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Firstly, thank you to everyone who voted - a total of 16 top 20s were submitted.

Secondly, this may be in two parts (second part Wednesday) depending on how late it gets.

So without further ado (well, after I get a quick bite to eat) here are the results...
Dammit, I have to go to bed now!
165th Place
1 point

35 Shots of Rum (1 vote)

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (1)

Quite possibly the most I have ever laughed at a film in my life. - Sweetbutinsane

Sahara (1)

I had to get this on the list. One of the cheesiest films ever made, but an absolute riot of fun – why couldn’t this have been the start of a series?! - Raven

Zatoichi (1)

What better premise than a blind swordsman? I haven't had this much fun since 'Blind Fury'. Bloody, marvellously choreographed, beautifully shot and peppered with humour - Ade 1
2 points

About A Boy (1)

I still love this film. It's a popcorn movie, for sure, but it's funny and touching and a good rainy day film. - Widowspider

Bad Santa (1)

It's rare to see such an amoral comedy retain the courage of its convictions throughout, and Bad Santa wholly justifies the little shreds of sentiment it allows thanks to never-better performances from all involved and a mean streak that is gleefully hilarious - Kick in the Head

Duck Season (1)

Master & Commander (1)

The best historical drama of the decade. A near faultless film - Sostie

The Last King of Scotland (1)
3 points

Batman Begins (1)

Just when it looked as though Joel Schumacher had done for Batman in a way the Joker and Co. could only dream of, Christopher Nolan came along and pulled the franchise out of the fire. A dark, gritty re-imagining; Batman as it should be. - Raven

Billy Elliot (1)

funny, moving, brilliant performances. It's now become much-parodied, but it still stands up as a great piece of work. It evoked very visceral memories of growing up in the 80s. - Widowspider

Blades of Glory (1)

Chopper (1)

Cloverfield (1)

Gran Torino (1)

Yet another fine piece of work from Eastwood, in both direction and performance - Ade
I wish I said things about my movies now. Imight comment along when mine come up like a directors commentary.
I was rushing the list before bed so it didn't even occur to me to include comments.
4 points

Blair Witch Project (1)

I don't care what anyone says - this is a groundbreaking movie. Whether because it was a "home made" cinema release that made millions, it's approach to marketing was original or the clever approach to improv they used to make the film, it's a film I admire a lot. And it shit me up real good. - Sostie

Brick (1)

Last Resort (1)

Wedding Crashers (1)

The frat pack stormed Hollywood in the '00s, and in Wedding Crashers they achieved their best work. Vaughn and O.Wilson make a great central pair, mining comedy gold from everything from a football game to a quail hunt. Vaughn's uncompromising Jeremy is his finest comedy creation since Trent in Swingers, and probably even better - Hobbes
Ey, Brick! Take that Zoe!
5 points

Il Divo (1)

Knocked Up (1)

Like ‘When Harry Met Sally’, my favourite romantic comedy of all time, ‘Knocked Up’ is a film which really understands men and women and gives their quirks equal screen time. It manages to balance sentiment and laughs perfectly, and is full to bursting great performances and likeable well-drawn characters. ‘Knocked up’ is a near-perfect romantic comedy, in that it’s actually romantic AND comedic. - Zoe

Ocean's 11 (1)

You want slick? You'll get it. Clooney, Pitt, Roberts, Damon and a cavalcade of other stars headline Soderbergh's sensational modern heist flick, modernising the original but keeping its Rat Pack charm. If this taught me anything, it's that stealing is cool as fuck. - Hobbes

Shrek 2 (1)

Shrek was also a very good film, but I prefer this one. It has Puss-in-Boots, after all.
- Sweetbutinsane

Sin City (1)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (1)

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (1)

Documentary cinema's greatest villain versus the ultimate underdog in the best videogame movie ever made, most probably due to the fact it's not trying to adapt one miserably - Kick in the Head

Waltz with Bashir (1)

Grim, bleak, and beautifully animated - Everlong
6 points

Farenheit 9/11 (1)

Michael Moore dares to take on bush, and makes his point - Everlong

Gladiator (1)

“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius” and with those words Russell Crowe entered cinema history. Scott delivered an instant classic.
- Raven

I Heart Huckabees (1)

Sherlock Holmes (1)
Oh I am glad Gladiator is there, I didn't put it in my top 20 but I do love it.
7 points

Avatar (1)

Dancer in the Dark (1)

Dogville (2)

Dogville’ is not a film you’re likely to forget. It’s so unusual in its style, but rather than the lack of sets being a distraction, by removing the walls von Trier exposes humanity’s dark side all the more clearly. Hard work, but more than worth it.
- Zoe

A powerful piece about the corruptibility of ordinary people that is all the more remarkable for it being filmed without props or sets. The performances from all involved are so strong that you don't even notice their absence - Maian

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (1)

The Orphanage (1)

Hands down one of the best horror films I have seen so far and just proves that it’s atmosphere, not gore and violence, that makes for good scares - Sweetbutinsane
8 points

4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days (4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile) (1)

A.k.a., The Romanian Abortion drama. Whilst it's most obvious strength is the chemistry between its two leads, the real power comes from its ability to recreate a time of such paranoia and danger that even a character walking through the streets becomes horribly tense - Maian

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (1)

Probably old-hat to most of East Asia, but to narrow-minded Western dullards such as myself, absolutely mind-blowing at the time. The weapons fight between Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi alone is top 20 material - Kick in the Head

In the City of Sylvia (1)

Religulous (1)

The Constant Gardener (1)

The Constant Gardener’ is a film for grown ups. It’s both an intelligent and compelling thriller and a heartbreaking convincing romance. Plus Ralph Fiennes is super sexy in it. - Zoe
I thought Blair Witch was 90s. I would have voted for it if I'd even considered it.
QUOTE (Atara @ Jan 25 2010, 10:25 PM) *
Oh I am glad Gladiator is there, I didn't put it in my top 20 but I do love it.

I'm surprised I'm the only person to have voted for it!
9 points

A Serious Man (1)

A Very Long Engagement (1)

A beautifully filmed and well acted follow up to Amelie - Raven

Curse of the golden flower (1)

Infernal Affairs (1)

I suppose whether you prefer this or The Departed depends on which you saw first. I ordered this from Hong Kong knowing nothing about it except it was "good". It was so good not even Scorsese could top it - Sostie

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (1)

Controversially, my favourite Tarantino film. An Exciting, blood spattered romp - Everlong

Sweeney Todd (1)

Dark, devious and damn good - Sweetbutinsane

Tropic Thunder (1)
I have to say, i've never understood the high regard for Ocean's Eleven. Slick? Yes. Good cast? Yes. But it's one of the most empty and vacuous films i've ever seen. Soderbergh's done much better.
QUOTE (logger @ Jan 25 2010, 10:32 PM) *
I thought Blair Witch was 90s. I would have voted for it if I'd even considered it.

You're right. I ballsed up. Sorry, but too late now. Just pretend it isn't there
QUOTE (Sostie @ Jan 25 2010, 10:38 PM) *
You're right. I ballsed up. Sorry, but too late now. Just pretend it isn't there

Deleted double post.

QUOTE (Sostie @ Jan 25 2010, 10:06 PM) *
Master & Commander (1)

The best historical drama of the decade. A near faultless film - Sostie

That was the last film to get the chop from my list.
10 points

Adaptation (1)

Interesting and fairly original movie, with a fun double performance from Cage, and finely created by Kaufman and Jonze - Everlong
Brokeback Mountain (1)

Dodgeball (1)

Finding Neverland (1)

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this film, but it still makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. - Sweetbutinsane

Minority Report (1)

Probably the only Tom Cruise film I have liked in the last ten years (and a very good piece of science fiction, to boot!). - Raven

Napoleon Dynamite(1)

Once (2)

The songs alone could have earned this a place in my top twenty list. - Sweetbutinsane

It's easiest to describe Once as a romance, but in many ways it's far much more than that, as it's a film about music and friendship and life and so many wonderful things. A beautiful, beautiful film- Maian

Open Hearts (Elsker dig for evigt) (1)

Danish director Susanne Bier delivers a story that verges on the soap operatic (young man is crippled in a car accident and his fiancee falls in love with the doctor treating him) and turns it into a heartbreakingly honest film about love and its consequences as the two engage in a love affair that can not last and will only hurt those around them. - Maian

Son Of Rambow (1)

Talk To Her (1)
I was the only person to vote Napoleon Dynamite sad.gif I bloody love that film.
I wish I could remember what I voted for.
QUOTE (empathy-with-beast @ Jan 25 2010, 10:46 PM) *
I wish I could remember what I voted for.

Check the "sent" folder in your PMs!
11 points

[REC] (1)

For the most part, fun and thrilling if standard fare despite the whole camera POV set-up. But boy howdy, that finale! Hell, it's not a twist per se, but just totally pulls the rug out from under you and flips the previous hour or so on its head. Not been so scared since Ringu.- Kick in the Head

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (1)

Certainly not about happy little elves...- Sweetbutinsane

Inglourious Basterds (2)

The best film from Tarantino since Jackie Brown, possibly even Pulp Fiction - Ade

this surprised me with its interwoven plots, all coming together for a ridiculous yet ridiculously enjoyable finale. Outstanding performance was Christoph Waltz, who deserves every award he gets - Widowspider

Juno (1)

Simple yet endearing, and a nice performance from the whole cast, and a great new(ish) writer - Everlong

Memories of Murder (1)

The Dish (1)

A gentle, funny and genuinely heart-warming story - Raven

The Fountain (1)

The Incredibles (3)

Proof that Pixar just keep getting better - Raven

The World's Fastest Indian (1)

I'm a sucker for true stories, and this numbers amongst my all-time favourites. One of the very best turns I've seen from Anthony Hopkins, who disappears into the role of Burt Munro so convincingly - you can't help but be won over by his determined enthusiasm and all-round geniality. About as enjoyable as a feel-good road movie can get - Ade
QUOTE (Raven @ Jan 25 2010, 10:48 PM) *
Check the "sent" folder in your PMs!

It's not in my sent box. I can't recall if I pit The Incredibles in or not, it was near the bottom of my list and may have bee pushed out last minute by something else.

I am glad it has made an appearance, I suspected it would.
12 points

All About Lily Chou-Chou (1)

Deals with teenage adolescence, isolation and depression in unnerving realism and detail, yet with a peculiar beauty that's spell-binding. Also for anyone who's ever sought refuge in the anonymous realm of obsessive fansites online (cough, ahem). Best soundtrack by a fictitious artist in film too - Kick in the Head

Apocalypto (1)

Dog Soldiers (1)

Zulu with werewolves...and Sean Pertwee. One of the best directorial debuts of the decade - Sostie

Downfall (2)

Lady Vengeance (1)

Moolaadé (1)

Stardust (1)

Simply magical - Sweetbutinsane
Wow, I was the only person to vote for Lady Vengeance, that's the first real shock of chart.
Couple of good ones there. Stardust and Dog Soldiers.
Dog Soldiers, another one I forgot all about. I do adore a bit of Sean Pertwee.

Lady Vengeance was initially in my list.
QUOTE (empathy-with-beast @ Jan 25 2010, 10:55 PM) *
Couple of good ones there. Stardust and Dog Soldiers.

Still on my "to watch" pile.
QUOTE (logger @ Jan 25 2010, 10:54 PM) *
Wow, I was the only person to vote for Lady Vengeance, that's the first real shock of chart.

I toyed with voting for it - it is my favourite of the Vengeance Trilogy - but voted for a different one (it's nbt difficult to guess which) since it was the one that had the biggest initial impact on me.
Shit. I completely forgot about 'Once'.

I'm intermittently reading this, but not responding because I'm checking it from my iPhone as I'm watching 24 for the first ever time! Hour two is about to start, I'm pretty impressed you don't need to watch the previous 7 series to know what's going on.
QUOTE (Zoe @ Jan 25 2010, 10:59 PM) *
I'm checking it from my iPhone as I'm watching 24 for the first ever time! Hour two is about to start, I'm pretty impressed you don't need to watch the previous 7 series to know what's going on.

It doesn't really take a lot to get the hang of Jack Bauer having a bad day!
QUOTE (Zoe @ Jan 25 2010, 10:59 PM) *
I'm intermittently reading this, but not responding because I'm checking it from my iPhone as I'm watching 24 for the first ever time! Hour two is about to start, I'm pretty impressed you don't need to watch the previous 7 series to know what's going on.

There was a greater sense of continuity with the first couple of seasons but they more or less abandoned that after season 4 or 5 when it started to get a bit silly. It is early days, though. They'll no doubt bring back a character previously thought to be dead to the befuddlement of all.
13 points

Dawn Of The Dead (1)

A woman is attacked by the little girl next door, she loses the love of her life, the city is in chaos and the world turns to shit to the sounds of Johnny Cash. In the first 10 minutes! It's the best opening in years. It's one of the best remakes ever - Sostie

Death Proof (1)

Grizzly Man (3)

Rather than playing up Timothy Treadwell's death for ironic effect, Werner Herzog crafts a lyrical and compulsive film about the dangers of obsession and of man's tendency to anthropomorphise wild animals - Maian

Just nuts. A poignant portrait of a crazy, pathetic, whiny, hysterical, deluded, and ultimately doomed individual. Magical lunacy - Kick in the Head

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1)

my favourite of the Harry Potter books, and movies. I loved the cinematography of this film and the spectral-like Dementors were brilliantly envisioned by the director and special effects team - Widowspider

Monsters Inc (1)

Pixar is a conveyor belt of brilliant flicks, but Monsters, Inc. is still their best to date. Never has voice casting been better than Crystal and Goodman as Mike and Sulley, the put-upon scare artists who made audiences laugh and weep. A clever plot and some of Pixar's best animation too. - Hobbes

Sky High (1)

Together (1)
14 points

24 Hour Party People (1)

American Psycho (1)

Superb manic performance from Bale - Everlong

In the Mood for Love (1)

Man On Wire (1)

For a documentary, it's got as much gut-churning tension as any conventional thriller I've seen. Also by turns charming, hilarious, inspiring, breath-taking, deeply profound, effecting and emotional. I must have watched it a dozen times already - Ade

Synecdoche New York (2)

The Counterfeiters (1)
24 Hour Party People is the first "shit, I can't believe I forgot that" for me so far.
Jack's having a loo break: I really should have voted for Dawn of the Dead, but Sostie said exactly what I would have anyway.
15 points

13 Going on 30 (1)

‘Big’ for girls – and I mean that as a huge compliment - Zoe

Being John Malkovich (1)

A-ha! It came out in the UK in 2000, so I gets to vote for it! Heart-breaking, imaginative and funny, making perfect sense out of nonsense, and my favourite Charlie Kaufman work. Wonderful music from regular Coen-collaborator Carter Burwell too. - Kick n the Head

Cast Away (1)

Dead Man’s Shoes (1)

Inside (À l'intérieur) (1)

Forget Hollywood. Europe is the home of the best horror right now. This little slasher from France was exceptional. Betty Blue's Beatrice Dalle goes nuts in a movie yet again and terrorizes a helpless pregnant woman. It's a Gallic gore-fest cranked up to 11 - Sostie

Supersize Me (3)

The king of the low-budget documentary, with a charming central figure the charismatic Morgan Spurlock as he looks to achieve fatty perfection. Not only is it hilarious and shocking, but made an actual difference. Take that Michael Moore - Hobbes

What happens when you live on nothing but junkfood? A funny yet shocking look at it's effects on your health - Everlong

The Host (Gwoemul) (2)

Bizarre, brilliant and beautiful. Probably the film that gave me the most enjoyment in the cinema this decade - Maian

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (3)

Volver (1)
The Host is another I'm surprised didn't get more votes.
Two of mine in there, Cast-Away and Life Aquatic.
16 points

Bowling For Columbine (1)

Doubt (1)

The Last Life in the Universe (1)
Inside the top 75....Tension mounting...
I'm wondering if I should have voted for at least one Almodovar film from this decade and I keep coming to the conclusion that this wasn't his decade. Sure, he made some very good films, but none of them really compare to the stuff he did in the 90s and 80s.
Sadly left tropic thunder and being john malkovich out, they were on the original list of 40ish films though.

I like that me and luke both commented 'funny but shocking' about supersize me.
17 points

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (1)

Little Miss Sunshine (1)

Moulin Rouge (1)

I really expected to hate this, only to find out that, somehow, the romance, the singing, the gaudiness and the mood whiplash all worked really well and made for an excellent film - Sweetbutinsane

The Commune (1)

The Descent (1)

This Is England (1)

Quite possibly Shane Meadow's masterpiece, his film about skinhead culture in the 80s is a brutal and beautiful film. On one level, it's a beautiful recreation of a time and a place, but on another it is an honest, cathartic attempt by Meadows to deal with his own past and that of this country in a way which is powerful and provocative - Maian

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (1)
18 points

American Beauty (1)

It may have been parodied to death, but this never fails to move me, 'dancing' plastic bag included - Ade

The Holy Girl (1)

WALL.E (2)

Argh, to pick just one Pixar film from this decade is terribly difficult, but whilst my head says The Incredibles or Up, my heart says WALL-E. An undoubted technical triumph in its ability to create a photo-realistic devastated world, but it's also a heartwarming story of love between two robots. How do they do it? - Maian

Adorable and unique – even my older brother is fascinated by it, despite its lack of gratuitous violence and car chases - Sweetbutinsane
Hedwig biggrin.gif I am glad when my votes make the list which is absurd as all of them will.
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