made three hours earlier unexpectedly pay off. He likes the play just fine, he just feels like he’s missing the best bits.”

Associated Press - “Ayckbourn’s dialogue crackles with the wit of fine British drawing-room comedy, often stinging but anchored in the sharp observations of a playwright who has a generous, forgiving heart for human frailty. Well, at least for everyone except Norman. And, not unexpectedly, a feeling of Chekhovian sadness, floats over the proceedings, too, a realization that life most often doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.”

amNewYork - “Matthew Warchus, who also directed “God of Carnage” and “Boeing-Boeing,” is truly a master when it comes to staging comedy. And in this absolutely hysterical in-the-round production with an impeccable cast, “The Norman Conquests” turns out to be one of the most rewarding theatrical experiences in an already overstuffed spring season on Broadway.”

Time - “The Norman Conquests is so damned funny (though grounded, as Ayckbourn’s comedy always is, in real human emotion) that it may simply perpetuate the misconception of Ayckbourn as a skilled boulevard entertainer. Which would leave American audiences still largely ignorant of the astonishing body of work by — controversial-pronouncement alert! — the greatest living English-language playwright.”
7th consecutive post? Must be a record.

Anyway, here's a NY1 review with some clips from the plays

Backstage With Kevin Spacey - New York Post
2:35 - 2:50 Ooh Rude Red? smile.gif
QUOTE (grumpygit @ Apr 27 2009, 07:22 AM) *
7th consecutive post? Must be a record.

Check my consecutive posts in the Edgar Wright thread.
(I've never actually counted, so you may still be the record holder)

Sorry I haven't been posting any responses here, but I have been reading all your posts. smile.gif
I think I got about 10 in the Quiz Show thread before.

I probably shouldn't be proud of that, but I am.
2009 Tony Award Nominations Announced.

Seven nominations in the following categories.

Best Revival of a Play
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
Mary Stuart - New Version: Peter Oswald
The Norman Conquests
Waiting for Godot

Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play
John Glover, Waiting for Godot
Zach Grenier, 33 Variations
Stephen Mangan, The Norman Conquests
Paul Ritter, The Norman Conquests
Roger Robinson, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play
Hallie Foote, Dividing the Estate
Jessica Hynes, The Norman Conquests smile.gif
Marin Ireland, Reasons to Be Pretty
Angela Lansbury, Blithe Spirit
Amanda Root, The Norman Conquests

Best Scenic Design of a Play
Dale Ferguson, Exit the King
Rob Howell, The Norman Conquests
Derek McLane, 33 Variations
Michael Yeargan, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

Best Direction of a Play
Phyllida Lloyd, Mary Stuart
Bartlett Sher, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
Matthew Warchus, God of Carnage
Matthew Warchus, The Norman Conquests

The American Theatre Wing's 63rd Annual Antoinette Perry "Tony"® Awards will be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, June 7, 2009 (8-11pm, live EST, PT time delay) on the CBS Television Network. For more information visit
Congrats to Jess for her nomination!!
Well done Jess! If we see you again, we'll say congrats in person. smile.gif
QUOTE (widowspider @ May 5 2009, 12:43 PM) *
Well done Jess! If we see you again, we'll say congrats in person. smile.gif

We need to stake out that damn corner during Saturday break.
QUOTE (omni @ May 5 2009, 08:41 PM) *
We need to stake out that damn corner during Saturday break.

^A Spaced Out stake out, I like. smile.gif

Playbill News -Tony Nominees Offer Their Reactions to Being Honored

Jessica Hynes, The Norman Conquests: "I was walking around the kitchen, and I had a number on my phone that I didn't recognize. It was the number of the offices at the theatre. I called and said, 'This is Jessica Hynes.' He said, 'Oh, congratulations!' and I said, 'What for?' He hang on, 'I'll put you through.' He put me on to [press agent] Jim Byk. I was just padding around the kitchen recovering. We had a cast get-together last night. I made food, and we all had beers. I was recovering from that, with my children running around. I kind of had a vague idea the nominations were today, but not really. And then we got seven! They should change the name to The Nominations Conquests."

Good luck Jessica.
54th Annual Drama Desk Awards presented on May 17th.
The Norman Conquests received three awards, Outstanding Revival of a Play,
one for Matthew Warchus’ direction, and a special Ensemble Award for the six-member cast.

PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Jessica Hynes— a 2009 Tony Award nominee for her work in The Norman Conquests — fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.
Tony Night Schedule at Sunday 7th.

6:00 p.m. ET – Red Carpet (10:00pm UK)

The excitement of Tony night begins here at at 6:00 p.m. ET with our live coverage of the celebrities’ arrivals on the Red Carpet, presented by Audemars Piguet, courtesy of NY1 News.

7:00 p.m. ET – Exclusive Webcast: The Creative Arts Awards *

*(the ones with the important TNC nominations not featured on the main broadcast).

You can log in for a exclusive. Our site will present a live webcast of the Creative Arts Tony Awards, the categories covered before the telecast begins. Past winners Laura Benanti and Brian Stokes Mitchell will host. You can see the presentations, acceptance speeches, and everything else that happens on stage—as if you were sitting in the Radio City auditorium.

8:00 p.m. ET – The Tony Telecast on CBS*

*the one without the important nominations but with singing and dancing and sh*t.

QUOTE is your insider’s pass to this year’s awards. Here is some of what you can expect to find here during and after the telecast:

Thank-you Cam - Our live video camera in the wings at Radio City will record the winners' immediate responses as they exit the stage after winning their Tony Awards. The backstage camera will capture intimate and exciting moments from the winners as they give thanks to the people that helped them along the way.

Posting Winners - We’ll be updating the site throughout Tony night with the names of winners.
Winner's Circle Interviews – Valerie Smaldone will chat with the winners in the Press Room.
Press Room Blog – Brian Scott Lipton, the editor-in-chief of, will be blogging here on all night from the backstage press room.

Photo Galleries – Pictures from the Red Carpet, the awards ceremony, the post-show gala, and more.

See you at the Tonys!
I hope Jess wins!

Just saw this update on Kevin Spacey's Twitter.

Great news theatre lovers. Got official word that the Tony Awards have reconsidered and Best Play Revival will now be on the telecast on CBS.
about 2 hours ago from web
Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play?

It's a no, sad.gif for Jess.

Bloody Angela Lansbury.

Matthew Warchus just beat himself and won Best Direction of a Play for God of Carnage!
WINNER - Best Revival of a Play.
Some after show interviews with the cast at Not sure how to link directly.
Select category 'Winners Circle' and 'Thank You cam' and they are listed on the right.

Oh, and I just wanted to say..
Wow!! wub.gif
Looking good.
QUOTE (grumpygit @ Jun 8 2009, 01:43 AM) *
Bloody Angela Lansbury.

1. She's a national treasure
2. She's eighty three years old, to even be carrying on in stage roles at that age is something to be applauded, let alone being an actress of a high enough calibre to win awards.

Whilst the more mature part of my brain knows this is all in jest, theatrically-speaking those two are far apart.
And Jess has got at least another fifty years to win a Tony, an Emmy and BAFTA so ner tongue.gif
1. She's a national treasure

Isn't that a film?
Funnily enough, Nic Cage has been in both of them.
QUOTE (logger @ Jun 10 2009, 12:06 AM) *
Funnily enough, Nic Cage has been in both of them.

Angela Lansbury and Jessica Hynes?
You wish.
grumpygit Conquering a three performance day with the Energetic stars of Norman

Behind the scenes with some nice photos of Jessica.
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