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Taken from Edgar's Blog:

Not only am I going to be back in London shortly, but I am going to DJ for the first time since the heady G&T fuelled days of the Rabbit Hole at the Metro.

So if you are around on Saturday October 4th, then do come on down to STRAIGHT TO VIDEO, a club night of film music only with my good friends Osymyso, The Freelance Hellraiser and the 20th Century Fox.

It should be a blast. I may even play EASTBOUND AND DOWN, or if you are very lucky the not-so-good sequel theme song TEXAS BOUND AND FLYIN'.

Get down on the 4th and watch me not know what I'm doing.
That sounds amazing.
I love the idea of a night of just movie music.
Jon 79
I saw the last one advertised the other week on Osymyso's blog. I really wanted to go, but was busy. It looks like a fun chilled out (& slighty geeky) night out.
Not sure about going to this though, as my friends may accuse me of stalking Edgar. wink.gif
Sounds very interesting.

Any gig that plays tracks from the Smokey & the Bandit movies instantly get my attention... wink.gif

Kev W
Someone please go on my behalf biggrin.gif
Sounds like a good night. Love the idea, might pop down biggrin.gif
Jon 79
I'd be there 'cept I'm off to the amnesty comedy show that night.

I may go to the next one though.
If only he did that a month later - I'd have a better chance of actually catching it! wacko.gif

I'm DJing this Sat - Anyone wanna come join me? wink.gif
I was there last night, had such a great time and i managed to get talking to Edgar at the bar, yay!

Here's some pics i took from the night...

The DJ booth

By weputthemdown583

And again

By weputthemdown583

At this point, there was hardly anyone there

Me blogging the guys, blogging themselves!

By weputthemdown583

Me and the main man!

By weputthemdown583

Twas a great night smile.gif
Great to hear it was a good night! Thanks for sharing the pics of the evening too.

Here's the playlist from Edgar's blog
Thanks for sharing the photos.

That playlist is pure genius.
Miss Shazam
QUOTE (weputthemdown583 @ Oct 5 2008, 06:41 PM) *
Here's some pics i took from the night...

ohmy.gif They're all blocked on the library computors.
QUOTE (Miss Shazam @ Oct 7 2008, 02:57 PM) *
ohmy.gif They're all blocked on the library computors.

That's because everyone is naked in the pictures wink.gif
Miss Shazam
In an unusual way I want it to be true.
For the comedy value, of course.
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