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Full Version: So it's 130 am where I am and I've just finished 'Epiphani
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Hi everyone

you all obviously know this but as a newbie (to the show and this board) i just needed to tell someone SPACED IS FREAKIN' AWESOME

I've been through 6 eps in 3 days but being half a decade late and without any friends who've heard of the show I had to get that off my chest.

In any event, are there any spaced t shirts out there? I did a search for 'tshirts' on this forum but didn't really find much (I couldn't find the ebay one) and my clumsy attempt so far hasn't satisfied me (and its probably violated multiple copyrights rolleyes.gif )

I saw some of the artwork on the site and love it (particularly this one ) and was wondering if anybody has put it on a shirt or anything? Would the creators/admins mind putting it on a shirt on cafe press or zazzle so that we could purchase it?

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be on this board often after this weekend as I doubt the 8 remaining eps will last any longer than that!
Jon 79
QUOTE (pbravais @ Feb 28 2009, 06:26 AM) *
being half a decade late ...

You mean a whole decade late. biggrin.gif

Welcome to the forum.

I don't think there are any official Spaced T shirts,... Although a few years back someone at Spaced-Out had some made with the blessing of Spaced's creators. (5 8 3, TFU, Skip to the end) (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on this.)

Also, a lot of the T shirts worn by Tim Bisley can be bought from various places. just have to know where to look. - See the Spaced-Out FAQs for some of those.
The Spaced FAQ has a section on Spaced merchandise, and additionally to that, a few years back there were a lot of Spaced inspired T-shirts on e-bay, but I'm not sure if that is still the case.

As Jon has said, we've done a few T-shirts ourselves over the years, but none of them are currently available.
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