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Lizzie And Sarah

A dark comedy pilot written by and starring Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes.

Also featuring Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon, and Claire Rushbrook.

Trailer - Lizzie and Sarah

This Saturday, March 20th BBC2 11.45pm
One of the most relentlessly tragic comedies I've seen in a while, but brilliant. Shame the BBC buried it at stupid o'clock oin a Saturday night.

Guardian article:

Forgot it was on. I'll watch it on iplayer later.
I'm not very fond of cruelty in comedy, but the final 2 thirds really came into their own, Julia Davis was splendid, excellent support and horribly heartwrenching as well as funny, But Jess overplayed it, I found it very hard to feel any sympathy for her character (though her airheaded bimbo, I loved. It was uncanny).
I thought Jess was brilliant. Tough to play such a weak willed character in a likeable manner but she pulled it off magnificently. All the performances were great.
Her characterization just didn't feel like it came from the same piece - she definitely didn't look middle-aged for a start, just like someone mucking about pretending to be an old person.
I absolutely loved it. Jessica and Julia were great and it was good to see the characters from the radio show.

Producer Ali McPhail:

The idea was that each episode in the series would focus on a different pair of women, and Lizzie and Sarah, could potentially be the last episode in a series of six. So what happens in the first five episodes?!

Julia and Jess also play beautifully observed, self-obsessed teenagers, Ellie and Faith. They had a lot of fun on those days, and loved casting off their fat suits.

Hope there's a series.
It had its moments but it could have done with more jokes and more things happening.
I thought it was great. The first half was beautifully, and painfully, observed and really captured the sense that these characters have had to endure such cruelty and pain for so long, and the second half, whilst much broader, managed to keep that same crushing emotional violence ("I thought you didn't want children"/"I didn't want your children") whilst allowing the characters to have their moment of triumph. It's what Thelma and Louise would have been, had it been a play by Harold Pinter.
I really enjoyed it. When it was dark it was very very dark, when it was funny it was hilarious. Great use of music too.
Oh yes, I thought this was excellent too. My friend Steve was shot! Lovely.

I laughed a lot at the pillow face joke.

I watched it with my Dad.
I didn't even see it.

To iplayer tonight!
Very dark. I loved it.
I found it pulled its punches a bit. Perhaps its half hour format but I felt that the turn around was very swift and that the abuse at the start was so extreme that it took the edge of it. It was evidently in the vein of Nighty Night but lacked some of that unescapable darkness somehow, although that's perhaps not a fair comaprison. I felt like the husbands could have done with being a little bit more human, just as cruel, but more human. I did enjoy it all in all.

I quite fancied Branita.
QUOTE (empathy-with-beast @ Mar 26 2010, 09:17 AM) *
I quite fancied Branita.

My first thought when I clapped eyes on her.
As in "I bet Lewis would do her" not "I'd do her".
I think I enjoyed it, but it was hard to take since it seemed to flip-flop between funny and crushingly depressing.
QUOTE (curtinparloe @ Mar 26 2010, 03:59 AM) *
Very dark. I loved it.

Likewise. It was far darker than I was expecting it to be; it smacked of 'Jam' at times (much to my enjoyment). Given Julia Davis' involvement I shouldn't have been surprised. I really hope it gets optioned for full series.
Kevin Eldon on the demise of Lizzie and Sarah
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